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List of the Top Brazilian Funk Artists

While the world has grown to know dancehall music of the West Indies and reggaeton and trap music of Latin America, now it is Brazil’s turn to introduce music fans to Brazilian funk music and the extensive list of Brazilian funk artists.

Fast upbeat with many similarities to Miami’s and Atlanta’s once booty shaking music, officially once referred as Miami Bass and Atlanta Bass, Puerto Rico’s creation of reggaeton, and Jamaica’s dancehall, Brazilian funk is a form of expression that developed live in the heart of the streets of Brazil’s largest cities, cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

With its origination coming from influences of black culture in America, Brazilian funk music has been around since the 1980s. For close to 50 years, DJs and MCs has grown this genre to becoming among Brazil’s most popular forms of music. While there are genres like pop, sertanejo, and rap, all forms of music, and almost all of the country’s pop stars, have taken a back seat to Brazilian funk music and the genre’s top starring artists.

While in the 1970s, Brazilian funk was often viewed as an imitation of America’s funk and disco genres, which featured artists like Gerson King Combo, Toni Tornado, Marku Ribas, and Di Melo, who are just a few of the top Brazilian funk and soul artists of the 1970s.

The 1980s was the true birth of today’s funk music in Brazil, led by DJ Marlboro and his 1989 release Funk Brasil. Entering the 1990s and 2000s, artists like MC Sapão, MC Marcinho, Menor do Chapa, Claudinho e Buchecha, Buchecha, Tati Quebra Barraco, Mc Leozinho, MC Koringa, and many more have contributed to its expansion across Brazil’s urban areas.

Now, in the 2020s, Brazil’s biggest and most notable pop stars are within the genre of Brazilian funk music.

Top 25 Brazilian Funk Artists

Brazilian Funk Artists Ludmilla

1. Ludmilla

Ludmilla has been a dominant force in the Brazilian Funk scene since her debut in 2014. Known for her powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence, Ludmilla has released numerous hits that have topped the charts in Brazil, hits like “Chegui,” “Din Din Din,” “Invocada,” “24 Horas Por Dia,” “BOM,” and plenty more . Her third project, Hello Mundo, was a critical and commercial success, further cementing her status as one of Brazil’s most exciting musical talents.

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Brazilian Funk Music Kevinho


2. Kevinho

Kevinho’s music is characterized by catchy hooks, beats, and his unique blend of funk and reggaeton. Since his debut in 2013, Kevinho has gained a massive following both in Brazil and internationally. His music videos regularly rack up millions of views on YouTube, demonstrating the widespread appeal of his music.

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3. Lexa

Lexa is a Brazilian singer and songwriter who has also been making waves in the Brazilian Funk genre since her debut in 2015. Born Léa Cristina Araújo da Fonseca, she is known for her distinctive voice and her ability to craft catchy, danceable tunes. She has released two albums, with 2020’s Lexa being a huge success and solidifying her place in the Brazilian music industry.

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4. Pocah

Pocah began her musical career in 2012 under the stage name “MC Pocahontas.” In 2019, she rebranded herself as “Pocah” and has since become one of the biggest female funk artists in Brazil. Some of her most popular songs include “Não Sou Obrigada,” “Perdendo a Linha,” “Quer Mais?,” and “Bandida,” all of which have amassed millions of views on YouTube.

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MC Don Juan


5. MC Don Juan

MC Don Juan, hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, is another prominent figure in the Brazilian funk scene. He gained stardom in 2016 with his hit single “Oh Novinha,” which became widely popular among Brazilian youth. Known for his catchy hooks and engaging performances, MC Don Juan solidified his place in the genre with tracks like “Amar, Amei” and “Se Eu Tiver Solteiro.”

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Pedro Sampaio


6. Pedro Sampaio

Pedro Sampaio is a DJ, singer, and record producer known for his unique blend of funk and electronic music and has been active in the music industry since 2017. Sampaio gained international recognition with his single “Vai Menina,” which quickly climbed Brazil’s music charts. He is also well-known for his remixes of popular songs, such as “Galopa,” “Sentadão,” “Paredão,” and “Fica à Vontade.”

