Colombian Reggaeton Artists

List of Best Colombian Trap Artists & Reggaeton Artists

With the global rise of Latin music, more specifically urban Latin music, in which is often referred as urbano music, Colombian reggaeton artists have risen to the top of the charts and moved up the ranks as some of Latin America’s number one urban artists.

The home of the legendary singer Shakira, famous actors and actresses Sofia Vergara and John Leguizamo, globally renowned football (soccer) players, and the world’s former most famous narcotics trafficker of Pablo Escobar, but today the light shines on Colombian reggaeton artists. Despite consisting of numerous of genres, varying from region to region, like cumbia and vallenato, the reggaeton and trap music scene of Colombia has arguably became number one.

While Puerto Rico was the pioneer and is still the leader of reggaeton and trap music, Colombian trap artists have been building their own successful music scene in South America. Some of the first emerging Colombian reggaeton artists were the likes of J Balvin, Farina, Wolfine, Karol G, and Yelsid during the 2000s, which was greatly followed by the likes of Maluma, Feid, Kevin Roldan, and Andy Rivera during the 2010s.

As mentioned, Colombia is a country that is rich in musical culture. The most popular forms of music are the likes of cumbia, which has produced legends like La Sonora Dinamita, Pastor López, and Rodolfo Aicardi, while other forms of music have a deep historical background of indigenous and African roots. A new mark in the history of Colombia music has been the international stardom of several top Colombian reggaeton artists, with a long enough reach that stretches from Latin America to the United States to Europe.

Today’s Top Colombian Reggaeton Artists

Beginning his career during the mid-2000s, J Balvin has surfaced as one of the world’s most popular artists. The accumulation of awards and accolades, along with off the chart sales, J Balvin has commercially reached an amount of success only few Latin artists have ever obtained. Right behind J Balvin’s impact in Latin music has been Karol G and Maluma. With Karol G being in the public’s view since a teenager, the beauty of her growth in music has been on displayed since her earliest releases of songs like “En La Playa” to now with an extensive list of hits like “Tusa,” “Bichota,” “Culpable,” “El Makinon,” and “Provenza.”

The triple threat of J Balvin, Karol G, and Maluma, whose distinctive talent has propelled his music to crossover through various fanbases of Latin music, has now given Colombian trap and reggaeton artists the opportunity to be in the conversation for the world’s top Latin urban music singers and performers.

From freshman and sophmore artists like MTZ (Manuel Turizo), Blessd, and Ryan Castro reaching the stars to the veteran icons of Feid, Farina, Kevin Roldan, Reykon, and Andy Rivera leaving a trail of unthinkable success in Latin music, while also setting the standards and blueprint for urban music in South America, Colombian reggaeton artists have transformed the genre into a global sensation.

Top 20 Colombian Reggaeton Artists

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1. J Balvin Follow on Instagram: @J Balvin and Watch on YouTube: J Balvin

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2. Karol G Follow on Instagram: @Karol G and Watch on YouTube: Karol G

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3. Maluma Follow on Instagram: @Maluma and Watch on YouTube: Maluma

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4. Manuel Turizo Follow on Instagram: @Manuel Turizo and Watch on YouTube: Manuel Turizo

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5. Feid Follow on Instagram: @Feid and Watch on YouTube: Feid

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6. Kevin Roldan Follow on Instagram: @Kevin Roldan and Watch on YouTube: Kevin Roldan

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7. Blessd Follow on Instagram: @Blessd and Watch on YouTube: Blessd

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8. Andy Rivera Follow on Instagram: @Andy Rivera and Watch on YouTube: Andy Rivera

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9. Ryan Castro Follow on Instagram: @Ryan Castro and Watch on YouTube: Ryan Castro

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10. Reykon Follow on Instagram: @Reykon and Watch on YouTube: Reykon

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11. Farina Follow on Instagram: @Farina and Watch on YouTube: Farina

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12. DEKKO Follow on Instagram: @DEKKO and Watch on YouTube: DEKKO

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13. Wolfine Follow on Instagram: @Wolfine and Watch on YouTube: Wolfine

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14. Totoy El Frio Follow on Instagram: @Totoy El Frio and Watch on YouTube: Totoy El Frio

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15. NoBeat Follow on Instagram: @Nobeat and Watch on YouTube: Nobeat

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16. Pipe Calderón Follow on Instagram: @Pipe Calderón and Watch on YouTube: Pipe Calderón

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17. Nath Follow on Instagram: @Nath and Watch on YouTube: Nath

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18. Maxiolly Follow on Instagram: @Maxiolly and Watch on YouTube: Maxiolly

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19. Golpe A Golpe Follow on Instagram: @golpe a golpe and Watch on YouTube: golpe a golpe

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20. Rayo Y Toby Follow on Instagram: @Rayo Y Toby and Watch on YouTube: Rayo Y Toby

Honorable Mention Colombian reggaeton artists

Kevin Florez Instagram: @kevin florez and YouTube: kevin florez

Crissin Instagram: @Crissin and YouTube: Crissin

Natan & shander Instagram: @Natan & shander and YouTube: Natan & shander

L’Omy Instagram: @L’Omy and YouTube: L’Omy

Montano Instagram: @Montano and YouTube: Montano

EL Clooy Instagram: @el clooy and YouTube: el clooy

jiggy drama Instagram: @jiggy drama and YouTube: jiggy drama

Seppe y Gama Instagram: @Seppe y Gama and YouTube: Seppe y Gama

jhosy Instagram: @jhosy and YouTube: jhosy

 Koffee EL Kafetero Instagram: @ Koffee EL Kafetero and YouTube: Koffee EL Kafetero

Lil Silvio Instagram: @Lil Silvio and YouTube: Lil Silvio

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