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List of Top Rappers from Oklahoma

While back in the day some of the most notable Oklahoma rappers were the likes of the City Boyz or Jabee, but today the music scene of rappers from Oklahoma is still growing, still trying to solidify itself, and is still at its earliest stage. On one note there are more than a couple of rap artists, but only a chosen few have had any success or recognition well outside of the state.

Sandwich in between North Texas and Kansas, Oklahoma is not nearly as populated as the leading hip-hop markets. With the bulk of the state’s population being located in the cities of Tulsa and Oklahoma City, many Oklahoma rappers are still struggling to reach their potential well outside the boundaries of Oklahoma, but that does not negate the fact there are numerous talented artists in the state.

Today’s Top Rappers from Oklahoma

Whether OKC rappers or Tulsa rappers, there are enough rappers from Oklahoma for one to emerge regionally and eventually expand nationally. One artist that many fans and viewers have witnessed is the rise of North Tulsa native GANG51E JUNE. Not only headlining the roster of Tulsa rappers, but also leading the entire state, GANG51E JUNE has blended among the top hip-hop heavyweights, linking with rappers like Kevin Gates, No Cap, and Mozzy, all while building his own brand.

The Oklahoma rap scene is a great representation for the state. From the streets with the former duo of N7 & PWAP who took over Oklahoma hip-hop with the songs of “On G*d,” “No Hook,” “Big West,” and “Spazzin,” to the representation of another side of Oklahoman culture, depicted through artists like Blake Fades. One of the top rising country rap stars, Blake Fades has gained fans and listeners from across the country and has released a number of bangers, like “6AM,” “Wave,” “TBH,” or “Do It.”

A hip-hop landscape of true creatives like Josh Sallee, one of the very first rappers from Oklahoma City to appear, long before rap music became the top movement of entertainment. A landscape of determination as Oklahoma rappers like Juke 21k has been persisting towards a goal with a consistent grind of songs like “Making Believers,” “The Weekend,” “100K,” and “I Put In Work” and his recent release of sophomore album Been Livin’.

With rappers from Oklahoma like Nohezzo, Cutty Forever, and Phil Sosa providing a voice for the streets and a soundtrack for Oklahoma’s urban areas, have a chance to glance at the culture of Oklahoma and witness that there is no shortage of talent and gifted artists, but a shortage of opportunities and outlets. From the streets to the everyday civilian, Oklahoma rappers have displayed a unique form of diversity with a collection of artists that stand apart from their counterparts.

Top 12 Oklahoma Rappers

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1. GANG51E JUNE Follow on Instagram: @GANG51E JUNE and watch on Youtube: GANG51E JUNE

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2. Blake Fades Follow on Instagram: @Blake Fades and watch on Youtube: Blake Fades

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3. N7  Follow on Instagram: @N7 and watch on Youtube: N7

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4. PWAP Follow on Instagram: @PWAP and watch on Youtube: PWAP

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5. juke 21k Follow on Instagram: @Juke 21k and watch on Youtube: Juke 21K

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6. josh sallee  Follow on Instagram: @josh sallee and watch on Youtube: josh sallee

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7. Nohezzo Follow on Instagram: @Nohezzo and watch on Youtube: Nohezzo

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8. Phil Sosa follow on Instagram: @Phil Sosa and watch on Youtube: Phil Sosa

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9. CUTTY FOREVER Follow on Instagram: @CUTTY FOREVER and watch more on Youtube: CUTTY FOREVER

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10. Nayborhood Barbie Follow on Instagram: @Nayborhood Barbie and watch on Youtube: Nayborhood Barbie

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11. Bash The Rappa Follow on Instagram: @Bash The Rappa and watch on Youtube: Bash The Rappa

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12. 4G Brazy Follow on Instagram: @4GBrazy and watch on Youtube: 4GBrazy

Honorable Mention Rappers from Oklahoma

Stay Solid Ghost Instagram: @StaySolidGhost and Youtube: StaySolidGhost

Den 10 Instagram: @Den10 and Youtube: Den 10

 pluto57 Instagram: @pluto57 and Youtube: pluto57

bankroll jugg Instagram: @bankroll jugg and Youtube: bankroll jugg

turf hogg Instagram: @turf hogg and Youtube: turf hogg

Projekt Booda Instagram: @Projekt Booda and Youtube: Projekt Booda

Chris Savage Instagram: @Chris Savage and Youtube: Chris Savage

TD BadAzz Instagram: @TD BadAzz and Youtube: TD BadAzz

syb slowbucks Instagram: @syb slowbucks and Youtube: syb slowbucks

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