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Top Mexican American Rappers

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Mexican Rappers

The Top Latino & Mexican Rappers List

Mexican rappers, and Latino rappers overall, have been contributing to the the rap game for the longest with the likes of artist like Cypress Hill, Kid Frost, South Park Mexican, Baby Bash, Chingo Bling and numerous others who had the opportunity to represent for Hispanic rappers during the 1990s and the 2000s.  

While mainly Texas, California, Arizona and New York have been the main stays for Mexican and Latino rappers, the country’s top Mexican rappers of today have been slowly expanding their ground into the American hip hop scene across the country, but still have a stronghold in California and Texas. 

With Youtube channels like Latin Beast TV and Neighborhood Music that have provided a number of Latino rappers the opportunity to make a name for themselves through their platforms, this list below will further expand on the top Hispanic rappers.

It should be easy to understand that the top Latino rappers have expanded well outside of a niche audience, as many have become mainstream artists.  With the growing popularity of hip hop throughout the country and throughout world Mexican rappers are the leaders and at the forefront for hip hop in Latin America.

Top 25+ Mexican Rappers

1. Snow Tha Product, follow on Instagram: @SnowThaProduct and subscribe on Youtube: SnowThaProduct

2. OhGeesy (Shorline Mafia), follow on Instagram: @OhGeesy and subscribe on Youtube: OhGeesy

3. King Lil G, follow on Instagram: @King Lil G and subscribe on Youtube: King Lil G

4. DEVOUR, follow on Instagram: @Devour and subscribe on Youtube: DEVOUR

5. Kap G (Atlanta), follow on Instagram: @TheRealKapG and subscribe on YouTube: KAP G

6. Mr. Capone-E, follow on Instagram: @Mr Capone E and Subscribe on Youtube: MR Capone E

7. CNG, follow on Instagram: @CNG and subscribe on Youtube: CNG 

8. Mr. Criminal, follow on Instagram: @Mr Criminal and subscribe on YouTube: Mr Criminal

9. Kruk One, follow on Instagram: @Kruk One and subscribe on Youtube: Kruk One

10. Peso Peso (Texas), follow on Instagram: @Peso Peso and subscribe on Youtube: Peso Peso

11. Young Drummer Boy, follow on Instagram: @Drummer Boy and subscribe on YouTube: Young Drummer Boy

12. Bravo The Bagchaser, follow on Instagram: Bravo The Bagchaser and subscribe on Youtube: Bravo The Bagchaser

13. Sad Boy Loko, follow on Instagram: @Sadboy Loko and subscribe on YouTube: Sadboy Loko

14. Reverie, follow on Instagram: @ReverieLove and subscribe on YouTube: Reverie Love

15. YBE, follow on Instagram: @YBE and subscribe on Youtube: YBE

16. BOE Sosa, follow on Instagram: @BOESosa and subscribe on Youtube: BOE Sosa

17. Gavlyn, follow on Instagram: @Gavlynnn and subscribe on Youtube: Gavlyn

18. Chito Rana$, follow on Instagram: @Chito Rana$ and subscribe on Youtube: Chito Rana$

19. Cashout Ace, follow on Instagram: @Cashout Ace and subscribe on Youtube: Cashout Ace

20. Blaatina (Atlanta), follow on Instagram: @Blaatina and subscribe on Youtube: Blaatina

21. Swifty Blue, follow on Instagram: @Swifty Blue and subscribe on Youtube: Swifty Blue

22. TrenchMobb (Chicago), follow on Instagram: @TrenchMobb and subscribe on YouTube: TrenchMobb

23. eLVy The God, follow on Instagram: @Elvy_TheGod and subscribe on YouTube: Elvy The God

24. Vel The Wonder, follow on Instagram: @Vel The Wonder_Nine and Subscribe on Youtube: Vel The Wonder

25. Lil Weirdo, follow on Instagram: @Lil Weirdo and subscribe on Youtube: Lil Weirdo

Honorable Mention Mexican Rappers:

Jali$co  Youtube: Jali$co  |  Instagram: @Jali$co

$uede  Youtube: $uede  |  Instagram: @$uede

Conejo  youtube: Conejo  |  Instagram: @Conejo

Bella  Youtube: Bella  |  Instagram: @Bella

SmokeyGM  Youtube: SmokeyGM  |  Instagram: @SmokeyGM

Malow Mac  Youtube: Malow Mac  |  Instagram: @Malow Mac

YTM Lilvent  Youtube: YTM Lilvent  |  Instagram: @YTM Lilvent

Ashley All Day  Youtube: Ashley All Day  |  Instagram: @Ashley All Day

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Above was a Mexican rappers list that shows the true talent of the country’s Latino rap scene, if some artist are missing email media@kulturevulturez.com

*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.