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Top 15 Thai Rappers: 2021’s Best Rap Artists from Thailand List

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Top Thai Rappers

List of the Top Thai Hip Hop Artists

With Thai rappers residing in what is probably the most thriving nation of Southeast Asia, from being a popular tourist destination to having one of the world’s most attractive cultures and one of the world’s most famous cities of Bangkok, it seems only right for Thailand to have one of the region’s top music scenes of Thai hip hop artists to go along with everything else the country has to offer.

While Thailand rappers may not be as popular as rap artists in other places across the world, despite the local Thai hip hop scene being around since the mid-1990s with the help of local legend Joey Boy, Thai rap music has become one of the main staples for Thailand’s music industry as many artists are considered to be some of the country’s most widely known and loved pop stars.

Thai rappers are very diverse from raw hip hop that follows the modern day rap trends to melodic songs that easily crossover to mainstream and furthering the growth of Thai hip hop by venturing into pop music’s fanbase, even though Thai hip hop has had a history of combining rap music and pop music together as some artists can even be considered as more of pop singers and than actual rappers and hip hop artists.

Most artists perform in their native language of Thai with American hip hop culture often being displayed, but also as previously mentioned Thai rap music can also be considered as extension of Thai pop music from the image of many artists looking more as pop stars than rappers.  Regardless of style or language perform in, Thai rap music is on the rise and consists of the world’s most talented Asian hip hop artists.

Top 15+ Thai Rappers

Watch more on Youtube: URBOYTJ and follow on Instagram: @URBOYTJ

2. Youngohm 
Watch more on Youtube: Youngohm and follow on Instagram: @Youngohm

Watch more on Youtube: ILLSLICK and follow on Facebook: ILLSLICK

4. F.Hero 
Watch more on Youtube: F.Hero and follow on Instagram: @F.Hero

Watch more on Youtube: WONDERFRAME and follow on Instagram: @WONDERFRAME

6. Gavin D
Watch more on Youtube: Gavin D and and follow on Instagram: @Gavin D

Watch more on Youtube: OG-ANIC and follow on Instagram: @OG-ANIC

Watch more on Youtube: DABOYWAY and follow on Instagram: @DABOYWAY

9. Twopee Southside 
Watch more on Youtube: Twopee Southside and follow on Instagram: @Twopee Southside

10. CDGuntee
Watch more on Youtube: CDGuntee and follow on Instagram: @CDGuntee

Watch more on Youtube: DIAMOND MQT and follow on Instagram: @DIAMOND MQT

12. RachYO
Watch more on Youtube: RachYO and follow on Instagram: @RachYO

13. LazyLoxy
Watch more on Youtube: LazyLoxy and follow on Instagram: @LazyLoxy

14. P-Hot 
Watch more on Youtube: P-Hot and follow on Instagram: @P-Hot

15. FIIXD 
Watch more on Youtube: FIIXD and follow on Instagram: @FIIXD

Honorable Mention Thai Hip Hop Artists:

16. Younggu
Watch more on Youtube: Younggu and follow on Instagram: @Younggu

17. MikeSickFlow
Watch on Youtube: MikeSickFlow and follow on Instagram: @MikeSickFlow

18. Gena Desouza (Pop/Hip Hop) 
Watch on Youtube: Gena Desouza and follow on Instagram: @Gena Desouza

19. PEE CLOCK (Pattaya Boi) 
Watch on Youtube: PEE CLOCK and follow on Instagram: @PEE CLOCK

20. Ironboy
Watch on Youtube: Ironboy and follow on Instagram: @Ironboy

21. Ben Bizzy 
Watch on Youtube: Ben Bizzy and follow on Instagram: @Ben Bizzy

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