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Trap & Street Corridos Music: Top 20 Corridos tumbados & Corridos callejandro

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Trap & Street Corridos Music

Top Corridos Tumbados & Corridos Callejandro Artists

A genre that dates back centuries, the transformation of Corridos music over time has led to the creation of the subgenre of Corridos Tumbados, along with Corridos Callejandro, both meaning Trap Corridos music and Street Corridos music.

Corridos music is a genre of ballads and storytelling, ranging from romance to narrating Mexico’s narcoculture, over sounds often produced by a combination of bajo sexto (guitar), accordion, trumpet, and various other instruments that are preferably in the brass and/or string instrument family.

While there are various genres and forms of Corridos music, like Narcocorridos, Corridos Viejos, Corridos Alterados, Corridos Belicos, Corridos Progresivos, or Corridos Pesados, among others, the two rising genres of Corridos Tumbados and Corridos Callejandro are currently taking over the urban and street culture of Mexico and numerous Mexican communities across the United States, literally as there are artists from places like California, Arizona, Denver, Washington state, Texas, and even from the city of Charlotte.

Historically, most people came across the term Corridos through various outlets and mediums documenting Mexico’s cartel wars and the country’s Narco culture, which has been soundtracked by Narcocorridos music. With being deeply embedded into Mexican culture, the younger generation has carried the tradition of Corridos and have implemented it with their own culture. With the global rise of hip hop, many of the new school Corridos artists have become an extension of Mexican hip hop culture, somewhat viewed as melodic street poets.

The popularity of Regional Mexican music has skyrocket of late with the rise of Corridos singers like Junior H, Natanael Cano, who is also one of the top rappers from Mexico, Adriel Favela, and many others. While there are numerous solo artists, the tradition of Corridos has been mostly centered and based around bands and groups, like of today with Eslabon Armado, Fuerza Regida, Los Del Limit, and T3R Elemento. From bands to solo artists, the push of Corridos Tumbados and Corridos Callejandro is at its prime with talent ranging throughout Mexican and Hispanic communities. Often viewed as a subculture, the globalization of music has brought the street and trap music form of Corridos into the light.

Top 20 Corridos Tumbados

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1. Natanael Cano Follow on Instagram: @Natanael Cano and Watch on YouTube: Natanael Cano

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2. Junior H Follow on Instagram: @Junior H and Watch on YouTube: Junior H

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3. Eslabon Armado Follow on Instagram: @Eslabon Armado and Watch on YouTube: Eslabon Armado

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4. Fuerza Regida Follow on Instagram: @Fuerza Regida and Watch on YouTube: Fuerza Regida

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5. Adriel Favela Follow on Instagram: @Adriel Favela and Watch on YouTube: Adriel Favela

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6. t3r elemento Follow on Instagram: @t3r elemento and Watch on YouTube: t3r elemento

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7. Aldo Trujillo Follow on Instagram: @Aldo Trujillo and Watch on YouTube: Aldo Trujillo

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8. los del limit Follow on Instagram: @los del limit  and Watch on YouTube: los del limit

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9. polo gonzalez Follow on Instagram: @polo gonzalez and Watch on YouTube: polo gonzalez

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10. Legado 7 Follow on Instagram: @Legado 7 and Watch on YouTube: Legado 7

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11. calle 24 Follow on Instagram: @calle 24 and Watch on YouTube: calle 24

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12. Justin Morales Follow on Instagram: @Justin Morales and Watch on YouTube: Justin Morales

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13. herencia de patrones Follow on Instagram: @herencia de patrones and Watch on YouTube: herencia de patrones

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14. Grupo Codiciado Follow on Instagram: @Grupo Codiciado and Watch on YouTube: Grupo Codiciado

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15. Esteban Gabriel Follow on Instagram: @Esteban Gabriel and Watch on YouTube: Esteban Gabriel

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16. Nivel Codiciado Follow on Instagram: @Nivel Codiciado and Watch on YouTube: Nivel Codiciado

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17. Abraham Vazquez  Follow on Instagram: @Abraham Vazquez and Watch on YouTube: Abraham Vazquez

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18. grupo diez 4tro Follow on Instagram: @grupo diez 4tro and Watch on YouTube: grupo diez 4tro

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19. porte diferente Follow on Instagram: @porte diferente and Watch on YouTube: porte diferente

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20. LDNE Follow on Instagram: @LDNE and Watch on YouTube: LDNE

Honorable Mention Corridos Tumbados & Callejandro

Dan Sanchez Instagram: @Dan Sanchez and YouTube: Dan Sanchez

Grupo Triple L Instagram: @Grupo Triple L and YouTube: Grupo Triple L

Oscar Cortez Instagram: @Oscar Cortez and YouTube: Oscar Cortez

tony loya Instagram: @tony loya and YouTube: tony loya

Arsenal Efectivo Instagram: @Arsenal Efectivo and YouTube: Arsenal Efectivo

Jose Mejia Instagram: @Jose Mejia and YouTube: Jose Mejia

angel tumbado Instagram: @angel tumbado and YouTube: angel tumbado

grupo hacendado Instagram: @grupo hacendado and YouTube: grupo hacendado

grupo tmb Instagram: @grupo tmb and YouTube: grupo tmb

Designo Instagram: @Designo and YouTube: Designo

Comando LR Instagram: @Comando LR and YouTube: Comando LR

alan trillas Instagram: @Alan Trillas and YouTube: alan trillas

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