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While the streets of Los Angeles and the streets of northern California cities like Oakland and San Francisco have received the most attention and recognition, the state’s capital of Sacramento is no different. With major ties to both regions of L.A. County and the Bay Area, Sacramento hoods have a long history, dating to the 1950s and 1960s, while Sacramento gangs began during the 1970s, if not before.

From Asian and Pacific Islander gangs, like the Tongan Crips and Sons of Samoa, to Mexican gangs, like various Norteno sets, to the Crips and Bloods, Sacramento has its upsides and downsides, from the suburbs to the Sacramento ghetto.

Map of Sacramento Gangs

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Sacramento Hoods

This list of Sacramento gangs and hoods, from North Sacramento to South Sacramento, is a sizeable lineup. The most known of the Sacramento hoods is Oak Park, a historic community in Sacramento that became known for its affiliation with the Bloods gang, who initially formed during the early 1980s, and being the birthplace of West Coast rapper Mozzy.

Originally, with urban renewal destroying parts of Sacramento’s original black community, many families relocated to North Oak Park. In recent years, gentrification has become a problem in the area, as businesses and long-time residents are being replaced by newcomers.

North Sacramento has long held an infamous reputation, comprised of a cluster of communities from El Camino Avenue to Strawberry Manor to Del Paso Heights. These areas have been shaped by the black population who relocated to Sacramento sometime between the 1930s and 1960s in search of job opportunities, but over the last few decades demographics have greatly changed.

Del Paso Heights, one of the city’s original neighborhoods on the North side, would later become home to one of the largest Sacramento gangs, Del Paso Heights Bloods. Strawberry Manor, another well-known neighborhood that has gained much notoriety as one of Sacramento’s top gangs due to back and forth tensions with Del Paso Heights and gang indictments of the late 2010s.

G Parkway was a housing complex off Franklin Blvd that gained a notorious reputation but was eventually rebuilt into Phoenix Park during the mid-2000s. Northgate, a historic Hispanic neighborhood in North Sacramento that is home to various Norteno Sacramento gangs. Garden Blocc, a Crip set that became one of the most notable ‘hoods back in the back in the day due to its reputation and for being home to several pioneer rap artists of Sacramento hip-hop.

From East Side’s Lincoln Village to the suburban areas of North Highlands and Valley Hi, all these communities have shaped Sacramento’s reputation as a city with a long history of street activity.

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