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Streetwear: Top 20 Sneakers and Footwear

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Top Hip Hop Shoes

List of the Top 20 best shoes for hip hop

Despite fashion for the urban community changing with the likening for more designer shoes, the streets still embrace the typical urban streetwear that is affordable and still acceptable for all. In the opinion of the content provider this specific order is a breakdown of the top 20 shoes within the urban community of all-time that have been made popular by rappers and hip hop artists, basically the best shoes for hip hop.  It should be noted that each region of the country embraces different types of styles, at least in previous years before social media made fashion so widespread.  The list below shows the top hip hop shoes within the culture over the years.

Top 20 Sneakers & Footwear


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Jordan Retro 1, the first shoe of the Jordan Brand that kick started probably the greatest shoe brand of all time. Original Release Date: 1985

Air Force 1, in either low top and/or mid top this is a universally accepted shoe that can be argued to be Nike’s greatest sneaker of all time. Original Release Date: Early 1980s.

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Jordan Retro 11, maybe the most famous shoe of all of the Jordan retros as this iconic version is one of everybody’s favorite and very symbolic to all sneaker heads. Original Release Date: 1995

Jordan Retro VII, another fan favorite of the ever popular Jordan Brand. Original Release Date: 1992

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Air Max 95, the most popular Air Max of all-time, and the most expensive, as the popularity of this sneaker has risen over the years. Original Release Date: 1995

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Nike Cortez, another West Coast classic as the very underrated Nike Cortez is very simple but still has enough attraction to make it a very popular and respectable shoe. Original Release Date: 1972

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Jordan Retro III, one of the most simplest retro Jordan releases to come out, but still has stand the test of time as many are still currently wearing the Jordan III.

Jordan Retro VIII, once again another very popular shoe within the Jordan brand. Original Release Date: 1993

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Adidas Shell Toe, the most famous Adidas all-time has been classic since Run-DMC made the sneaker famous, which probably makes the Shell Toe one of the best shoes for hip hop, at least during the 1980s. Original Release Date: Late 1960s – Early 1970s.


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Chuck Taylor, one of the most popular ‘hood shoes of all times and a West Coast classic as this shoe’s popularity has been around for generations and continues to still be trending. Original Release Date: Early 1900s

Nike Lebron’s 13- 14, an easy debate of the most popular Lebron shoe from the 12 to the 15, but LeBron’s shoe is one of the few popular current NBA players sneakers.

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Timberland, obviously popular in New York and communities throughout the East Coast, as well some Midwestern cities like Detroit or Chicago. The Timberland boot, not shoe, has for generations been iconic to the urban community and the hip hop community.

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Nike Air Foamposite, a very popular shoe on the East Coast, as well other places, but mainly on the East Coast is where you would see someone wearing Nike’s Foamposite. Original Release Date: Late 1990s.

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Jordan XII, to continue the trend of one of the most popular sneaker brands of all-time, this is the twelfth release of the retro Jordans. Original Release Date: 1996

Jordan XIII, just another classic shoe as the Jordan Brand almost has a monopoly for urban footwear and popular hip hop shoes. Original Release Date: 1997

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Air Max 90, the original Air Max that spearheaded the whole Air Max movement. Original Release Date: 1990

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Puma Classics, making a comeback due to a strong campaign with the help of the numerous hip hop artists, especially the late Nipsey Hussle.

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Nike Air Uptempo, while there are multiple versions, the ’96 version is probably the most iconic. Original Release Date: Late 1990s

Reebok Classics, made popular by top New Orleans rappers during the late 1990s as they were referred as Soulja Rees. Original Release Date: Late 1980s.

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Nike Air Trainer Huarache, one of Nike’s most popular and underrated tennis shoe. Currently the low top version is the most worn, but the high top version is also popular with its iconic strap. Original Release Date: Early 1990s

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