Map of Dallas Fort Worth Gangs (Tour of Fort Worth and Dallas Hoods)

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Dallas – Fort Worth Hoods

Map of Fort Worth and Dallas Gangs and Hood Areas

With Fort Worth and Dallas hoods being located in the state of Texas’ largest metropolitan, often called the “Metroplex”, it should come to no surprise that there are dozens Dallas and Fort Worth hoods. The map below, which also showcases some of the Fort Worth and Dallas gangs affiliations, mostly highlights all of the urban areas of the Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas hoods, along with the surrounding areas.

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Dallas Hoods:

The most known of the Dallas hoods is the neighborhood of Oak Cliff. Oak Cliff is more of a side of town with a number of Dallas gangs and sub-hoods, like Highland Hills, WoodTown, Glen Oaks, PTP, Kiest N Polk, Signing Hills, Best For Less, and other sections of throughout the neighborhood. 

West Dallas was once home to half of the city’s housing projects, like Rupert Circle and the Fishtrap Projects. When all of the projects were up, the West Dallas hoods were one of the roughest areas in the city, with the heart of the West Side being in the George Loving Place, Edgar Ward Place, and Elmer Scott Place housing complexes.

South Dallas has always been one of the more active sections of Dallas, from Dallas gangs of Bloods and Crips, to the city’s most reputable housing projects.  Over the years, South Dallas has been known for Dixon Circle, Park Row, Bon Ton, Turner Courts, 44Oakland, East Dallas Projects, and more.

In North Dallas, which has become more known over the years, has centered around neighborhoods like Webb Chapel, Spring Valley, Hamilton Park, and Markham.  The true heart of North Dallas is in the areas of the apartment complexes, especially around Park Lane, Skillman and Audelia, and Forest Lane.

Fort Worth Hoods:

The Fort Worth hoods are often overlooked by the city of Dallas, but Fort Worth, which is not as big, is not that much different. With historic neighborhoods that have been part of the community for generations, neighborhoods like the South Side, Como, and Stop Six, all have been part of the city’s black population since the city’s early days.

Today, the heart of Fort Worth resides on the South Side, known for hoods like the Agg Land and Hoova Land, and the East Side, which is home to the legendary areas of Stop Six, Eastwood, Polywood, and several others.

As far as Fort Worth gangs, Bloods and Crips have been active in the city the early 1990s, if not before, with the likes of the Stop Six Bloods, EastWood Pirus, and the Hoover Crips of the South Side and certain sections of the East Side.

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