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From the Triple D (Dallas) to Funky Town (Fort Worth), Dallas rappers and Fort Worth rappers were once under the radar, but now the two cities have created one of the country’s top rap scenes, producing some of hip-hop’s biggest names in the industry.

As Fort Worth and Dallas rappers are situated in one of the most populated regions, there has always been a large market for Dallas and Fort Worth rappers, and not just in the two North Texas cities but also in surrounding areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and beyond.

Years ago, the rap scene of the two cities exploded during the 2000s with the likes of Tum Tum, Twisted Black, Dorrough, Charlie Boy, Big Tuck, Mr Lucci, Mr Pookie, Big Chief, Dirty South Rydaz, Fat Bastard, and several others.  Artists like Dorrough had more nationwide success, while other artists were either locally or regionally known for their music.

Today’s Top Fort Worth and Dallas Rappers

Years later, the DFW rap scene has been one of the top contributors of today’s era of hip-hop. Stars like Dallas rappers Yella Beezy, known for melodies and two of hip-hop’s hottest songs at the time, “That’s On Me” and “Bacc At It Again,” and Trapboy Freddy, who has been on a consistent grind since his initial start with over 15 mixtapes and albums, have often been viewed as the leaders and the voices of Dallas’ rap culture.

The growth of music in Dallas led to the rise of North Dallas’ Mo3 and the young talent of Lil Loaded. Despite tragic events and their unfortunate deaths, the melodic and heartfelt Mo3 and the promising talent of Lil Loaded, which was showcased on songs like “6locc 6a6y,” “Gang Unit,” and “Out My Body” through his work with number one artists like NLE Choppa, YG, King Von, and Pooh Shiesty, placed themselves in southern rap history.

On the opposite side of town, Fort Worth rappers have been major contributors to the growth of Texas hip-hop since the first appearances of several top artists during the mid to late 2010s. Rappers from Fort Worth like LilCJ Kasino, Go Yayo, Lil Ronny MothaF, G$ Lil Ronnie, and BooGotti Kasino should be viewed as the forerunners and the artists that motivated and inspired others in the city.

As men and male artists have been dominating hip-hop since its beginning, the rise of female rappers have been slowly bringing women to the forefront of the rap game.  From Asian Doll and Cuban Doll, who were some of the earliest adopters of hip-hop music from a women’s standpoint, both emerging around 2015 and 2016, to a great deal of new leading ladies, like Erica Banks, Tay Money, and Enchanting, women have a great representation within the hip-hop scene of the DFW.

With hip-hop growing DFW is standing at the top with some of the rap game’s best artists. From the laid-back street flowing SSG Splurge and the vibrant and lively Lil 2z to future superstars in BigXThaPlug and Grind2Hard Osh’a, Dallas rappers and Fort Worth rappers showcases the entire scope of today’s hip-hop.

Top 20 Dallas & Fort Worth Rappers

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1. BigXThaPlug follow on Instagram: @BigXThaPlug and watch on Youtube: BigXThaPlug

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2. Mo3 (R.I.P) follow on Instagram: @Mo3 and watch on Youtube: Mo3

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3. Lil Loaded (R.I.P) follow on Instagram: @LilLoaded and watch on Youtube: Lil Loaded

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4. Yella Beezy follow on Instagram: @Yella Beezy  and watch on Youtube: Yella Beezy

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5. Erica Banks follow on Instagram: @Erica Banks and watch on Youtube: Erica Banks

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6. Lil 2z follow on Instagram: @Lil 2z  and watch on Youtube: Lil 2z

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7. Tay Money follow on Instagram: @tay money and watch on Youtube: tay money

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8. Asian Doll follow on Instagram: @Asian Doll  and watch on Youtube: Asian Doll

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9. Grind2Hard Osh’a follow on Instagram: @Grind2Hard Osh’a and watch on Youtube: Grind2Hard Osh’a

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10. Enchanting follow on Instagram: @Enchanting and watch on Youtube: Enchanting

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11. Trapboy Freddy follow on Instagram: @Trapboy Freddy  and watch on Youtube: Trapboy Freddy

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12. Cuban Doll follow on Instagram: @Cuban Doll and watch on Youtube: Cuban Doll

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13. Lil Ronny MothaF Follow on Instagram: @Lil Ronny Mothaf and watch on Youtube: Lil Ronny MothaF

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14. LilCJ Kasino follow on Instagram: @LilCJ Kasino and watch on Youtube: LilCJ Kasino

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15. SSG Splurge follow on Instagram: @SSG Splurge and watch on Youtube: SSG Splurge

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16. MTM Don Don follow on Instagram: @MTM Don Don and watch on Youtube: MTM Don Don

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17. Mac-K The K Baby Follow on Instagram: @Mac-K The K Baby and watch on Youtube: Mac-K The K Baby

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18. Numbaa 7 follow on Instagram: @Numbaa 7 and watch on Youtube: Numbaa 7

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19. Cyraq follow on Instagram: @Cyraq and watch on Youtube: Cyraq

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20. MurdaGang PB Follow on Instagram: @MurdaGang PB  and watch on Youtube: MurdaGang PB

Honorable Mention Rappers from Dallas & Fort Worth:

Go Yayo Instagram:@Go Yayo and Youtube: Go Yayo

BooGotti Kasino Instagram: @BooGottiKasino and Youtube: BooGotti Kasino

 Diego Money Instagram: @Diego Money and Youtube: Diego Money

G$ Lil Ronnie Instagram: @G$ lil ronnie  and Youtube: G$ Lil Ronnie

 YTM LilVent Instagram: @YTM LilVent  and Youtube: YTM LilVent

S3nsi Molly Instagram: @S3nsi Molly and Youtube: S3nsi Molly

BFG Straap Instagram: @BFG Straap and Youtube: BFG Straap

PMG God Instagram: @PMG God  and Youtube: PMG God 

Bobby Sessions Instagram: @Bobby Sessions and Youtube: Bobby Sessions

Meize Bentley Instagram: @Meize Bentley and Youtube: Meize Bentley

Bubnyte Instagram: @Bubnyte and Youtube: Bubnyte

YTN Lil Greg Instagram: @YTN Lil Greg  and Youtube: YTN Lil Greg

Baby Youngin Instagram: @Baby Youngin and Youtube: Baby Youngin

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