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Top 20 Best Dallas Rappers & Fort Worth Rappers List

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Top Dallas Rappers – Fort Worth Rappers

From the Triple D to Funky Town (Fort Worth), Dallas rappers and Fort Worth rappers have been under the radar creating one of the country’s top rap scenes that has produced a handful of national rap stars and some of the country’s top hip hop artists.

As Fort Worth and Dallas rappers are in one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas, there has always been a large market for Dallas and Fort Worth rappers, and not just in the two North Texas cities but also surrounding areas, from Oklahoma, to Arkansas, to Mississippi, to Louisiana, and beyond.

Years ago, the rap scene of the two cities exploded during the 2000s with the likes of Tum Tum, Twisted Black, Dorrough, Charlie Boy, Big Tuck, Mr Lucci, Mr Pookie, Big Chief, and a few others.  Artists like Dorrough had more nationwide success, while other artists were either locally or regionally known for their music.

As mentioned, there are numerous rappers from Dallas and Fort Worth that have surpassed the local scene and have reached nationwide stardom.  Artists like Yella Beezy, Erica Banks, TrapBoy Freddy, Asian Doll, as well the late Mo3 and Lil Loaded, all prove that the Dallas and Fort Worth is home to truly talented and gifted rap artists.

On top of the list is an artist that has become one of the world’s top rap stars, Yella Beezy.  From the melodies to the raw lyrics Yella Beezy has been dropping hits long before “That’s On Me.” Following the Oak Cliff native, are two greats who passed away in the middle of their prime and at the height of their careers, Mo3 and Lil Loaded.  From the street edge of Lil Loaded, to the street harmonies of Mo3, one can make the argument that since their passing the two have become the DFW’s top rap artists.

As the lineup of female rappers has been growing, rap stars like Erica Banks, Asian Doll, Cuban Doll, S3nsi Molly, and Enchanting have become five of hip hop’s top female artists. With the emergence of Erica Banks through “Toot That” and “Buss It”, Enchanting’s Gucci Mane cosign, and two former newcomers and now somewhat veterans in Asian Doll and Cuban continuing their prominence in hip hop, Dallas and Fort Worth has been leading the woman movement in hip hop.

Outside of the ladies, there are rising stars like the young and energetic Lil 2z and the laid back street flowing SSG Splurge, there is real street representation from respected rappers like Trapboy Freddy, and the growth of hip hop’s Hispanic population has been showcased through artists like Dee Baby and YTM LilVent. All proves that Dallas and Fort Worth portrays and represents just about every demographic of today’s rap game.

Top 20 Dallas & Fort Worth Rappers

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1. Yella Beezy follow on Instagram: @Yella Beezy  and watch on Youtube: Yella Beezy

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2. Mo3 (R.I.P) follow on Instagram: @Mo3 and watch on Youtube: Mo3

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3. Lil Loaded (R.I.P) follow on Instagram: @LilLoaded and watch on Youtube: Lil Loaded

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4. Erica Banks follow on Instagram: @Erica Banks and watch on Youtube: Erica Banks

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5. Asian Doll follow on Instagram: @Asian Doll  and watch on Youtube: Asian Doll

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6. Enchanting follow on Instagram: @Enchanting and watch on Youtube: Enchanting

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7. Lil 2z follow on Instagram: @Lil 2z  and watch on Youtube: Lil 2z

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8. Trapboy Freddy follow on Instagram: @trapboyfreddy  and watch on Youtube: Trapboy Freddy

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9. SSG Splurge follow on Instagram: @SSG Splurge and watch on Youtube: SSG Splurge

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10. LilCJ Kasino follow on Instagram: @LilCJ Kasino and watch on Youtube: LilCJ Kasino

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11. bigxthaplug follow on Instagram: @bigxthaplug and watch on Youtube: bigxthaplug

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12. Dee Baby follow on Instagram: @Dee Baby and watch on Youtube: Dee Baby

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13. Cuban Doll follow on Instagram: @Cuban Doll and watch on Youtube: Cuban Doll

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14. Go Yayo follow on Instagram:@Go Yayo and watch on Youtube: Go Yayo

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15. Cyraq follow on Instagram: @Cyraq and watch on Youtube: Cyraq

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16. G$ Lil Ronnie Follow on Instagram: @G$ lil ronnie  and watch on Youtube: G$ Lil Ronnie

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17. numbaa 7 follow on Instagram: @numbaa 7 and watch on Youtube: numbaa 7

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18. YTM LilVent follow on Instagram: @YTM LilVent  and watch on Youtube: YTM LilVent

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19. BooGotti Kasino follow on Instagram: @BooGottiKasino and watch on Youtube: BooGotti Kasino

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20. S3nsi Molly follow on Instagram: @S3nsi Molly and watch on Youtube: S3nsi Molly

Honorable Mention Rappers from Dallas & Fort Worth:

BFG Straap Instagram: @BFG Straap | Youtube: BFG Straap

PMG God Instagram: @PMG God  |  Youtube: PMG God 

Bobby Sessions Instagram: @Bobby Sessions  |  Youtube: Bobby Sessions

meize bentley Instagram: @meize bentley  |  Youtube: meize bentley

MurdaGang PB Instagram: @MurdaGang PB  |  Youtube: MurdaGang PB

Kenny B Instagram: @Kenny B  |  Youtube: Kenny B

Lil Ronny MothaF Instagram: @Lil Ronny Mothaf  |  Youtube: Lil Ronny MothaF

YTN Lil Greg Instagram: @YTN Lil Greg  |  Youtube: YTN Lil Greg

Baby Youngin Instagram: @Baby Youngin | Youtube: Baby Youngin

Top Youtube’s 0f rappers from Forth Worth & Dallas:

HalfPint Filmz

Recka Filmz

Mello Vision

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, and most recent views are near the top.

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