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List of the Top Mexican American Rappers

What may come to a surprise for many is that Latino rappers have been contributing to the rap game for the longest.  Primarily Mexican rappers have been running the Latino hip hop scene, artists like Cypress Hill, Kid Frost, South Park Mexican, Mr. Capone-E (South Asian), Brownside, J.V. (first female MC), Lil Rob, Lil Cuete, Knightowl, Mr. Shadow, Juan Gotti, Brown Boy, A Lighter Shade of Brown, Conejo, and a handful of others. Those artists have not only become legends in hip hop, but also helped open the doors for numerous Latino rappers through pioneering a genre of rap music and being the first of their kind.

Seeing a rise in Mexican rappers is not anything new, but something that has been in the making since the 1980s and 1990s. While many Mexican rappers call southern California and Texas their home, places like northern California, Atlanta, Arizona, Colorado, and even New York have produced some of the country’s top Latino rappers.  With growth in hip hop, the country’s top Mexican rappers have been expanding their ground further into the American hip hop scene.

While there are YouTube channels and outlets, like Latin Beast TV and Neighborhood Music, that have been providing numerous rappers of Latino heritage the opportunity to display their talents and music through their platforms, the list below will further expand the landscape of Mexican rappers within the United States, and to be clear only the United States and not Mexico.

Today’s Top Mexican Rappers

This includes both established rap icons such as Berner and emerging superstars like OhGeesy, as well as veterans like King Lil G and Mr. Criminal who continue to stay at the top since the 2000s. Additionally, there are rappers like Devour who showcase exceptional rap skills. Hip hop artists from Texas and Atlanta such as Peso Peso, Kap G, Brick Wolfpack, Dee Baby, and That Mexican OT who bring their Mexican culture and blend it with southern flavor into hip-hop. Rappers like Bravo The Bagchaser, Peysoh, $uede, and CNG vividly taking listeners through the streets of Los Angeles through their music.

While Los Angeles has much representation, just south of L.A., San Diego has produced some of the top rising Mexican rappers in hip-hop, like Sethii Shmactt and Lil Weirdo. A long list of tales of struggle and perseverance from Chito Rana$ and Young Drummer Boy, styles that pays homage to classic West Coast through YBE, Sad Boy Loko and Yelohill, the gritty narratives presesnted by YBE and Acito, or an unfiltered approach to rap Kruk One, Mexican rappers bring the best to hip-hop.

Top 25 Mexican Rappers

Mexican Rappers That Mexican OT

1. That Mexican OT
Follow on Instagram: @That Mexican OT and Watch on YouTube: That Mexican OT

Mexican rappers OhGeesy

2. OhGeesy
Follow on Instagram: @OhGeesy and Watch on YouTube: OhGeesy

3. Berner
Follow on Instagram: @Berner and Watch on YouTube: Berner

Mexican rappers King Lil G

4. King Lil G
Follow on Instagram: @King Lil G and Watch on YouTube: King Lil G

5. Peso Peso
Follow on Instagram: @Peso Peso and Watch on YouTube: Peso Peso

6. Dee Baby
Follow on Instagram: @Dee Baby and Watch on YouTube: Dee Baby

7. $uede
Follow on Instagram: @$uede and Watch on YouTube: $uede

Mexican rappers Bravo The Bagchaser

8. Bravo The Bagchaser
Follow on Instagram: @Bravo The Bagchaser and Watch on YouTube: Bravo The Bagchaser

9. Kap G
Follow on Instagram: @Kap G and Watch on YouTube: Kap G

10. Devour
Follow on Instagram: @Devour and Watch on YouTube: Devour

11. Peysoh
Follow on Instagram: @Peysoh and Watch on YouTube: Peysoh

Mexican rappers CNG

12. CNG
Follow on Instagram: @CNG and Watch on YouTube: CNG

Mexican rapper Mr. Criminal

13. Mr. Criminal
Follow on Instagram: @Mr. Criminal and Watch on YouTube: Mr. Criminal

Rapper Young Drummer

14. Young Drummer Boy
Follow on Instagram: @Drummer Boy and Watch on YouTube: Young Drummer Boy


15. Yelohill
Follow on Instagram: @Yelohill and Watch on YouTube: Yelohill

16. Kruk One
Follow on Instagram: @Kruk One and Watch on YouTube: Kruk One

17. Acito
Follow on Instagram: @Acito and Watch on YouTube: Acito

Sad Boy Loko Mexican rappers

18. Sad Boy Loko
Follow on Instagram: @Sadboy Loko and Watch on YouTube: Sadboy Loko

Mexican rappers Chito Rana$

19. Chito Rana$
Follow on Instagram: @Chito Rana$ and Watch on YouTube: Chito Rana$

20. Lil Weirdo
Follow on Instagram: @Lil Weirdo and Watch on YouTube: Lil Weirdo

Mexican rappers Brick Wolfpack

21. Brick Wolfpack
Follow on Instagram: @Brick Wolfpack and Watch on YouTube: Brick Wolfpack

Rapper Sethii Shmactt

22. Sethii Shmactt
Follow on Instagram: @Sethii Shmactt and Watch on YouTube: Sethii Shmactt

Mexican rappers Swifty Blue

23. Swifty Blue
Follow on Instagram: @Swifty Blue and Watch on YouTube: Swifty Blue

24. YBE
Follow on Instagram: @YBE and Watch on YouTube: YBE

25. Cashout Ace
Follow on Instagram: @Cashout Ace and Watch on YouTube: Cashout Ace

Honorable Mention Mexican Rappers:

Trouble Kidd Instagram: @Trouble Kidd and YouTube: Trouble Kidd

BOE Sosa Instagram: @BOE Sosa and YouTube: BOE Sosa

Lil Grifo Instagram: @Lil Grifo and YouTube: Lil Grifo

Misfit Soto Instagram: @Misfit Soto and YouTube: Misfit Soto

Baby Yungin Instagram: @Baby Yungin and Youtube: Baby Yungin

eLVy The God Instagram: @Elvy The God and YouTube: Elvy The God

Rich Greedy Instagram: @Rich Greedy and YouTube: Rich Greedy

Jojo2faded Instagram: @Jojo2faded and YouTube: Jojo2faded

YTM Lilvent Instagram: @YTM Lilvent and Youtube: YTM Lilvent

SmokeyGM Instagram: @SmokeyGM and Youtube: SmokeyGM

TrenchMobb Instagram: @TrenchMobb and YouTube: TrenchMobb

Lazy-Boy Instagram: @Lazy-Boy and YouTube: Lazy-Boy

Leoohhdafool Instagram: @Leoohhdafool and YouTube: Leoohhdafool

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