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Brazilian Funk Artists MC Livinho

7. MC Livinho

MC Livinho is a renowned Brazilian funk artist that began his career in music at a young age, initially performing at small family gatherings and later moving on to larger events. His breakthrough came in 2013 with the release of his song “Mulher Kama Sutra,” which catapulted him to national recognition. His music has been instrumental in shaping the Brazilian funk scene, and he continues to be a significant influence in the genre.

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MC Davi Brazil Funk Music

8. MC Davi

MC Davi rose to fame as a Brazilian funk artist with his hit single “Se tu Acha que a vida é um sonho” in 2015. His unique style blends traditional Brazilian rhythms with modern electronic elements, making his music accessible to a wide range of audiences. He is widely recognized for his smooth vocals and compelling lyrics that often reflect social issues in Brazil.

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Brazilian Funk MC Mirella

9. MC Mirella

MC Mirella began her career as a dancer before venturing into music. Her first single “Eu Não Perdi, Eu Me Livrei” was released in 2016 and has since amassed millions of views on YouTube. MC Mirella’s music is characterized by its high energy and infectious beats, making her a popular choice for dance parties and clubs. Her vibrant personality and engaging performances have earned her a loyal fanbase not only in Brazil but also across the globe.

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Jojo Maronttinni  

10. Jojo Maronttinni  

Jojo Maronttinni, also known as Jojo Todynho, became a sensation in the Brazilian music industry with her hit single “Que Tiro Foi Esse,” which quickly went viral and received millions of views on YouTube. Known for her vibrant personality and powerful vocals, Maronttinni has become a symbol of body positivity and female empowerment in her country.

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Jojo Maronttinni  

11. Kevin O Chris

Kevin O Chris is another influential artist in the Brazilian funk scene. He gained national recognition with his hit song “Vamos Pra Gaiola,” which topped the charts and became an anthem for the Brazilian youth. Known for his distinct voice and lyrical storytelling, Kevin O Chris’s music explores themes of poverty, violence, and life in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

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Jerry Smith

12. Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith has made a name for himself with his unique fusion of funk and pop. Smith began his career as part of a musical duo before launching his solo career. His hit single “Pode Se Soltar” has gained him widespread recognition and established him as a leading figure in the Brazilian music industry.

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Brazilian Funk Melody

13. Melody

Melody is one of the youngest Brazilian funk artists to gain international recognition. Melody’s career took off when she was just eight years old. Her father, MC Belinho, is a well-known funk artist and has been instrumental in her musical journey. Melody’s videos on social media platforms have garnered millions of views, and her unique style of singing, often incorporating falsettos, has earned her a substantial following.

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14. Jottapê

Jottapê, a multi-talented actor and singer known for his versatility. He made his acting debut at a young age in the popular Brazilian soap opera ‘Chiquititas.’ However, music was always his first love. His breakthrough came with the hit song ‘KondZilla,’ which thrust him into the spotlight and marked his place in the Brazilian funk industry.

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Taina Costa

15. Taina Costa

Taina Costa is another rising star in Brazilian funk. Born in Rio Grande do Norte, Costa initially gained fame as a dancer before transitioning into music. Her dance videos on social media platforms garnered widespread attention and laid the foundation for her music career. Costa’s music often reflects her dance roots, characterized by high-energy beats and rhythm that compel listeners to move.

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Tati Zaqui

16. Tati Zaqui

Tati Zaqui is a Brazilian singer and dancer known for her captivating blue hair and her contribution to the “funk ousadia” genre. She burst into the music scene with her provocative song “Parara Tibum,” which is a playful take on funk’s rhythmic foundations. Tati’s artistry goes beyond her music; she’s a symbol of self-expression and fearlessness within the genre, often exploring themes of sensuality and empowerment in her work.

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MC G15

17. MC G15

MC G15 is yet another stalwart in the Brazilian funk music scene. He shot to fame with his hit single “Deu Onda,” which went on to become a viral sensation worldwide. The song’s raw and authentic lyrics resonated with listeners, propelling MC G15 to international stardom. His music is characterized by catchy hooks and deep bass lines typical of Brazilian funk, coupled with his unique vocal delivery.

