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Top 20 Japanese Rappers: 2022’s Best Japanese Hip Hop Artists List

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Top Japanese Rappers:

List of the Best Japanese Hip Hop Artists

Japanese hip hop is located in eastern Asia within a nation that has created a music scene that has produced a large roster of talented Japanese rappers that have been slowly creating the number one rap scene within the Asian hip hop market.

One of the world’s most famously known countries has for long been known for the city of Tokyo and its local attractions, the traditional dish of Sushi, the television genre of Anime, and numerous other unique cultures and traditions, will also soon be recognized for something else, hip hop music through Japan’s large lineup of top Japanese rap artists.

Japanese hip hop can be dated back to the 1980s as the opportunity to view American culture through multiple television and film outlets led to the embracement within Japanese culture, but only on a small scale. Japanese rap music can credit to its introduction into Japan from the likes of Hiroshi Fujiwar, who is also known for pioneering streetwear into Japan and viewed as one of the lead influencers of Japanese pop and urban culture.

Some of the true Japanese rappers that are pioneers of Japan’s hip hop scene and opened the doors and set the standard for rap music in Japan are artists like Seiko Ito, Yann Tomita, Rhymester, Scha Dara Parr, King Giddra, Buddha Brand, and a handful of other hip hop artists.

Currently, there are plenty of former Japanese rappers that are now in their 40s and 50s that helped paved the way for today’s generation as dozens of Japanese rap artists helped with the growth of hip hop music during the 1990s. Today’s generation has done nothing but continue the tradition of Japanese rap culture and has intertwined the country’s rap movement with Japanese culture at a level never before seen.

Top 20 Japanese Rappers

1. Chanmina (Pop/Hip Hop)
Watch on Youtube: Chanmina and follow on Instagram: @Chanmina

Watch on Youtube: SKY-HI  and follow on Instagram: @SKY-HI 

3. AK-69
Watch on Youtube: AK-69  and follow on Instagram: @AK-69

4. ¥ellow Bucks
Watch on Youtube: ¥ellow Bucks  and follow on Instagram: @¥ellow Bucks

5. Awich 
Watch on Youtube: Awich and follow on Instagram: @Awich

6. JP The Wavy
Watch on Youtube: JP The Wavy  and follow on Instagram: @JP The Wavy

Watch on Youtube: WILYWNKA and follow on Instagram: @WILYWNKA

Watch on Youtube: BAD HOP and follow on Instagram: @BADHOP

9. t-Ace (Pop/Hip Hop)
Watch on Youtube: t-Ace and follow on Instagram: @t-Ace

10. Anarchy
Watch on Youtube: Anarchy and follow on Instagram: @Anarchy

11. KOHH
Watch on Youtube: KOHH  and follow on Instagram: @KOHH

Watch on Youtube: RYKEY and follow on Instagram: @RYKEY

13. ZORN
Watch on Youtube: ZORN and follow on Instagram: @ZORN

Watch on Youtube: CREAM and follow on Instagram: @Minami & @Staxxt

15. Miyachi
Watch on Youtube: Miyachi and follow on Instagram: @Miyachi

16. a.k.a. Gami
Watch on Youtube: a.k.a. Gami and follow on Instagram: @a.k.a. Gami

17. Kowichi
Watch on Youtube: Kowichi and follow on Instagram: @Kowichi

Watch on Youtube: VIGORMAN and follow on Instagram: @VIGORMAN

19. SALU
Watch on Youtube: SALU  and follow on Instagram: @SALU

Watch on Youtube: PUNPEE and follow on Instagram: @PUNPEE

Honorable Mention Japanese Rappers:

Kreva  Youtube: Kreva  |  Instagram: @Kreva

AKLO  Youtube: AKLO  |  Instagram: @AKLO

BASI  Youtube: BASI  |  Instagram: @BASI

Yayoi Daimon Youtube: Yayoi Daimon  |  Instagram: @Yayoi Daimon

GADORO Youtube: GADORO  |  Instagram: @GADORO

Hannya  Youtube: Hannya  |  Instagram: @Hannya

Keiju  Youtube: Keiju  |  Instagram: @Keiju

Ken the 390 Youtube: Ken the 390  |  Instagram: @Ken the 390

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, and views are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com