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List of the Top Rappers from Philippines

As Filipino rappers like Gloc-9, Francis Magalona, Andrew E., Bassilyo, and a handful of others helped pioneer a music scene for today’s generation of Filipino hip hop artists, rap music in this Southeast Asian country has been on a rise since the 1990s.

Although you may not think it, Filipino hip hop music is the biggest music genre throughout the Philippines with at times the genre being referred as “Pinoy Hip Hop.”  It is largely believed that the Philippines was the first Asian country to adopt hip hop music from the United States and helped bring its appeal to the rest of Asia, solidifying it as an important genre for Filipino musicians and artists.

The proclaimed “founder” of Filipino hip hop music is Francis Magalona, who is one of the first Filipino rappers to release a hip hop album, titled “Yo!” in 1990, which featured both English and Filipino rap songs. This gained Magalona fame across Asia, and the rapper went on to win 2 Awit awards, which are prestigious awards given to artists by the Philipine Association of the Record Industry, alongside becoming the host of MTV Asia.

Today’s Filipino rappers include the likes of Flow G with his rapid-fire flow and hard-hitting Tagalog lyrics. The prolific artist of Skusta Clee, known for his memorable hooks and versatile style, often blending rap with R&B elements. Al James brings a laid-back yet contagious vibes to the Filipino rap scene, gaining popularity with smooth, groove-laden tracks like “Pa-umaga” and “Ngayong Gabi.” Nik Makino rose to fame with his hit “Neneng B,” showcasing an approach that resonates with many, but duplicates none. Gloc-9, considered one of the veterans in Filipino hip-hop, has truly remained consistent for three decades in music.

In conclusion, it is clear to see that the Philippines as a nation take great pride in their identity and culture, and are immensely proud of the success that Filipino rappers have had in breaking out into mainstream music charts, garnering them fans from across the world.

Top 20 Filipino Rappers

Flow G Filipino rappers

1. Flow G
Watch on YouTube: Flow G and follow on Instagram: @Flow G

Rap Philippines Skusta Clee

2. Skusta Clee
Watch on YouTube: Skusta Clee and follow on Instagram: @Skusta Clee

Al James Rapper from Philippines

3. Al James
Watch on YouTube: Al James and follow on Instagram: @Al James

Nik Makino

4. Nik Makino
Watch on YouTube: Nik Makino and follow on Instagram: @Nik Makino


5. Gloc-9
Watch on YouTube: Gloc-9 and follow on Instagram: @Gloc-9

Hev Abi

6. Hev Abi
Watch on YouTube: Hev Abi and follow on Instagram: @Hev Abi

Shanti Dope

7. Shanti Dope
Watch on YouTube: Shanti Dope and follow on Instagram: @Shanti Dope

Filipino rappers Because

8. Because
Watch on YouTube: Because and follow on Instagram: @Because


9. Kiyo
Watch on YouTube: kiyo and follow on Instagram: @kiyo

Rappers from the Philippines Nateman

10. Nateman
Watch on YouTube: Nateman and follow on Instagram: @Nateman

Rap Philippines Lo Ki

11. Lo Ki
Watch on YouTube: Lo Ki and follow on Instagram: @Lo Ki

12. Loonie
Watch on YouTube: Loonie and follow on Instagram: @Loonie

Bugoy Na Koykoy

13. Bugoy Na Koykoy
Watch on YouTube: Bugoy Na Koykoy and follow on Instagram: @Bugoy Na Koykoy

Ron Henley

14. Ron Henley
Watch on YouTube: Ron Henley and follow on Instagram: @Ron Henley


15. Apekz
Watch on YouTube: Apekz and follow on Instagram: @Apekz


16. Bosx1ne aka Honcho
Watch on YouTube: Bosx1ne and follow on Instagram: @Bosx1ne

Realest Cram

17. Realest Cram
Watch on YouTube: Realest Cram and follow on Instagram: @Realest Cram

Filipino rappers CK YG

18. CK YG
Watch on YouTube: CK YG and follow on Instagram: @CK YG


19. Pricetagg
Watch more on YouTube: Pricetagg and follow on Instagram: @Pricetagg

Omar Baliw

20. Omar Baliw
Watch on YouTube: Omar Baliw and follow on Instagram: @Omar Baliw

Honorable Mention Filipino Rappers:

Shehyee Youtube: Shehyee and Instagram: @Shehyee

CLR Youtube: CLR and Instagram: @CLR

Ghetto Gecko Youtube: Ghetto Gecko and Instagram: @Ghetto Gecko

Sica Youtube: Sica and Instagram: @Sica

Hellmerry Youtube: Hellmerry and Instagram: @Hellmerry

gins&melodies Youtube: gins&melodies and Instagram: @gins&melodies

Smugglaz Youtube: Smugglaz and Instagram: @Smugglaz

WAIIAN Youtube: WAIIAN and Instagram: @WAIIAN

OLG Zak Youtube: OLG Zak and Instagram: @OLG Zak

Mike Kosa Youtube: Mike Kosa and Instagram: @Mike Kosa

M Zhayt Youtube: M Zhayt and Instagram: @M Zhayt

Third Flo Youtube: Third Flo and Instagram: @Third Flo

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