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Streetwear Fashion: Top 20 Streetwear Fashion Brands

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Streetwear Fashion

Top 20 Streetwear Fashion Brands

Dating back to the 1970s and 1980s, streetwear fashion emerged largely through the cultures and clothing styles of surfers and skateboarders, followed by the rise of New York’s hip-hop culture, which would eventually dominate the landscape of urban fashion during the late 1990s and 2000s with the rise of numerous streetwear fashion brands.

Initially, the surfing and skateboarding culture heavily influenced the introduction of streetwear fashion. But during the 1990s, with the rise of urban and black-owned clothing brands of the 1990s, like FUBU, the streetwear fashion industry began to take off. From the likes of Ecko to hip-hop’s presence with Sean Jean and Roc-A-Wear, the 1990s and into the 2000s was one of the best times for streetwear fashion and for streetwear fashion brands.

While its popularity was almost short lived, lasting over ten years, the streetwear fashion industry was overcome by high-end and upscale brands. Starting with Ralph Lauren and eventually expanding to truly luxurious clothing lines, like Gucci, Givenchy, and several others, the streetwear fashion industry became dormant for some time. Despite an industry takeover, streetwear fashion brands have since made a considerable comeback, with large market shares in the U.S., U.K., Japan, and places throughout the world.

Top 20 Streetwear Fashion Brands


James Jebbla established the clothing line, Supreme, in the 1990s, in New York City. It has become one of the most recognizable fashion trends in hip-hop culture, working with many famous rappers. Supreme has a colossal presence in the streetwear industry, with near 1 billion dollars in value and 7 physical stores positioned in the U.S. and Europe, in addition to an online store.



This streetwear fashion brand, created by fashion mogul Virgil Abloh in the 2010s, is incredibly popular with celebrities, influencers, and fashion-minded people. It stands out for its bold designs and logo, as well as its focus on quality rather than quantity.



Shawn Stussy established the Stussy brand in the 1980s, originally targeting the surfing demographic. It immediately became a successful fashion label, in which its fame and success extended to hip-hop culture, earning it a reputation as one of the most influential streetwear fashion brands of this era.



Known for the fashion industry’s most trendiest outerwear, this luxury French fashion brand has become one of the fashion industry’s most innovative brands. Established as a benchmark for cold weather fashion trends, Moncler is a go-to brand for fashionistas all around the world during the world’s coldest seasons.



Mike Amiri founded Amiri, a modern fashion label, in 2013. The brand’s signature style seems to have influences from hip-hop, pop culture, and rock inspirations. Being highly regarded by many of the industry’s leading celebrities, Amiri has gained a reputation for producing high-quality denim, as well as popular hoodies, jackets, and T-shirts.



A brand originating from the creativity and ideas of the legendary hip-hop group A$AP MOB, VLONE has become one of the fastest rising streetwear fashion brands of the past few years. Emerging during 2010, the VLONE brand has since become highly recognizable, while simple and minimalistic, its success has led the brand to become on top of the fashion world.



Established during the 2010s, Ronnie Fieg is the brains behind this fashion enterprise that specializes in streetwear fashion, with modern and contemporary designs that span from apparel, sneakers, and accessories for both men and women, as this company’s growth and success has been undeniable.



James Bond and Eddie Cruz created the Undefeated brand in Los Angeles as a retail space to provide the most exclusive shoes. Since it first opened its doors, the brand has seen tremendous growth, collaborating with renowned companies and supplying a vast range of apparel.


Anti Social Social Club

The Anti Social Social Club is an American clothing label based in Los Angeles and established in 2015 by Neek Lurk. It has achieved widespread recognition due to its iconic logo, designs, and vibrant colors. Moreover, its products are usually in high demand, often selling out quickly.


Palace Skateboards 

With signature stores located in Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo, the Palace Skateboards brand has made its way into a powerhouse within the fashion world since debuting during the late 2000s and into the 2010s, becoming a staple for fashion among skateboarders and streetwear enthusiasts. A wide range selection of coats, jackets, hoodies, sweaters, t-shirs, pants, hats, and accessories that easily distinct themselves from other brands, Palace Skateboards has become one of the leading skateboarding brands, but also is among the top rising brands in streetwear clothing.



Jerry Lorenzo began the high quality fashion brand of FOG (Fear of God) during 2013. This high-end streetwear fashion label has since showcased its unique styles, blending together elements of street fashion, luxury trends, and modern designs.


Billionaire Boys Club 

Led by top hip-hop producer of Pharrell Williams and Japanese fashion icon Nigo, the Billionaire Boys Club was started during the 2000s, emerging during a time of top hip-hop and urban brands controlled the market of fashion. From the brand’s signature logo to its one of a kind designs, the Billionaire Boys Club has enjoyed a successful two decades in the streetwear fashion world, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of fashion aficionados.


Aimé Leon Dore

Aimé Leon Dore, which has its origins in New York City, was established in 2014. Aimé Leon Dore, an urban fashion retailer founded in 2014, is based in New York City. It has managed to stand out from other leading streetwear labels by not following the same trends, instead putting an emphasis on sophistication and class, rather than the typical urban fashion style.


Marathon Clothing

The Marathon Clothing is a clothing line that was established by the late rapper Nipsey Hussle and his family. This brand boasts an expansive selection of items, such as t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and other accessories. This brand has become a source of motivation for many people from all different backgrounds, gaining fans from all over the world.


Hood by Air 

During the early 2000s, Shayne Oliver created Hood by Air, a well-known streetwear label that is praised for its daring and unique creations. This pioneering fashion house has crafted fashion and clothing of amazing caliber and excellence.


Heron Preston

Heron Preston, a luxury streetwear label, was established during the 2010s. This clothing line offers a combination of classic and contemporary styles, comprising of outerwear, activewear and other attire for almost any occasion. The brand has gained recognition from celebrities, making it an increasingly prominent name in the fashion industry.


The Hundreds 

The Hundreds, which was established during the 2000s, has become one of the most popular clothing brands in recent times due to its style, which often resembles America’s blue-collar and working-class culture, as well as various cultures found in California. Their collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and many other accessories.


Brain Dead 

A team of imaginative artists and designers has contributed to the establishment of one of the most inventive streetwear labels in the market. Beginning in the 2010s and based in cities like Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo, Brain Dead is a blend of street and underground artists, punk rockers, skateboarders, and some of the trendiest creators, bringing an unconventional approach to fashion.



Pleasures was started in 2015 by Alex James and Vlad Elkin and focuses on providing the latest in streetwear fashions. Based in Los Angeles, Pleasures resembles a reflection of various styles, including today’s music, nightlife, and contemporary fashion trends. Their products include t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, pants, hats, and accessories.



Ksubi is a highly regarded streetwear company, particularly known for its prestige expertise in denim, from Australia that was founded during the 1990s and has experienced immense growth since. It has become a major player in the urban fashion industry, gaining the appreciation of numerous popular celebrities and entertainers.


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