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Top 12 Asian Rappers: 2021’s List of Best Asian American Rappers

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Top Asian Rappers

List of America’s Top Asian Rap Artists

Asian rappers, who are mostly based on the West Coast with a handful located in New York and other sections of the East Coast, have not much of a history within the rap industry but are part of a growing population as Asian rap music all around the world.  As Asian American rappers are becoming more and more recognized and Asian hip hop scenes are becoming more established in specific Asian countries, .

From East Asia’s Japan and South Korea to Southeast Asia’s Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines, there are hundreds of Asian rappers across the globe with many becoming international stars. While numerous Asian countries are beginning to thrive within the world’s hip hop industry, Asian American rappers are also starting to rise to the top of the rap game, especially on the West Coast.

Going to places like Southern California’s Los Angeles County or San Diego or Northern California’s Bay Area and Central Valley, basically places that have large Asian populations, you would witness many Asian communities intertwined with the urban areas and with the local streets.  By adopting local cultures, many would eventually begin to become part of the local rap and hip hop scenes, all would eventually lead to a rise in hip hop music among Asian American rappers.

Showcasing their own versions of American culture and traditions through their music, Asian hip hop artists in America have developed a decent sized lineup of Asian rappers in places like California, New York, and even Ohio and Philadelphia.  While many have ties to other Asian rap markets in different parts of the world, most have solidify themselves a position in the American rap scene, from being respected artists to having large fanbases across all demographics.  To conclude, below is a list of the top 12 Asian American rappers, along with an extension of honorable mention artists.

Top 12+ Asian Rappers

1. $tupid Young, follow on Instagram: @$tupid Young and watch on Youtube: $tupid Young

2. KiD Trunks, follow on Instagram: @Kid Trunks and watch on Youtube: Kid Trunks

3. MBNel, follow on Instagram: @MBnel and watch on Youtube: MBNel 

4. Dumbfoundead, follow on Instagram: @Dumbfoundead and watch on Youtube: Dumbfoundead

5. China Mac, follow on Instagram: @ChinaMAc and watch on YouTube: China Mac

6. Shotta Spence, follow on Instagram: @ShottaSpence and watch on Youtube: Shotta Spence

7. Heartbreaka, follow on Instagram: @Heartbreaka and watch on Youtube: Heartbreaka

8. Jin Gates, follow on Instagram: @JinGates and watch on Youtube: Jin Gates

9. Ching, follow on Instagram: @Ching and watch on Youtube: Ching

9. JoeMari, follow on Instagram: @JoeMari and watch on Youtube: JoeMari

10. Thai VG, follow on Instagram: @Thai VG and watch on Youtube: Thai VG

11. Dub P, follow on Instagram: @Dub P and watch on Youtube: Dub P

12. Yung Jae, follow on Instagram: @Yung Jae and watch on YouTube: Yung Jae

Honorable Mention Asian Rap Artists

TC Low, follow on Instagram: TC Low and watch on Youtube: TC Low

1805Mob, watch and subscribe on Youtube: 1805Mob

Kid $wami, follow on Instagram: @Kid $wami and watch on Youtube: Kid $wami

Cirok Starr, follow on Instagram: @Cirok Starr and watch on Youtube: Cirok Starr

Tee Cambo, follow on Instagram: @TeeCambo and watch on Youtube: Tee Cambo 

Russ Coson, follow on Instagram: @RussCoson and watch on Youtube: Russ Coson 

Young Fingaprint, follow on Instagram: @YoungFingaprint and watch on Youtube: Young Fingaprint

Menace C, follow on Instagram: @Menace_C and watch on YouTube: MEnace C

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any Asian American rappers are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com