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Top 25 Mexican Rappers: 2021’s Best Rappers from Mexico List

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Rappers from Mexico

List of the Top Mexico Hip Hop Artists

South of the border resides one of the world’s most flourishing hip hop scenes of rappers from Mexico.  While showcasing Mexico’s unique urban culture, Mexico hip hop artists have grown since their emergence only a few decades ago. Many have come quite familiar with Chicano rap of the West Coast and the numerous Texas and even Atlanta Mexican American artists representing hip hop, so rappers in Mexico should come to no surprise.

With some of the first groups being the likes of Cartel de Santa and Control Machete, hip hop in Mexico has now surpassed most Spanish hip hop markets. The Mexican hip hop market has for some time now expanded into the United States, with a strong presence of Mexican rappers in the United States that have catered strictly to Spanish speaking listeners, located in California, Texas, and parts of the Midwest. Artists that have included Delinquent Habits, Kinto Sol, David Rolas, Crooked Stilo, DYABLO, Juan Gotti, and amongst others.

To truly to pinpoint the date of the rise of Mexican hip hop is quite difficult, as the biggest names in Mexico’s rap scene date the beginning of the rise of the careers to the early and mid-2010s, but there is no doubt there has never been a better time for rappers from Mexico. The rap scene in Mexico is currently at its largest, highlighting a culture of the urban lifestyles of Mexico.

Hip-hop in Mexico follow their own rules, create their own lanes, and hold on to their own identity. Viewing or listening to rappers from Mexico you rarely will hear an imitation of the hottest artists in the rap game or any trendy sounds and styles of hip hop that are currently popular. Instead, you will get true and real Mexican culture, you get real true creativity and innovation, and most important you get an authenticity that grabs in you to the reality of the streets and communities of Mexico.

Top 25 Rappers from Mexico

1. Santa Fe Klan
Follow on Instagram: @Santa Fe Klan and watch on Youtube: Santa Fe Klan

2. Gera MX
Follow on Instagram: @Gera MX and watch on Youtube: Gera MX

3. Natanael Cano
Follow on Instagram: @Natanael Cano and watch on Youtube: Natanael Cano

4. Cartel de Santa
Follow on Instagram: @Cartel de Santa and watch on Youtube: Cartel de Santa

5. Aleman 
Follow on Instagram: @Aleman and watch on Youtube: Aleman

6. MC Davo
Follow on Instagram: @MC Davo and watch on Youtube: MC Davo

7. C-Kan
Follow on Instagram: @C-Kan and watch on Youtube: C-Kan

8. La Santa Grifa 
Follow on Instagram: @Santa Grifa and watch on Youtube: Santa Grifa

9. Dharius
Follow on Instagram: @Dharius and watch on Youtube: Dharius

10. Neto Peña
Follow on Instagram: @Neto Peña and watch on Youtube: Neto Peña

Follow on Instagram: @LEFTY SM and watch on Youtube: LEFTY SM

12. Tren Lokote
Follow on Instagram: @Tren Lokote and watch on Youtube: Tren Lokote

13. Charles Ans
Follow on Instagram: @Charles Ans and watch on Youtube: Charles Ans

14. Yoss Bones
Follow on Instagram: @Yoss Bones and watch on Youtube: Yoss Bones

15. Santa Rm
Follow on Instagram: @Santa Rm and watch on Youtube: Santa Rm

16. Millonario
Follow on Instagram: @Millonario and watch on Youtube: Millonario

17. Remik Gonzalez
Follow on Instagram: @Remik Gonzalez and watch on Youtube: Remik Gonzalez

18. Pinche Mara
Follow on Instagram: @Pinche Mara and watch more on Youtube: Pinche Mara

19. Toser One
Follow on Instagram: @Toser One and watch on Youtube: Toser One

20. Adán Cruz 
Follow on Instagram: @Adán Cruz and watch on Youtube: Adán Cruz

21. Neto Reyno
Follow on Instagram: @Neto Reyno and watch on Youtube: Neto Reyno

22. Richard Ahumada
Follow on Instagram: @Richard Ahumada and watch on Youtube: Richard Ahumada

23. Zimple
Follow on Instagram: @Zimple and watch on Youtube: Zimple

24. Neztor MVL
Follow on Instagram: @Neztor MVL and watch on Youtube: Neztor MVL

25. Maniako
Follow on Instagram: @Maniako and watch on Youtube: Maniako

Honorable Mention Rappers from Mexico:

El Makabelico Instagram: @El Makabelico  |  Youtube: El Makabelico

Bipo Montana Instagram: @Bipo Montana  |  Youtube: Bipo Montana

Thug Pol Instagram: @Thug Pol  |  Youtube: Thug Pol

zxmyr Instagram: @zxmyr  |  Youtube: zxmyr

Hispana Instagram: @Hispana  |  Youtube: Hispana


Chato 473 Youtube: Chato 473  |  Instagram: @Chato 473

Faruz Feet Youtube: Faruz Feet  |  Instagram: @Faruz Feet

Alexis Chaires Youtube: Alexis Chaires  |  Instagram: @Alexis Chaires

Griser Nsr Youtube: Griser Nsr  |  Instagram: @Griser Nsr

Coko Yamasaki Youtube: Coko Yamasaki  |  Instagram: @Coko Yamasaki 

Jay Romero Youtube: Jay Romero  |  Instagram: @Jay Romero

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com