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Top Houston Rappers

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The Top Rappers from Houston

The legendary city of Houston has produced a number of artist that will go down in history as Houston hip hop pioneers who helped expand rap music within the south.  From the numerous Houston rappers in the legendary Screwed Up Click to the Geto Boys with Scarface to the Swisha House who brought the light to the city during the 2000s of the “Still Tippin'” era, Houston’s rap scene has contributed much to southern music.

The history of Houston is mostly spotlighted on DJ Screw of the South Side, who helped pioneer various artists like Lil Keke, Big Moe, Fat Pat, Big Hawk, Lil Flip, Z-Ro, and many more, and DJ Michael “5000” Watts of the North Side, who was the foundation of Slim Thug and J Dawg, and the true forefather of J. Prince and his imprint Rap-A-Lot Records.

Fast forwarding to over 20 years into present day Houston, the new generation of Houston rappers are making a name for themselves with some of the OG’s of the Houston rap game still relevant and continuing their legacy.

Original Houston Rappers Still Making Music

Slim Thug, one of the original members of Swisha House and founder of Boss Hogg Outlawz, as well one of the key artist that help the North and South Side connect.  Follow Slim Thug on Instagram @SlimThug

Killa Kyleon, one of the original members of Boss Hogg Outlawz and a true lyricist. Watch on Youtube: Killa Kyleon and Follow Kyleon on Instagram @KillaKyleon

J Dawg, of the Boss Hogg Outlaws and one of the original Swisha House members. Watch on Youtube: J Dawg and Follow on Instagram @JDawgThaYungHogg

Z-Ro, a member of legend DJ Screw’s S.U.C, is one of the top artist in the Texas and Houston music scene.  Follow Z-Ro on Instagram @Z_Ro

Trae Tha Truth, member of the S.U.C and founder of ABN.  Watch on Youtube: TraeThaTruthTV and Follow Trae on Instagram @TraeABN

Lil Keke, one of the best Southern rappers ever and one of the original members of the Screwed Up Click.  Follow Lil Keke on Instagram @DonKe713

Paul Wall, was part of the Swisha House during its early days.  Watch on Youtube: Paul Wall and Follow Paul Wall on Instagram @PaulWallBaby

Top Next Generation Rappers from Houston

Travis Scott

follow on Instagram: @Travis Scott and watch on Youtube: Travis Scott

Megan Thee Stallion

follow on Instagram: @Thee Stallion and watch on Youtube: Megan Thee Stallion

Maxo Kream

follow on Instagram @Maxo Kream and watch on YouTube: Maxo Kream

Don Toliver

follow on Instagram: @Don Toliver and watch on Youtube: Don Toliver


follow on Instagram @Sosamann and watch on Youtube: Sosamann


follow on Instagram @Propain and watch on Youtube: Propain 

Sauce Walka

follow on Instagram @Sauce Walka and watch on YouTube: Sauce Walka

Young Lyric

follow on Instagram: @Young Lyric and watch on Youtube: Young Lyric

OTB FastLane

follow on Instagram @OTB Fastlane and watch on Youtube: OTB Fastlane

GT Garza

follow on Instagram: @GT Garza and watch on Youtube: GT Garza

Cal Wayne

follow on Instagram @Cal_Wayne and watch on YouTube: Cal Wayne

OMB Bloodbath

follow on Instagram @OMB Bloodbath and watch on YouTube: OMB Bloodbath

Chucky Trill

follow on Instagram: @Chucky Trill and watch on Youtube: Chucky Trill

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