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Top South Korea Rappers

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Top South Korean Rappers:

List of the Best South Korean Hip Hop Artists

South Korean rappers have created a flourishing music scene in this a small, but thriving, country that has developed a widely popular and famous pop scene of Girl Groups and Boy Bands within the genre known as K Pop, but there is another side of the country’s local music filled with South Korean Rappers within the South Korea Hip Hop scene. Similar to many other Asian countries, South Korea has a strong culture and a history of traditions, but no other country on the continent of Asia has a strong music scene as South Korea, from its Pop Music to its Rap Music.

Top 15+ South Korean Hip Hop / Korean Rappers

1. Jay Park
Youtube: Jay Park 
Instagram: @Jay Park 

2. Zico
Youtube: Zico 
Instagram: @Zico 

3. Jessi
Youtube: Jessi 
Instagram: @Jessi 

Youtube: DPR LIVE 
Instagram: @DPR LIVE 

5. BewhY
Youtube: BewhY 
Instagram: BewhY 

6. MOBB (Mino / Bobby)
Youtube: Mino 
Instagram: @Mino / @Bobby 

Youtube: HANHAE 
Instagram: @HANHAE 

8. Loco
Youtube: Loco 1theK 
Instagram: @satgotLoco 

9. San E
Youtube: San E 
Instagram: @San E 

10. Gaeko
Youtube: Gaeko 
Instagram: @Gaeko 

11. Keith Ape
Youtube: Keith Ape 
Instagram: @Keith Ape 

12. Yoonmirae
Youtube: Yoonmirae 

13. Penomeco
Youtube: Penomeco 
Instagram: @Penomeco 

14. Changmo
Youtube: Changmo 
Instagram: @Changmo 

15. Dok2
Youtube: Dok2 
Instagram: @Dok2 


Honorable Mention South Korea Hip Hop Artists

16. T.O.P
Instagram: @T.O.P 

17. Simon Dominic
Youtube: Simon Dominic 
Instagram: @Simon Dominic 

18. Cheetah
Youtube: Cheetah rapper 
Instagram: @Cheetah 

19. Okasian
Youtube: Okasian 
Instagram: @Okasian 

20. Verbal Jint
Youtube: Verbal Jint 
Instagram: @Verbal Jint 

21. Yankie
Youtube: Yankie 
Instagram: @Yankie 

22. Kiggen
Youtube: Kiggen 
Instagram: @Kiggen 

23. YDG
Youtube: YDG
Instagram: @King_YDG 

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*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added to the list, email

*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.