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Map of Bay Area Hoods (Full Tour of Bay Area Streets)

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Bay Area Hoods

Map of Bay Area Gangs Areas

Located in northern California is one of the country’s largest regions, the Bay Area, home to a number of Bay Area hoods in the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, Vallejo, and more. While there are Bay Area gangs, mainly Latino gangs of Nortenos, Oakland’s Border Brothers, and others, this map just highlights the urban communities and neighborhoods.

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Bay Area Hoods: Oakland

Nicknamed The Town, the city of Oakland is easily the most known of all the Bay Area cities. The Town is broken down into the three sections of West Oakland, home to Acorn Projects, Ghost Town and Dog Town, North Oakland, nicknamed Ice City, and East Oakland, expanding from Funk Town to Deep East Oakland’s 100s.

Bay Area Hoods: San Francisco

Despite being one of the most gentrified cities in the country, almost to a point of a nonexistence, The City has some of the most historic hoods in California. From one of northern California’s largest and most known Latino hoods of the Mission District, to the iconic sections of Fillmore and Hunters Point, along with small hoods and projects scattered throughout San Francisco.

Bay Area Hoods: Richmond

Richtown, Richmen, or whatever one wants to call the city of Richmond, but for years Richmond has been in the shadows of larger and more known cities of the Bay Area. From North Richmond to South Richmond to Central Richmond, there is not much of difference as the city of Richmond has produced some of the Bay Area’s first top local rappers, some of the region’s first black communities, and many legends and icons.

Bay Area Hoods: Vallejo

Made famous by hip hop legends E-40 and Mac Dre, Vallejo is one of the smallest cities of the Bay Area, but is also home to legendary hoods like Magazine Street and Hillside of South Vallejo and Crest Side of North Vallejo.

Bay Area Hoods: San Jose

While to the black community the main cities have been San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, Vallejo, and even Pittsburg, Hayward, and East Palo Alto, but San Jose is home to the largest Hispanic population in the Bay Area. More is to come on the map about San Jose, but the city is known for areas like Story and King and its strong Hispanic culture.

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