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Brazilian Funk: 2022’s Top 25 Brazilian Funk Artists

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Brazilian Funk

List of the Top Brazilian Funk Artists

While the world has grown to know dancehall music of the West Indies and reggaeton and trap music of Latin America, now it is Brazil’s turn to introduce music fans to Brazilian funk music and the extensive list of Brazilian funk artists.

Fast upbeat with many similarities to Miami’s and Atlanta’s once booty shaking music, officially once referred as Miami Bass and Atlanta Bass, Puerto Rico’s creation of reggaeton, and Jamaica’s dancehall, Brazilian funk is a form of expression that developed live in the heart of the streets of Brazil’s largest cities, cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

With its origination coming from influences of black culture in America, Brazilian funk music has been around since the 1980s. For close to 50 years, DJs and MCs has grown this genre to becoming among Brazil’s most popular forms of music. While there are genres like pop, sertanejo, and rap, all forms of music, and almost all of the country’s pop stars, have taken a back seat to Brazilian funk music and the genre’s top starring artists.

While in the 1970s, Brazilian funk was often viewed as an imitation of America’s funk and disco genres, which featured artists like Gerson King Combo, Toni Tornado, Marku Ribas, and Di Melo, who are just a few of the top Brazilian funk and soul artists of the 1970s. The 1980s was the true birth of today’s funk music in Brazil, led by DJ Marlboro and his 1989 release Funk Brasil. Entering the 1990s and 2000s, artists like MC Sapão, MC Marcinho, Menor do Chapa, Claudinho e Buchecha, Buchecha, Tati Quebra Barraco, Mc Leozinho, MC Koringa, and many more have contributed to its expansion across Brazil’s urban areas.

Now, in the 2020s, Brazil’s biggest and most notable pop stars are within the genre of Brazilian funk music. Pop stars like Ludmilla, Pocah, and Lexa, all who have showcased their talents cross multiple genres, are alongside some of funk music’s biggest names that have ever set foot on stage, Kevinho, MC Don Juan, MC Livinho, Jerry Smith, and the list goes on. From top producers like Rennan da Penha and Dennis DJ to top Brazilian funk artists, the genre is destined to become the next global sensation.

Out of all the Latin American countries, Brazil, in which is the only Latin country that speaks Portuguese, has had its cultures and lifestyles to be displayed the most through popular culture, whether in the form of movies, documentaries, or other media outlets.  To get an even further inside look to Brazilian daily lifestyles, the funk genre provides key examples of what life is like in the heart of Brazil’s urban areas, or known locally as “The Favelas.”

Top 25 Brazilian Funk Artists

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1. Ludmilla
Follow on Instagram: @Ludmilla and watch on Youtube: Ludmilla

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2. Kevinho
Follow on Instagram: @Kevinho and watch on Youtube: Kevinho

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3. Lexa
Follow on Instagram: @Lexa and watch on Youtube: Lexa

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4. Pocah
Follow on Instagram: @Pocah and watch on Youtube: Pocah

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5. MC Don Juan
Follow on Instagram: @MC Don Juan and watch on Youtube: MC Don Juan

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Follow on Instagram: @PEDRO SAMPAIO and watch on Youtube: PEDRO SAMPAIO

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7. MC Livinho
Follow on Instagram: @MC Livinho and watch on Youtube: MC Livinho

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8. MC Davi
Follow on Instagram: @MC Davi and watch on Youtube: MC Davi

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9. MC Mirella
Follow on Instagram: @MC Mirella and watch on Youtube: MC Mirella

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10. Jojo Maronttinni  
Follow on Instagram: @Jojo Maronttinni and watch more on Youtube: Jojo Maronttinni

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11. Kevin O Chris
Follow on Instagram: @Kevin O Chris and watch on Youtube: Kevin O Chris

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12. Jerry Smith
Follow on Instagram: @JErry Smith and watch on Youtube: Jerry Smith

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13. Melody
Follow on Instagram: @Melody and watch on Youtube: Melody

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14. Jottapê
Follow on Instagram: @Jottapê and watch on Youtube: Jottapê

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15. Taina Costa
Follow on Instagram: @Taina Costa and watch on Youtube: Taina Costa

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16. Tati Zaqui
Follow on Instagram: @Tati Zaqui and watch on Youtube: Tati Zaqui

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17. MC G15
Follow on Instagram: @MC G15 and watch on Youtube: MC G15

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18. lara silva
Follow on Instagram: @lara silva and watch on Youtube: lara silva

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19. MC Kekel
Follow on Instagram: @MC Kekel and watch on Youtube: MC Kekel

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20. MC WM
Follow on Instagram: @MC WM and watch on Youtube: MC WM

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21. Rebecca 
Follow on Instagram: @MC Rebecca and watch on Youtube: MC Rebecca

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22. mc guime
Follow on Instagram: @mc guime and watch on Youtube: mc guime

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23. MC Dricka
Follow on Instagram: @MC Dricka and watch on Youtube: MC Dricka

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24. MC Kapela
Follow on Instagram: @MC Kapela and watch on Youtube: MC Kapela

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25. MC L da Vinte
Follow on Instagram: @MC L da Vinte and watch on Youtube: MC L da Vinte

Honorable Mention Brazilian Funk Artists:

mc fioti Instagram: @mc fioti and Youtube: mc fioti

MC Zaac Instagram: @MC Zaac and Youtube: MC Zaac

MC IG Instagram: @MC IG and Youtube: MC IG

MC Rick Instagram: @MC Rick and Youtube: MC Rick

Valesca Popozuda Instagram: @Valesca Popozuda and Youtube: Valesca Popozuda

Gabily Instagram: @Gabily and Youtube: Gabily

MC GW Instagram: @MC GW and Youtube: MC GW

MC Dede Instagram: @MC Dede and Youtube: MC Dede

Dani Russo Instagram: @Dani Russo and Youtube: Dani Russo

MC Rodolfinho Instagram: @MC Rodolfinho and Youtube: MC Rodolfinho

MC Mari Instagram: @MC Mari and Youtube: MC Mari

MC Du Black  Instagram: @MC Du Black  and Youtube: MC Du Black

mc branquinha  Instagram: @mc branquinha and Youtube: mc branquinha

Top Brazil Funk Music Youtube Channels:

Canal Kondzilla   |  Ciclone Funk

Detona Funk   |   Ritmo Dos Fluxos by Detona Funk

Funk Hits VEVO

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com