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Top 25 Best Dominican Reggaeton, Dembow, & Trap Artists List

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Dominican Reggaeton

List of Top Dominican Trap, Dembow, and Reggaeton Artists

One of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean lies a music scene of not only the most popular Dominican reggaeton, but a music scene that has developed a large lineup of top Dominican trap, dembow, and urbano artists who have become not only Latin America’s most known stars, but some of the world’s biggest stars in music.

While the much older generations of Dominicans may have a likening more towards traditional Caribbean music like Bachata or Merengue, but today’s era seems to be solely fan favorites of the Dominican reggaeton, dembow and trap music scenes.  A very brief summary of the three genres, Latin Trap and Urbano music have many similarities to modern day Rhythm and Blues and melodic Rap music, while Reggaeton and Dembow are quite similar to Jamaica’s Dancehall genre and traditional Caribbean music, but more modernized.

Historically the Dominican Republic has been widely known for producing world class athletes, primarily professional baseball and basketball players, Latin America’s most talented actors and actresses, beautiful models, and some of the world’s most brilliant scholars, but for the past couple of decades the Dominican Republic has also been known for producing a roster of top Dominican Reggaeton and Trap artists.

A lineup that includes one of Latin America’s most notarized stars, gold, platinum and even diamond selling artist Natti Natasha, together with the swag of El Alfa who showcases an artist that has grinded his way to the top, all while Amenazzy’s has become the country’s top urban music artist as his music combines rhythm and blues with a touch of Latin flavor.  The roster of top Dominican Reggaeton, Trap, Dembow, and even urban artists continues with numerous veterans and OGs and a handful of newcomers to the Dominican music scene.

Top 25 Dominican Reggaeton, Trap, and Dembow Artists

1. Natti Natasha
Watch more on Youtube: Natti Natasha and follow on Instagram: @Natti Natasha 

2. El Alfa
Watch more on Youtube: El Alfa and follow on Instagram: @El Alfa 

3. Amenazzy
Watch more on Youtube: Amenazzy and follow on Instagram: @Amenazzy 

4. Chimbala
Watch more on Youtube: Chimbala and follow on Instagram: @Chimbala

5. Mozart La Para
Watch more on Youtube: Mozart La Para and follow on Instagram: @Mozart La Para

6. Rochy Rd
Watch more on Youtube: Rochy Rd and follow on Instagram: @Rochy Rd

7. Don Miguelo
Watch more on Youtube: Don Miguelo and follow on Instagram: @Don Miguelo 

8. La Insuperable
Watch more on Youtube: La Insuperable and follow on Instagram: @La Insuperable 

9. Bulin 47
Watch more on Youtube: Bulin 47 and follow on Instagram: @Bulin 47

10. Secreto
Watch more on Youtube: Secreto and follow on Instagram: @Secreto

11. El Mayor Clasico
Watch more on Youtube: El Mayor Clasico and follow on Instagram: @El Mayor Clasico

12. Jc La Nevula
Watch more on Youtube: Jc La Nevula and follow on Instagram: @Jc La Nevula 

13. Tokischa
Watch more on Youtube: Tokischa and follow on Instagram: @Tokischa

Watch more on Youtube: YOMEL EL MELOSO and follow on Instagram: @YOMEL EL MELOSO

15. Ceky Viciny
Watch more on Youtube: Ceky Viciny and follow on Instagram: @Ceky Viciny

16. Musicologo The Libro 
Watch more on Youtube: Musicologo The Libro and follow on Instagram: @Musicologo The Libro

17. Shelow Shaq 
Watch more on Youtube: Shelow Shaq and follow on Instagram: @Shelow Shaq 

18. La Materialista
Watch more on Youtube: La Materialista and follow on Instagram: @La Materialista 

19. Lirico en la casa
Watch more on Youtube: Lirico en la casa and follow on Instagram: @Lirico en la casa 

20. yailin la mas viral
Watch more on Youtube: yailin la mas viral and follow on Instagram: @yailin la mas viral

21. Black Jonas Point
Watch more on Youtube: Black Jonas Point and follow on Instagram: @Black Jonas Point

22. Crazy Design
Watch more on Youtube: Crazy Design and follow on Instagram: @Crazy Design 

23. Mark B
Watch more on Youtube: Mark B and follow on Instagram: @Mark B

24. La Perversa
Watch more on Youtube: La Perversa and follow on Instgram: @La Perversa

25. haraca kiko
Watch more on Youtube: haraca kiko and follow on Instagram: @haraca kiko

Honorable Mention Dominican Reggaeton, Trap and Dembow

Shadow Blow Youtube: Shadow Blow and Instagram: @Shadow Blow 

El Super Nuevo Youtube: El Super Nuevo and Instgram: @El Super Nuevo 

BULOVA Youtube: BULOVA and Instagram: @BULOVA 

Toxic Crow Youtube: Toxic Crow and Instagram: @Toxic Crow 

Martha Heredia Youtube: Martha Heredia and Instagram: @Martha Heredia

Gailen La Moyeta Youtube: Gailen La Moyeta and Instagram: @Gailen La Moyeta

Quimico UltraMega Youtube: Quimico UltraMega and Instagram: @Quimico UltraMega 

Tivi Gunz Youtube: Tivi Gunz and Instagram: @Tivi Gunz

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the largest followers, subscribers, and listeners near the top.