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From the street and edgy to the sophisticated and stylish, Filipino streetwear fashion has been making waves. With one of Asia’s leading rap and R&B scenes, to coincide with the popularity of the landscape of urban music Pinoy streetwear has become no exception with their increasing popularity.

For the past several years the Philippines has become a hub for streetwear fashion within Southeast Asia, bringing some of Asia’s leading designers to the forefront. Already a country known for its vibrant culture, the local fashion industry includes everything from the classic streetwear staples of t-shirts to the more daring and bold designs of today’s fashion.

It is easy for Filipinos to purchase streetwear apparel from a number of different sources, including Zalora, Watsons, and Rustan’s. In addition, people can find streetwear in many local malls, such as Robinsons, Ayala, and SM Supermalls, which have a powerful presence in the Southeast Asian country.

With the Filipino streetwear fashion brands quickly emerging as some of the most sought-after clothing lines in the Asian fashion industry, their unique designs, quality materials, and affordable prices have grabbed the attention of many fashion and streetwear enthusiast.

Top 8 Filipino Streetwear Fashion Brands


With its start during the 1980s, Penshoppe has risen to the top of the Filipino streetwear and fashion industry. Providing men and women with classy and supplicated looks, Penshoppe offers an extensive selection of the most stylish apparel, accessories, and footwear in Asia. Located in hundreds of stores throughout the Philippines, along with markets abroad and the backing by top celebrities, Penshoppe is a brand that is hard to miss.

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Providing men, women, and children with the trendiest and most stylish fashion, from Pinoy streetwear to the apparel for almost any occasion, OXGN is a premium fashion brand that brings its own unique flavor into the Filipino fashion world.

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Founded during the 1980s, Bench has become a household name for fashion within the Philippines. A wide range of offerings, the selections of Bench makes this brand a one stop shop for all of your favorite styles and designs, both for men and women, popularizing itself among the Philippines’ youngest crowds.

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Don’t Blame the Kids

Since first appearing during the 2010s, Don’t Blame the Kids has become known as a pioneer and trailblazer in Filipino streetwear fashion, focusing exclusively on creating apparel that reflects the latest lifestyle and streetwear trends.

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Skoop is one of the most craftiest Filipino streetwear brands on the market. With its styles and designs, that at times are modern and minimalistic, Skoop easily separates itself with an aim at a specific audience of the Philippines younger and most hippest crowds.

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Capitalizing on a specific style, brand, and design of clothing, Gnarly! represents a subculture within the Pinoy fashion and entertainment industry. With dynamic logos and designs, often imitating top anime and cartoon characters, the brand’s name of Gnarly! perfectly fits the clothing lines description.

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Manila Meets Los Angeles

One of the several Filipino clothing brands that solely specializes in streetwear and lifestyle apparel, but also adding that distinctive Pinoy touch and influence. As it brings Filipino culture to life through fashion, Manila Meets Los Angeles is a clothing line that remains in a league of its own.

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Team Manilia / Daily Grind 

One of the most respected and widely praised Filipino streetwear brands, Team Manilia & Daily Grind provides a long list of apparel and accessories, all specializing in the urban lifestyle fashion trends.

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Honorable Mention Pinoy Brands:

Nick Automatic
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Clouds Create Loud
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