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Top 30 Best Puerto Rican Reggaeton & Trap Artists List

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Puerto Rican Reggaeton

List of Top Puerto Rican Trap Artists

Every culture today has cemented its own music, and that also goes for the long list of top Puerto Rican trap artists and the extensive roster of top Puerto Rican reggaeton artists.  When you consider genres like reggae, the first country that comes to one’s mind will be Jamaica, in this same context, reggaeton is a popular style that has been made famous through numerous of Puerto Rican artists.

Throughout the time of Puerto Rico’s presence and dominance in reggaeton there has always been numerous Puerto Rican artists to represent within the global scene of reggaeton music. Some of the first Puerto Rican reggaeton stars and pioneers of the genre were the likes of Ivy Queen, Vico C, Tego Calderón, Voltio, Héctor el Father, and others, while many were also rap and hip-hop artists.

While some may make the claim the origins of reggaeton derived from the Caribbean and West Indian styles of dancehall music. Others may also make the claim the style originated in Panama with El General, but regardless of the place of origins Puerto Ricans truly built the foundation for today’s reggaeton music. Beginning as an “underground” genre, now reggaeton is one of the world’s fastest growing genres of music.

Puerto Rican reggaeton, as well Puerto Rican trap artists, have become some of Latin America’s biggest stars. Stars like Daddy Yankee, who moved from the Playero 37 mixtape into becoming a media sensation. The beautiful Ivy Queen, who began her career in the mid-1990s before transforming into becoming the “Queen of Reggaeton,” becoming one of the most successful Latin artists of our time with numerous hits throughout the late 1990s, 2000s, and the early 2010s.

If you rewind a bit to 2017, Luis Fonsi teamed up with Daddy Yankee to create an amazingly successful single, “Despacito,” which became one of the most-streamed and most-watched songs on YouTube. This track spent over sixteen consecutive weeks as Billboard No. 1 and broke records as one of the two first non-English songs to make it to the peak of Billboard.

Artists like Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Anuel AA, Farruko, and Bad Bunny have become a colossal influence in North America and established themselves in the mainstream media of Latin America and other surrounding areas. North American artists started featuring some prominent artists from Puerto Rico in their tracks, fused the two styles of reggaeton and mumble rap, and created a hybrid style, Puerto Rican trap music. Artists such as Bad Bunny and Ozuna have become famous Puerto Rican trap artists through this style of music and have prompted the American stars to pay close attention.

Entering 2022, Puerto Rican trap artists and reggaeton artists have continued to dominate the landscape of music in Latin America. No artists are bigger or have come close to the popularity that Puerto Rican artists have developed over the years. With a massive market, Puerto Rican trap and reggaeton artists have gained millions of listeners in North America, the Caribbean, South America, and even in Europe.

Top 30 Puerto Rican Trap Artists & Reggaeton

1. Bad Bunny 
Watch more on Youtube: Bad Bunny and follow on Instagram: @Bad Bunny

2. Daddy Yankee 
Watch more on Youtube: Daddy Yankee and follow on Instagram: @Daddy Yankee

3. Ozuna
Watch more on Youtube: Ozuna and follow on Instagram: @Ozuna

4. Anuel AA 
Watch more on Youtube: Anuel AA and follow on Instagram: @Anuel AA

5. Farruko
Watch more on Youtube: Farruko and follow on Instagram: @Farruko

6. Rauw Alejandro
Watch more on Youtube: Rauw Alejandro and follow on Instagram: @Rauw Alejandro

7. Myke Towers 
Watch more on Youtube: Myke Towers and follow on Instagram: @Myke Towers

8. Arcangel
Watch more on Youtube: Arcangel and follow on Instagram: @Arcangel

9. Jhay Cortez
Watch more on Youtube: Jhay Cortez and follow on Instagram: @Jhay Cortez

10. Justin Quiles
Watch more on Youtube: Justin Quiles and follow on Instagram: @Justin Quiles

11. Wisin
Watch more on Youtube: Wisin and follow on Instagram: @Wisin

12. Don Omar
Watch more on Youtube: Don Omar and follow on Instagram: @Don Omar

13. Yandel
Watch more on Youtube: Yandel and follow on Instagram: @Yandel

14. Lunay 
Watch more on Youtube: Lunay and follow on Instagram: @Lunay

15. Jay Wheeler 
Watch more on Youtube: Jay Wheeler and follow on Instagram: @Jay Wheeler

16. Bryant Myers 
Watch more on Youtube: Bryant Myers and follow on Instagram: @Bryant Myers

17. De La Ghetto
Watch more on Youtube: De La Ghetto and follow on Instagram: @De La Ghetto

18. Brytiago
Watch more on Youtube: Brytiago and follow on Instagram: @Brytiago

19. Jon Z 
Watch more on Youtube: Jon Z and follow on Instagram: @Jon Z

20. Dalex
Watch more on Youtube: Dalex and follow on Instagram: @Dalex

21. J Alvarez
Watch more on Youtube: J Alvarez and follow on Instagram: @J Alvarez

22. Darell
Watch more on Youtube: Darell and follow on Instagram: @Darell

23. Guaynaa
Watch more on Youtube: Guaynaa and follow on Instagram: @Guaynaa

24. Zion & Lennox
Watch more on Youtube: Zion & Lennox and follow on Instagram: @Zion & Lennox

25. Eladio Carrión 
Watch more on Youtube: Eladio Carrión and follow on Instagram: @Eladio Carrión

26. Juhn
Watch more on Youtube: Juhn and follow on Instagram: @Juhn

27. Lary Over 
Watch more on Youtube: Lary Over and follow on Instagram: @Lary Over

28. Ñejo 
Watch music videos on Youtube: Ñejo and follow on Instagram: @Ñejo

29. Lyanno
Watch more on Youtube: Lyanno and follow on Instagram: @Lyanno

30. Darkiel 
Watch more on Youtube: Darkiel and follow on Instagram: @Darkiel

Honorable Mention Puerto Rican Reggaeton

Ele A El Dominio Youtube: Ele A El Dominio and Instagram: @Ele A El Dominio

Jamby El Favo Youtube: Jamby El Favo and Instagram: @Jamby El Favo

Rafa Pabon Youtube: Rafa Pabon and Instagram: @RafaPabon

Javiielo Youtube: Javiielo and Instagram: @Javiielo

Marvel Boy Youtube: Marvel Boy and Instagram: @Marvel Boy

Gotay El Autentiko Youtube: Gotay El Autentiko and Instagram: @Gotay El Autentiko

Barbie Rican Youtube: Barbie Rican and Instagram: @Barbie Rican

Carlitos Rossy Youtube: Carlitos Rossy and Instagram: @Carlitos Rossy

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