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Top 12 Texas R&B Artists: 2022’s Best Dallas & Houston R&B Singers

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Top Texas R&B Singers

List of Best Dallas & Houston R&B Artists

In the great Lone Star state, Texas R&B artists have been developing for years, especially Houston R&B singers, and R&B artists from Dallas. Dozens of Texas R&B singers have become icons in the music industry, legends like Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, Erykah Badu, Tevin Campbell, Yolanda Adams, LeToya Luckett, Brooke Valentine, along with groups like H-Town, Ideal, all just to name a few.

With Texas musical roots dating back to before the days of blues singers like Esther Phillips and Camille Howard, the state of Texas has never been short on talent with some of the biggest names of today’s music currently include several top Houston R&B singers and Dallas R&B artists.

Possibly one of the greatest singers of all-time, and not just in the rhythm and blues category, Beyoncé shined throughout the 2000s and 2010s by becoming one of the world’s biggest stars. Influential and truly stunning, Beyoncé has continued her successful career with recent releases in to the 2020s. Somewhat following in her footsteps, though those are some big shoes to fill, Lizzo has quickly emerged as one of this generation’s top pop stars. A mixture of sounds and genres, Lizzo is a gifted star as this Houston R&B artist has been unstoppable since the release of her Cuz I Love You album.

Outside of the top 2 artists, the listing of Texas R&B singers continues with a long lineup of undeniable talent through both Dallas and Houston R&B artists, as well other cities in the Texas. Presently, Texas has become home to the industry’s most underrated showcased through artists like keshi, most soulful with singers like Leon Bridges or the Black Pumas, most diverse through pop and R&B artists like Trevor Daniel and Austin Mahone, and not to leave out leading women in R&B like Kaash Paige and Jilly.

Texas is a place that has been known to hometown legends like Coline Creuzot from Houston or Chalie Boy from Dallas, while also having some of the biggest rhythm and blues stars to ever take the stage like Beyoncé and Erykah Badu. Texas R&B singers may not get the recognition as rappers from the Lone Star state or may not be viewed in the light as other genres in Texas, but from Houston R&B artists to Dallas R&B artists, Texas R&B artists are among the state’s most gifted musicians.

Top 12 Texas R&B Singers

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1. Beyoncé Follow on Instagram: @Beyoncé and watch on Youtube: Beyoncé

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2. Lizzo Follow on Instagram: @Lizzo and watch on Youtube: Lizzo

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3. keshi Follow on Instagram: @keshi and watch on Youtube: keshi

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4. Leon Bridges Follow on Instagram: @Leon Bridges and watch on Youtube: Leon Bridges

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5. Trevor Daniel Follow on Instagram: @Trevor Daniel and watch on Youtube: Trevor Daniel

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6. Kaash Paige Follow on Instagram: @Kaash Paige and watch on Youtube: Kaash Paige

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7. Inayah Follow on Instagram: @Inayah and watch on Youtube: Inayah

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8. Josh Levi Follow on Instagram: @Josh Levi and watch on Youtube: Josh Levi

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9. Alaina Castillo Follow on Instagram: @Alaina Castillo and watch on Youtube: Alaina Castillo

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10. Jilly Follow on Instagram: @Jilly and watch on Youtube: Jilly

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11. Tayla Parx Follow on Instagram: @Tayla Parx and watch on Youtube: Tayla Parx

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12. jae stephens Follow on Instagram: @jae stephens and watch on Youtube: jae stephens

Honorable Mention Texas R&B Artists

 Peyton Instagram: @Peyton and Youtube: Peyton

 Tonio Hall Instagram: @Tonio Hall and Youtube: Tonio Hall

 Dondria Instagram: @Dondria and Youtube: Dondria

Jaylon Ashaun Instagram: @Jaylon Ashaun and Youtube: Jaylon Ashaun

Dee Gatti Instagram: @Dee Gatti and Youtube: Dee Gatti

Dende Instagram: @Dende and Youtube: Dende

Coline Creuzot Instagram: @Coline Creuzot and Youtube: Coline Creuzot

Perri Jones Instagram: @Perri Jones and Youtube: Perri Jones

terilisha Instagram: @terilisha and Youtube: terilisha

Kemmye Instagram: @Kemmye and Youtube: Kemmye

jereena montemayor Instagram: @Jereena Montemayor and Youtube: Jereena Montemayor

Tre Ward Instagram: @Tre Ward and Youtube: Tre Ward

devyn moon Instagram: @devyn moon and Youtube: devyn moon

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