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List of Top Brazilian Rappers

In a country that is large enough to produce numerous genres, Brazilian rappers have been among the elite stars of Brazilian music. Known as Brasileiro rap, or Brasileiro hip hop, rappers from Brazil have been creating and building a rap and hip hop scene since the mid-1980s and early 1990s.

With the help of hip hop artists and rappers from Brazil like Edi Rock, Mano Brown and the entire Racionais MC’s, Facção Central, Rappin’ Hood, Pepeu, Thaíde, Doctor MC’s, GOG, Sharylaine, Câmbio Negro, Ndee Naldinho, DJ Jamaika, Rick & Nando, and few others, the foundation of Brasileiro hip hop was formed.

As Brasileiro rap music grew, so did the lineup of Brazilian rappers. Moving on from the 1980s and early 1990s, the mid and late 1990s and early 2000s brought a number of legendary rap artists. Rappers like Marcelo D2, Trilha Sonora do Gueto, MV Bill, Dina Di, 509-E, Rapadura, Sabotage, Flora Matos, and Detentos do Rap became some of the new faces of Brasileiro hip hop.

Today’s Top Brazilian Rappers

Now with global rise in hip-hop, Brazil’s rap scene is flourishing like never before. Beginning during 2018 and thriving and rising to the top since 2019 with the release of “Perdição” and album Podium, L7nnon has landed at the forefront of Brazil hip hop.

Following closely behind is the unstoppable Filipe Ret, conquering charts and presenting a plethora of hits since 2018, after debuting in 2012. The late MC Kevin, despite his unfortunate death his legacy remains deeply embedded within Brazilian hip hop. MD Chefe gaining global recognition, being among the top freshman artists.

No shortage of talent with the soundly diverse artist of Matuê, who has been on a rise since 2017’s “BOOMZIM,” or a one of a kind talent with Xamã, who has been on a rise since “A Bela e a Fera.” From vets and certified legends continuing their legacy from the 2010s, or in some cases the 2000s, like Hungria Hip Hop, Projota, and Djonga to newcomers like MC Poze do Rodo, Teto, BIN, Chefin and MC Hariel, shooting to the top of the ranks. Dozens of rappers, from local and up and coming artists to nationwide superstars, have contributed to Brasileiro hip hop becoming one of Brazil’s top genres.

Top 25 Brazilian Rappers

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1. L7nnon Follow on Instagram: @L7nnon and Watch on YouTube: L7nnon

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2. Filipe Ret Follow on Instagram: @Filipe Ret and Watch on YouTube: Filipe Ret

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3. Matuê Follow on Instagram: @Matuê and Watch on YouTube: Matuê

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4. Hungria Hip Hop Follow on Instagram: @Hungria Hip Hop and Watch on YouTube: Hungria Hip Hop

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5. MC Poze do Rodo Follow on Instagram: @MC Poze do Rodo and Watch on YouTube: MC Poze do Rodo

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6. Xamã Follow on Instagram: @Xamã and Watch on YouTube: Xamã

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7. Teto Follow on Instagram: @Teto and Watch on YouTube: Teto

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8. MC Kevin Follow on Instagram: @MC Kevin and Watch on YouTube: MC Kevin

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9. MC Cabelinho Follow on Instagram: @MC Cabelinho and Watch on YouTube: MC Cabelinho

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10. BIN Follow on Instagram: @BIN and Watch on YouTube: BIN

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11. Chefin Follow on Instagram: @Chefin and Watch on YouTube: Chefin

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12. MD Chefe Follow on Instagram: @MD Chefe and Watch on YouTube: MD Chefe

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13. MC Hariel Follow on Instagram: @MC Hariel and Watch on YouTube: MC Hariel

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14. Projota Follow on Instagram: @Projota and Watch on YouTube: Projota

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15. Djonga Follow on Instagram: @Djonga and Watch on YouTube: Djonga

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16. Sidoka Follow on Instagram: @Sidoka and Watch on YouTube: Sidoka

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17. costa gold Follow on Instagram: @costa gold and Watch on YouTube: costa gold

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18. MC Maneirinho Follow on Instagram: @MC Maneirinho and Watch on YouTube: MC Maneirinho

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19. Dfideliz Follow on Instagram: @Dfideliz and Watch on YouTube: Dfideliz

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20. PK Follow on Instagram: @PK and Watch on YouTube: PK

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21. Froid Follow on Instagram: @Froid and Watch on YouTube: Froid

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22. BK Follow on Instagram: @bk and Watch on YouTube: bk

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23. Luccas Carlos Follow on Instagram: @Luccas Carlos and Watch on YouTube: Luccas Carlos

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24. Konai Follow on Instagram: @Konai and Watch on YouTube: Konai

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25. Yunk Vino Follow on Instagram: @Yunk Vino and watch on YouTube: Yunk Vino

Honorable Mention Rappers from Brazil

Yunk Vino Instagram: @Yunk Vino and YouTube: Yunk Vino

haikais Instagram: @haikais and YouTube: haikais

DomLaike Instagram: @DomLaike and YouTube: DomLaike

Sant  Instagram: @Sant and YouTube: Sant

luiz lins Instagram: @luiz lins and YouTube: luiz lins

Kayuá Instagram: @Kayuá and YouTube: Kayuá

Dalsin Instagram: @Dalsin and YouTube: Dalsin

Je Santiago Instagram: @je Santiago and YouTube: je Santiago

Raffa Moreira Instagram: @Raffa Moreira and YouTube: Raffa Moreira

Leall Instagram: @Leall and YouTube: Leall

coruja bc1  Instagram: @coruja bc1 and YouTube: coruja bc1

bruxo 021 Instagram: @bruxo 021 and YouTube: bruxo 021

Don L Instagram: @Don L and YouTube: Don L

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