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Lara Silva

18. Lara Silva

Lara Silva is a rising star in the Brazilian funk music scene. Silva’s passion for music was evident from a young age before she ventured into the vibrant world of Brazilian funk music. Silva’s music is characterized by its rhythm and capturing lyrics that reflect her experiences growing up in Brazil.

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MC Kekel Brazilian Funk

19. MC Kekel

MC Kekel took the Brazilian funk scene by storm with his distinctive blend of melody and streetwise lyrics. Hailing from São Paulo, he first captured the public’s imagination with the hit “Partiu” in 2016, solidifying his position among the funk elite with his follow-up “Namorar pra Quê?”

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20. MC WM

Captivating the Brazilian music landscape with his magnetic energy and witty lyrics, MC WM has become synonymous with the term “hit-maker” in the genre of funk. Known for his collaboration on the viral track “Olha a Explosão” with MC Kevinho, MC WM’s style is characterized by his danceable beats and catchy hooks. His own tracks, such as “Rabetania” and “Fuleragem,” have turned him into a staple of the funk parties and party anthems.

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21. Rebecca

Striding onto the Brazilian funk stage with confidence and vitality, MC Rebecca became an instant influence in the Rio de Janeiro music scene. Her breakout hit “Ao Som do 150” encapsulated the vigor of the 150 BPM funk wave, capturing the attention of listeners craving bold and assertive anthems.

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MC Guime

22. MC Guime

A trailblazer in the funk ostentação (ostentatious funk) movement, MC Guime has been at the forefront of depicting the lavish lifestyles associated with this genre since his debut in the early 2010s. With hits like “País do Futebol” featuring the iconic Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. in the music video, MC Guime has blended the worlds of music and pop culture, generating a substantial fanbase.

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MC Dricka

23. MC Dricka

Dominating the scene with her sharp wit and commanding voice, MC Dricka is often hailed as the “Queen of Drill” in Brazil, taking a style spawned in Chicago and making it her own within a Brazilian context. Her breakneck flow and piercing lyrics on tracks such as “Nossa Que Absurdo” reflect her roots in São Paulo and have poignantly brought to the fore the experiences of those living in the favelas.

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MC Kapela

24. MC Kapela

MC Kapela’s storytelling through music has earned him recognition as a compelling narrator of the urban experience, infusing funk with heartfelt narratives that speak to the trials and triumphs of life in the city. Since he rose to prominence, his tracks have turned personal anecdotes into relatable ballads, earning him a place among the vanguards of the São Paulo funk scene.

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MC L da Vinte


25. MC L da Vinte

MC L da Vinte exploded onto the funk scene with his hit “Parado no Bailão” in 2018. The track became a national sensation, played incessantly at parties and clubs throughout Brazil. His music encapsulates the vibrancy of “funk proibidão,” with its rapid-fire beats and lyrics that chronicle the vivacious party life, and sets the rhythm for Brazil’s legendary nightlife.

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Honorable Mention Brazilian Funk Artists:

MC Fioti Instagram: @MC Fioti and Youtube: MC Fioti

MC Zaac Instagram: @MC Zaac and Youtube: MC Zaac

MC IG Instagram: @MC IG and Youtube: MC IG

MC Rick Instagram: @MC Rick and Youtube: MC Rick

Valesca Popozuda Instagram: @Valesca Popozuda and Youtube: Valesca Popozuda

Gabily Instagram: @Gabily and Youtube: Gabily

MC GW Instagram: @MC GW and Youtube: MC GW

MC Dede Instagram: @MC Dede and Youtube: MC Dede

Dani Russo Instagram: @Dani Russo and Youtube: Dani Russo

MC Rodolfinho Instagram: @MC Rodolfinho and Youtube: MC Rodolfinho

MC Mari Instagram: @MC Mari and Youtube: MC Mari

MC Du Black  Instagram: @MC Du Black  and Youtube: MC Du Black

MC Branquinha  Instagram: @MC Branquinha and Youtube: MC Branquinha

Top Brazil Funk Music Youtube Channels:

Canal Kondzilla   |  Ciclone Funk

Detona Funk   |   Ritmo Dos Fluxos by Detona Funk

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