Brazilian Female Rappers

List of Best Female Rappers from Brazil

In a country dominated pop stars and a rap and hip hop scene that has existed since the mid 1980s, Brazilian female rappers are among the country’s top influencers, keeping up with and at times surpassing their male counterparts. Female rappers from Brazil date back to the early days of Brazilian hip hop. Some of the very first faces for women in hip hop were the likes of Dina Di, Sharylaine, Flora Matos, Medrado, Nathy MC, and several others. As music and hip hop and rap music has grown over the years, the lineup of women within Brazil’s rap scene has also expanded.

Despite not having the biggest names of Brazil’s music scene or the country’s top pop stars, female Brazilian rappers offer something special, a roster of artists that stand apart from each other with every artists providing a different style and a different art form of hip hop.

Today’s Top Brazilian Female Rappers

Top rapper Azzy bringing a mixture melodic rhymes, funk rhythms, while still having the ability to breakout a strong 16 bars. Cynthia Luz being among Brazil’s most talented, providing much diversity to the music that she has provided to fans for the past 5 years. The legend Flora Matos still maintaining a steady stance in Brazilian hip hop. Karol Conká who has consistently showcased that she is among Brazil’s rap scene most creative, taken artistry to new levels.

Only to continue with a ever changing and developing landscape of women in hip-hop that have remained strong in their positions as rappers, due to being outnumber and the majority of the country’s female stars are mostly viewed in other genres.

A nonstop list of talented ladies showcasing how far hip hop music has grown from its early development in the streets of the Bronx, New York. From duos like Hyperanhas and Tasha & Tracie, showcasing everything from sex appeal to women outrapping men, to the versatility of numerous solo artists, like Mac Júlia and Malía, to your average rap star, but setting standards well above your average, like Nabrisa, Ebony, Slipmami, Anaju, and many more.

Top 15 Brazilian Rappers

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1. Azzy Follow on Instagram: @Azzy and Watch on YouTube: Azzy

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2. Cynthia Luz Follow on Instagram: @Cynthia Luz and Watch on YouTube: Cynthia Luz

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3. Flora Matos Follow on Instagram: @Flora Matos and Watch on YouTube: Flora Matos

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4. Karol Conká Follow on Instagram: @Karol Conká and Watch on YouTube: Karol Conká

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5. Hyperanhas Follow on Instagram: @Hyperanhas and Watch on YouTube: Hyperanhas

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6. Nabrisa  Follow on Instagram: @Nabrisa and Watch on YouTube: Nabrisa

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7. Mac Júlia  Follow on Instagram: @Mac Júlia and Watch on YouTube: Mac Júlia

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8. Malía  Follow on Instagram: @Malía and Watch on YouTube: Malía

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9. Slipmami  Follow on Instagram: @Slipmami and Watch on YouTube: Slipmami

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10. TASHA & TRACIE  Follow on Instagram: @TASHA & TRACIE and Watch on YouTube: TASHA & TRACIE

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11. Ebony  Follow on Instagram: @Ebony and Watch on YouTube: Ebony

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12. Anaju  Follow on Instagram: @Anaju and Watch on YouTube: Anaju

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13. Budah  Follow on Instagram: @Budah and Watch on YouTube: Budah

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14. MC Soffia  Follow on Instagram: @MC Soffia and Watch on YouTube: MC Soffia

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15. NINA  Follow on Instagram: @NINA and Watch on YouTube: NINA

Honorable Mention Brazilian Female Rappers:

clara lima Instagram: @clara lima and YouTube: clara lima

Duquesa Instagram: @Duquesa and YouTube: Duquesa

Ajuliacosta  Instagram: @Ajuliacosta  and YouTube: Ajuliacosta

mc Luanna Instagram: @mc Luanna and YouTube: mc Luanna

Lívia Cruz Instagram: @Lívia Cruz and YouTube: Lívia Cruz

Cristal  Instagram: @Cristal and YouTube: Cristal

souto mc Instagram: @souto mc and YouTube: souto mc

ONNiKA Instagram: @ONNiKA and YouTube: ONNiKA

Iza sabino  Instagram: @iza sabino and YouTube: iza sabino

Laura Sette  Instagram: @Laura Sette and YouTube: Laura Sette

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