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List of Top 20 Colombian Rappers

To truly pinpoint the start of Colombian rap may not be precise, but Colombian rappers have been deeply embedded into Colombia’s music since the 1990s, while the earliest remnants of hip hop in Colombia dates to the 1980s with some of the first hip hop artists emerging in Colombia.

Some of the artists of the early days of Colombian hip hop music were the likes of Gotas de Rap, Todo Copas, Tres Coronas, Cali Rap Cartel, Los Nandez, and Asilo 38. With some remaining active in today’s Colombian rap scene, a number of artists began to rise during the late 1990s and early 2000s. These artists included La Etnnia, Flacco Flow y Melania, Cescru Enlace, Laberinto ELC, La Gra$a, Clan Huseo Duro, Masai Ban-Go, Alcolirykoz, Yoky Barrios, Engendros del Pantano, Samurai Poeta, JHT, Estilo Bajo, Tribu Omerta, and others.

With top Colombian rap producers like Crudo Means Raw, Juanpordios!, Ruzto, and a number of rising stars of Colombia’s music scene of today’s generation, Colombian hip hop music has reached new levels. As Nanpa Basico is one of the country’s most shining stars, growing a fanbase that expands to Mexico, Colombian rappers have built a solid foundation with the young MC at the lead.

Today’s Top Colombian Rappers

While Nanpa Basico is almost lightyears ahead of most Colombian music artists, outside of the top Latin pop and reggaeton singers, the lineup of Colombian rappers is one of Latin America’s most appealing, providing a strong mixture of veterans and OGs alongside a number of newcomers and rising stars.

The vets that have been maintaining Colombian hip hop for multiple generations include the likes of Afaz Natural, Alcolirykoz, Ali AKA Mind, Realidad Mental, Yoky Barrios and La Etnnia. While the newer generation has been transitioning Colombian rap into a new era through the likes of Yung Sarria, Métricas Frías and Mañas Ru Fino (Doble Porción), Big Stan, Free Stayla, and Penyair, many beginning their careers as early as the mid-2010s.

While there are some mainstream artists, overall, the Colombian hip hop scene is truly homegrown with an underground vibe to it. Unlike most rap scenes, where hip hop in America is influential, Colombian rappers have created their own identity and their own styles, not trying to imitate the world’s hottest trends. Possibly the world’s most unique and organic Latin rap scene and hip hop market, since its start during the 1980s, Colombian rappers have created something special in South America.

Top 20 Colombian Rappers

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1. Nanpa Basico
Watch on YouTube: Nanpa Basico and Follow on Instagram: @Nanpa Basico

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2. Afaz Natural
Watch on YouTube: Afaz Natural and Follow on Instagram: @Afaz Natural

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3. Yung Sarria
Watch on YouTube: Yung Sarria and Follow on Instagram: @Yung Sarria

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4. Alcolirykoz
Watch on YouTube: Alcolirykoz and Follow on Instagram: @Alcolirykoz

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5. Métricas Frías
Watch on YouTube: Métricas Frías and Follow on Instagram: @Métricas Frías

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6. Mañas Ru Fino
Watch on YouTube: Mañas Ru Fino and Follow on Instagram: @Mañas Ru Fino

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7. Free Stayla
Watch on YouTube: Free Stayla and Follow on Instagram: @Free Stayla

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8. Penyair
Watch on YouTube: Penyair and Follow on Instagram: @Penyair

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9. Granuja
Watch on YouTube: Granuja and Follow on Instagram: @Granuja

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10. Lee Eye
Watch on YouTube: Lee Eye and Follow on Instagram: @Lee Eye

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11. Big Stan
Watch on YouTube: Big Stan and Follow on Instagram: @Big Stan

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12. La Etnnia 
Watch on YouTube: La Etnnia and Follow on Instagram: @La Etnnia

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13. yoky barrios
Watch on YouTube: yoky barrios and Follow on Instagram: @yoky barrios

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14. Cejaz Negraz
Watch on YouTube: Cejaz Negraz and Follow on Instagram: @Cejaz Negraz

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15. ZetaZeta
Watch on YouTube: ZetaZeta and Follow on Instagram: @ZetaZeta

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16. Realidad Mental
Watch on YouTube: Realidad Mental and Follow on Instagram: @Realidad Mental

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17. El Redcode
Watch on YouTube: El Redcode and Follow on Instagram: @El Redcode

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18. Mabiland
Watch on YouTube: Mabiland and Follow on Instagram: @Mabiland

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19. Aerophon
Watch on YouTube: Aerophon and Follow on Instagram: @Aerophon

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20. sr pablo
Watch on YouTube: sr pablo and Follow on Instagram: @sr pablo

Honorable Mention Colombian Rappers

Rap Bang Club YouTube: Rap Bang Club and Instagram: @Rap Bang Club

Rial Guawanko YouTube: Rial Guawanko and Instagram: @Rial Guawanko

Luis7Lunes YouTube: Luis7Lunes and Instagram: @Luis7Lunes

Diken Mc YouTube: Diken Mc and Instagram: @Diken Mc

Selene YouTube: Selene and Instagram: @Selene

Ziferk Rap Wasay YouTube: Ziferk Rap Wasay and Instagram: @Ziferk Rap Wasay

Solitario Soldado YouTube: Solitario Soldado and Instagram: @Solitario Soldado

Laberinto ELC YouTube: Laberinto ELC and Instagram: @Laberinto ELC

ha$lopablito YouTube: ha$lopablito and Instagram: @ha$lopablito

delfina dib YouTube: delfina dib and Instagram: @delfina dib

Kazu YouTube: Kazu and Instagram: @Kazu

Tsh Sudaca YouTube: Tsh Sudaca and Instagram: @Tsh Sudaca

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