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Top 12 Korean Rappers: List of Best Rap Artists from South Korea

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Top Korean Rappers

List of the Best Korean Hip Hop Artists

Korean rappers of South Korea have created a flourishing rap scene in a somewhat small hip hop market within a country that has widely been known for the popular and famous pop music scene of girl groups and boy bands that are referred as K-Pop.

While K-Pop is the country’s leading genre of music, there is another side of the country’s local music scene that consists of Korean rap artists who have over the years developed a nice sizable roster and lineup of Korean hip hop artists.

In the early days of rap music in South Korea, the genre was often implemented with Korean pop music, also known as K-Pop.  An artist known as Hyun Jinyoung is not only known as a pioneer of Korean hip hop, but also one of the originators of K-Pop.  His reign in Korean music was throughout the 1990s and the early 2000s.

Outside of the legendary career of Hyun Jinyoung, various solo artists and groups also contributed to the growth of Korean rap and hip hop.  Artists like Deux, Seo Taiji and Boys, Poppin’ Hyun Joon, or Solid, who were also labeled as the originators of Korean R&B, are just some of the handful of Korean hip hop acts that should be considered as contributors to hip hop’s growth in South Korea.

Similar to many other Asian countries, South Korea has a strong culture and a powerful history of traditions, but no other country on the continent of Asia has as strong of a music scene as South Korea.  From the country’s pop music who’s artists have reached global stardom to the rising fame and popularity of the country’s hip hop artists, South Korea is arguably the music capital of Asia.

Top 12+ Korean Hip Hop / Korean Rappers

1. Zico
Watch more on Youtube: Zico and follow on Instagram: @Zico 

2. Jay Park
Watch more on Youtube: Jay Park and follow on Instagram: @Jay Park 

3. Jessi
Watch more on Youtube: Jessi and follow on Instagram: @Jessi 

4. Mino
Watch more on Youtube: Mino and follow on Instagram: @Mino

5. Loco
Watch more on Youtube: Loco 1theK and follow on Instagram: @satgotLoco 

Watch more on Youtube: DPR LIVE and follow on Instagram: @DPR LIVE 

7. BewhY
Watch more on Youtube: BewhY and follow on Instagram: BewhY

8. San E
Watch more on Youtube: San E and follow on Instagram: @San E 

9. Changmo
Watch more on Youtube: Changmo and follow on Instagram: @Changmo

10. Penomeco
Watch more on Youtube: Penomeco and follow on Instagram: @Penomeco 

11. Simon Dominic
WAtch on Youtube: Simon Dominic and follow on Instagram: @Simon Dominic 

12. Keith Ape
Watch more on Youtube: Keith Ape and follow on Instagram: @Keith Ape 

Honorable Mention Korean Hip Hop Artists

Watch on Youtube: Cheetah rapper and follow on Instagram: @Cheetah 

Watch on Youtube: Gaeko and follow on Instagram: @Gaeko 

Watch on Youtube: Okasian and follow on Instagram: @Okasian 

Watch on Youtube: Yoonmirae 

Watch on Youtube: YDG and follow on Instagram: @King_YDG 

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