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Top 30 Los Angeles Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers From L.A.

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Top Los Angeles Rappers

List of the Top 30 Best Rappers from L.A.

In one of the country’s largest markets Los Angeles rappers have played a major role in the global growth of rap music.  After following the success of New York City, in which is where hip hop was created, the West Coast rap scene began to emerged. The start of Los Angeles rap scene began with the likes of Ice T, King T and NWA, which introduced the world to Eazy-E, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, all would later have their own independent success.

Following his time with NWA, Dr. Dre helped expand the popularity of West Coast hip hop through the rise of Death Row Records. From classical albums like The Chronic, Dogg Food, Doggystyle, and All Eyez On Me to the introduction of legendary artists like Snoop Dogg, along with the already established 2pac, Death Row’s stranglehold on the rap game led to the dominance of West Coast hip hop.

Even though Dr. Dre was always viewed as the top producer that hailed from the Los Angeles region, producers like DJ Battlecat, Daz Dillinger, Soopafly, Sir Jinx, DJ Quik, DJ Pooh, and LT Huton have to also be considered as some of the greatest hip hop producers to ever come out of the West Coast.

Another era of Los Angeles hip hop was the G Funk and Gangster Rap era.  This era was when local street artists like Sinister, South Central Cartel, New Breed Hustlas, KAM, CJ Mac, and too many others to name. This generation of Los Angeles rappers combined rap music with Los Angeles County’s street culture, creating one of the most memorable moments in hip hop.

While the West Coast had its moment of being the most popular rap scene in the country, there was a time when nobody was paying attention to rap music coming from Los Angeles, with exception to The Game being the only relevant artist for years.

The arrival of the 2010s with Kendrick Lamar’s classic “Good Kid, MAAD City” and YG’s hit single “My N***a”, fans were beginning to pay attention to the Los Angeles rap scene as artists who have been grinding for years began to emerge on top of the rap game.  Now, Los Angeles rap music is booming like never before and is clearly one of the world’s leading hip hop scenes.

Top 30 Los Angeles Rappers

1. Kendrick Lamar
Follow on Instagram: @Kendrick Lamar and watch on Youtube: Kendrick Lamar

2. Roddy Ricch
Follow on Instagram: @Roddy Ricch and watch on Youtube: Roddy Ricch

3. YG
Follow on Instagram: @YG and watch on Youtube: YG

4. Nipsey Hussle
Follow on Instagram: @Nipsey Hussle and watch on Youtube: Nipsey Hussle

5. The Game
Follow on Instagram: @The Game and watch on Youtube: The Game

6. Blueface
Follow on Instagram: @Blueface and watch on Youtube: Blueface

7. Baby Keem
Follow on Instagram: @Baby Keem and watch on Youtube: Baby Keem

8. Schoolboy Q
Follow on Instagram: @Schoolboy Q and watch on Youtube: Schoolboy Q

9. Vince Staples
Follow on Instagram: @Vince Staples and watch on Youtube: Vince Staples

10. Remble
Follow on Instagram: @Remble and watch on Youtube: Remble

11. Drakeo The Ruler 
Follow on Instagram: @Drakeo The Ruler and watch on Youtube: Drakeo The Ruler

12. O.T. Genasis
Follow on Instagram: @O.T. Genasis and watch on Youtube: O.T. Genasis

13. D Smoke
Follow on Instagram: @D Smoke and watch on Youtube: D Smoke

14. Jay Rock
Follow on Instagram: @Jay Rock and watch on Youtube: Jay Rock

15. 03 Greedo
Follow on Instagram: @03 Greedo and watch on Youtube: 03 Greedo

16. Dom Kennedy
Follow on Instagram: @Dom Kennedy and watch on Youtube: Dom Kennedy

17. D Savage
Follow on Instagram: @D Savage and watch on Youtube: D Savage

18. Westside Boogie
Follow on Instagram: @Boogie and watch on Youtube: Boogie

19. G Perico
Follow on Instagram: @G Perico and watch on Youtube: G Perico

20. Kalan.frfr
Follow on Instagram: @Kalan.frfr and watch on Youtube: Kalan.frfr

21. Bino Rideaux
Follow on Instagram: @Bino Rideaux and watch on Youtube: Bino Rideaux

22. J Stone
Follow on Instagram: @J Stone and watch on Youtube: J Stone

23. Bravo The Bagchaser
Follow on Instagram: @Bravo The Bagchaser and watch on Youtube: Bravo The Bagchaser

24. 1TakeJay
Follow on Instagram: @1TakeJay and watch on Youtube: 1TakeJay

25. Blue Bucks Clan
Follow on Instagram: @BlueBucksClan and watch on Youtube: BlueBucksClan

26. Doggystyleeee
Follow on Instagram: @Doggystyleeee and watch on Youtube: Doggystyleeee

27. Joe Moses
Follow on Instagram: @Joe Moses and watch on Youtube: Joe Moses

28. Pacman Da Gunman
Follow on Instagram: @Pacman Da Gunman and watch on Youtube: Pacman Da Gunman

29. Rucci
Follow on Instagram: @Rucci and watch on Youtube: Rucci

30. Afn Peso
Follow on Instagram: @AFN PESO and watch on Youtube: AFN PESO

Honorable Mention Los Angeles Rappers:

Baby Stone Gorillas  Instagram: @Baby Stone Gorillas and Youtube: Baby Stone Gorillas

FRosTy da SnowMann Instagram: @FRosTydaSnowMann and Youtube: FRosTydaSnowMann

RJ Mr LA Instagram: @RJMrLA and Youtube: RJMrLA

Saviii 3rd Instagram: @Saviii 3rd and Youtube: Saviii 3rd

Az Chike Instagram: @Az Chike and Youtube: Az Chike

Joey Fatts Instagram: @Joey Fatts and Youtube: Joey Fatts

Slim 400 Instagram: @Slim 400 and Youtube: Slim 400

Big Sad 1900 Instagram: @Big Sad 1900 and Youtube: Big Sad 1900

wallie the sensei Instagram: @wallie the sensei and Youtube: wallie the sensei

ComptonAssTG Instagram: @ComptonAssTG and Youtube: ComptonAssTG

DW Flame Instagram: @DW Flame and Youtube: DW Flame


Conradfrmdaaves Instagram: @Conradfrmdaaves and Youtube: Conradfrmdaaves

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

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