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Top 12 Oklahoma Rappers: 2022’s Best Tulsa & OKC Rappers

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Top Rappers from Oklahoma:

List of Best Oklahoma Rappers

A state  and a rap scene of Oklahoma rappers that has never had any type of recognition within the entertainment world, other than being known for being the home to the Oklahoma City Thunder, has an undiscovered scene of rappers from Oklahoma that are just as talented as any other city..

The Oklahoma rap scene of Oklahoma rappers, which mainly consists of Tulsa rappers and OKC rappers (Oklahoma City), along with a handful of artists hailing from smaller towns throughout the state, is beginning to develop as the local rap scene holds much untapped talent.

From Thug Town to Loud City, Oklahoma does have an unique culture, one that is not that familiar to many, but with time and the amount of talented Oklahoma rappers many will have the opportunity to witness the true Oklahoman culture, especially with the rise of OKC rappers and Tulsa rappers, two cities just hours apart.

Top 12 Oklahoma Rappers

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1. GANG51E JUNE (TUlsa, OK) Follow on Instagram: @GANG51E JUNE and watch on Youtube: GANG51E JUNE

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2. juke 21k (TUlsa, OK) Follow on Instagram: @Juke 21k and watch on Youtube: Juke 21K

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3. N7  (Oklahoma City, OK) Follow on Instagram: @N7 and watch on Youtube: N7

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4. PWAP (Oklahoma City, OK) Follow on Instagram: @PWAP and watch on Youtube: PWAP

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5. Blake Fades Follow on Instagram: @Blake Fades and watch more on Youtube: Blake Fades

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6. Phil Sosa follow on Instagram: @Phil Sosa and watch on Youtube: Phil Sosa

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7. CUTTY FOREVER Follow on Instagram: @CUTTY FOREVER and watch more on Youtube: CUTTY FOREVER

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8. Bash The Rappa (Tulsa, OK) Follow on Instagram: @BashTheRappa and watch on Youtube: Bash The Rappa

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9. Nohezzo Follow on Instagram: @Nohezzo and watch on Youtube: Nohezzo

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10. StaySolidGhost (Oklahoma City) Follow on Instagram: @StaySolidGhost and watch on Youtube: StaySolidGhost

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11. pluto57 Follow on Instagram: @pluto57 and watch on Youtube: pluto57

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12. Nayborhood Barbie Follow on Instagram: @Nayborhood Barbie and watch on Youtube: Nayborhood Barbie

Honorable Mention Rappers from Oklahoma

Den 10 Follow on Instagram: @Den10 and Youtube: Den 10

Projekt Booda Follow on Instagram: @Projekt Booda and Youtube: Projekt Booda

turf hogg Follow on Instagram: @turf hogg and Youtube: turf hogg

 Lamont J Reed Follow on Instagram: @Lamont J Reed and Youtube: Lamont J Reed

4G Brazy Follow on Instagram: @4G Brazy and Youtube: 4G Brazy

bankroll jugg Follow on Instagram: @bankroll jugg and Youtube: bankroll jugg

TD BadAzz Follow on Instagram: @TD BadAzz and Youtube: TD BadAzz

syb slowbucks Follow on Instagram: @syb slowbucks and Youtube: syb slowbucks

 Chris Savage Follow on Instagram: @Chris Savage and Youtube: Chris Savage

 Allstar GoHard Follow on Instagram: @AllStar GoHard and Youtube: Allstar Gohard

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com

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