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Top 20 Filipino R&B Artists: Best R&B Singers from the Philippines

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Filipino R&B Music

List of the Top Filipino R&B Artists

With the global rise in rhythm and blues, an underappreciate genre of music happens to be Filipino R&B music, which is one of the world’s greatest treasures that has not yet been truly discovered.

Filipino R&B artists have emerged to the top position of Asia’s rhythm and blues music scene. The full lineup of the Filipino R&B music scene consists of some of the greatest sounds that the world has yet to hear, despite the occasional language barrier.

What many are unaware of that the Philippines has already produced a handful of accomplished Filipino R&B singers, artists like Kyla, Sam Concepcion, Jay R, Jaya,  KZ Tandingan, and the list below showcases a continuation of how talented Filipino R&B artists remain to be.

The Philippines music scene, which has been referred as OPM, Original Pinoy Music, has always had American similarities as American culture has had an influence on the Philippines for the longes, dating back to the 1970s and 1980s, where artists like Sharon Cuneta, Gary Valenciano, and Regine Velasquez or Martin Nievera are considered some of the greatest OPM artists of all-time.

There is something special about Filipino R&B music. A genre in the Philippines where hip hop artists have appeared as duo threats emerging as top R&B performers, where Filipino pop artists have showcased their versatility to be able to crossover into the field of rhythm and blues, while still remaining among the country’s top pop artist.

When there are artists like award winner and Filipino music innovator Skusta Clee, the fastest rising artist in the Philippines in the Zack Tabudlo, the special talent of the man behind the hit song “Catriona” in Mattaios, internationally known Darren Espanto who has become one the country’s most accomplished singers, Morissette who has one of the most beautiful singing voices, an artist as unique as Unique Salonga, or fan favorites like John Roa and James Reid, then one can see the success of Filipino R&B music.

Top 20 Filipino R&B Music Artists

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1. Skusta Clee
Follow on Instagram: @Skusta Clee and watch on Youtube: Skusta Clee

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2. zack tabudlo
Follow on Instagram: @zack tabudlo and watch on Youtube: zack tabudlo

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3. James Reid
Follow on Instagram: @James Reid and watch on Youtube: James Reid

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4. John Roa 
Follow on Instagram: @John Roa and watch on Youtube: John Roa

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5. Darren Espanto
Follow on Instagram: @Darren Espanto and watch on Youtube: Darren Espanto

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6. Morissette
Follow on Instagram: @Morissette and watch on Youtube: Morissette

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7. Unique Salonga
Follow on Instagram: @Unique Salonga and watch on Youtube: Unique Salonga

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8. Nadine Lustre
Follow on Instagram: @Nadine Lustre and watch on Youtube: Nadine Lustre

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9. Alisson Shore 
Follow on Instagram: @Alisson Shore and watch on Youtube: Alisson Shore

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10. Jnske 
Follow on Instagram: @Jnske and watch on Youtube: Jnske

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11. Inigo Pascual
Follow on Instagram: @Inigo Pascual and watch on Youtube: Inigo Pascual

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12. Lipip
Follow on Instagram: @Lipip and watch on Youtube: Lipip

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13. Reese Lansangan 
Follow on Instagram: @Reese Lansangan and watch on Youtube: Reese Lansangan

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14. Just Hush 
Follow on Instagram: @Just Hush and watch on Youtube: Just Hush

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15. Fern.
Follow on Instagram: @Fern. and watch on Youtube: Fern.

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16. kyle juliano
Follow on Instagram: @kyle juliano and watch on Youtube: kyle juliano

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17. Kiana V 
Follow on Instagram: @Kiana V and watch on Youtube: Kiana V

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18. Jess Connelly 
Follow on Instagram: @Jess Connelly and watch on Youtube: Jess Connelly

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19. Jason Dhakal 
Follow on Instagram: @Jason Dhakal and watch more on Youtube: Jason Dhakal

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20. paolo sandejas
Follow on Instagram: @paolo sandejas and watch more on Youtube: paolo sandejas

Honorable Mention Filipino R&B Artists:

DENY:  Instagram: @DENY  |  Youtube: DENY

Jesse Barrera: Instagram: @Jesse Barrera  |  Youtube: Jesse Barrera

JP Bacallan: Instagram: @JP Bacallan  |  Youtube: JP Bacallan

Claudia: Instagram: @Claudia  |  Youtube: Claudia

Ace Banzuelo: Instagram: @Ace Banzuelo  |  Youtube: Ace Banzuelo

Leanne & Naara: Instagram: Leanne & Naara |  Youtube: Leanne & Naara

Leila Alcasid:  Instagram: Leila Alcasid  |  Youtube: Leila Alcasid     

August Wahh:  Instagram: August Wahh  |  Youtube: August Wahh  

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, and views are near the top.