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Oklahoma Gangs and Hoods

Oklahoma gangs have been in the state since the 1980s and 1990s and have had a huge influence on the culture of Oklahoma City. This Oklahoma City gangs map and map of Oklahoma City hoods highlights the different urban areas and some of the many affiliations that Oklahoma’s largest city has.

From Bloods to Crips to Hoovers to the numerous hoods of the OKC, view an inside look inside the streets of Oklahoma City’s East Side and sections of the North Side and South Side, and much more.

Oklahoma City Gangs Map Key: Red = Bloods | Blue = Crips | Purple = Old Hoods Demolished | Black = Unknown/Unaffiliated

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In Oklahoma City, where there are Oklahoma hoods across the city, the East Side is the largest and the heart of the Oklahoma ghetto. With affiliations of Bloods, Crips, and Hoover gangs, the East Side is made up of hoods like Pitts Park, Prince Hall, Creston Hills, Park Estates, and much more.

The North Side of the Oklahoma ghetto has hoods like the North Highland, Western Village, and Chisolm Creek, being much smaller as the main hood areas are centered around Western Avenue. The West Side is mostly apartment complexes, from 23rd to Melrose Lane, west of N. Meridan, and Lyrewood, located in Northwest Oklahoma City.

The South Side is viewed as the city’s Mexican and Hispanic community. There is another section of the South Side, Southeast around SE 44th in the Oakcliff and Hartsdel neighborhoods, along with Del City and Midwest City hoods, like Murder One and Panic Zone nearby.

Oklahoma City is not necessarily viewed as a dangerous city, but there are numerous Oklahoma gangs and a handful of Oklahoma hoods that are mostly on the East Side and South Side, but also scattered throughout the city.

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