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Top 15 Houston Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers From Houston

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Top Houston Rappers

List of the Top Rappers from Houston

For the longest Houston rappers and the culture of Houston has been impacting the rap game and the streets nationwide.  With the South being the leader in hip hop, one must recognize the doors that the city of Houston opened for other cities.  With his Rap-A-Lot imprint, J Prince is one of the true forefathers of southern rap as he helped give the world the Geto Boys and one of the greatest rappers of all-time Scarface.

Houston is easily one of the top five rap cities of all-time due to the number of legends that the city has produced.  To begin, DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click, which once consisted of Lil Keke, Fat Pat, Big Moe, Big Hawk, Z-Ro, Big Pokey, Lil Flip, and many more, has been one of the most important figures of southern hip hop.  Not only being the foundation that helped generated some of the South’s top rap artists, but the Chopped and Screw and the whole Houston culture was embodied within the Screwed Up movement.

On the North Side, DJ Watts and the Swisha House were starting their own movement. Not until the early 2000s did Swisha House become known outside of the North Side as it took Houston and the city’s culture across the nation.  Already making noise on North Side for some time, the song “Still Tippin”, featuring Mike Jones, Slim Thug and Paul Wall, took the world by storm and shed light on the hip hop and street culture of Houston.  With the new success, numerous of artists emerged from the Swisha House brand, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, J Dawg, and many more.

Fast forwarding to over 20 years into present day Houston, the new generation of Houston rappers are making a name for themselves and presenting a new era for Houston rappers.  While some of the OG rappers from Houston, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Lil Keke, J Dawg, and Trae Tha Truth, are still relevant and continuing their legacy this list breaks down the top current rap artists of today’s generation, shedding light on the new era of the Houston rap scene.

Within today’s era of rappers from Houston view artists like Megan Thee Stallion, one of the world’s biggest and most talented rap stars. Travis Scott, an artist alone has taken the rap game to levels never seen. Don Toliver, one of the rap game’s most unique artists who almost seems he was born to rap. Continuing with artists like Sauce Walka, the world’s biggest trendsetter, Maxo Kream, arguably the most lyrical street rappers, Lil Jairmy, Texas’ fastest rising rap star, and many more.

Top 15 Houston Rappers

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1. Travis Scott follow on Instagram: @Travis Scott and watch on Youtube: Travis Scott

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2. Megan Thee Stallion follow on Instagram: @Thee Stallion and watch on Youtube: Megan Thee Stallion

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3. Don Toliver follow on Instagram: @Don Toliver and watch on Youtube: Don Toliver

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4. Sauce Walka follow on Instagram @Sauce Walka and watch on YouTube: Sauce Walka

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5. Monaleo follow on Instagram @Monaleo and watch on YouTube: Monaleo

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6. Maxo Kream follow on Instagram @Maxo Kream and watch on YouTube: Maxo Kream

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7. Ken The Man follow on Instagram @Ken The Man and watch on YouTube: Ken The Man

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8. Lil Jairmy follow on Instagram: @Lil Jairmy and watch on Youtube: Lil Jairmy

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9. Sosamann follow on Instagram @Sosamann and watch on Youtube: Sosamann

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10. Brick Wolfpack follow on Instagram @Brick Wolfpack and watch on YouTube: Brick Wolfpack

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11. Guapo Follow on Instagram @Guapo and watch on Youtube: Guapo

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12. OMB Bloodbath follow on Instagram @OMB Bloodbath and watch on Youtube: OMB Bloodbath

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13. OTB FastLane follow on Instagram @OTB Fastlane and watch on Youtube: OTB Fastlane

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14. Propain follow on Instagram @Propain and watch on Youtube: Propain

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15. Young Deji follow on Instagram @Young Deji and watch on YouTube: Young Deji

Honorable Mention Houston Rappers

D Flowers Instagram @D Flowers and Youtube: D Flowers

rizzoo rizzoo Instagram @rizzoo rizzoo and Youtube: rizzoo rizzoo

Young Lyric Instagram: @Young Lyric and Youtube: Young Lyric

Laray Da Savage Instagram @Laray Da Savage and Youtube: Laray Da Savage

Big Tony Instagram @Big Tony and Youtube: Big Tony

Lebra Jolie Instagram @Lebra Jolie and Youtube: Lebra Jolie

FMB Longmoney Instagram @FMB Longmoney and Youtube: FMB Longmoney

Need No Name Instagram @NeedNoName and Youtube: NeedNoName

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