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Top 25 Dominican Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Dominican Republic

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Dominican Rappers

List of the Best Dominican Hip Hop Artists from the D.R. and NYC

While the popularity of Reggaeton, Latin Trap, and even the recent rise of Dembow has overshadowed Dominican rappers, the global rise in hip hop’s popularity has sparked a movement of rappers from the Dominican Republic.

Despite the recent rise in rappers from Dominican, the Dominican hip hop scene has been around since the 2000s, if not before. Artists like Lapiz Conciente, Musicologo the Libro, Sensato and Redimi2 have been around for well over a decade, but of late there has been a strong recent influx of hip hop artists over the last few years.

As most Dominicans who reside in the United States live in the city that birthed hip hop, New York City, it only makes sense that the Dominican rap scene has one of the oldest Spanish hip hop markets in Latin America.

With the start of the 2020’s the popularity of hip hop and Dominican rappers have been slowly catching up to the other urbana genres of music. Still lagging behind what the world has come accustomed to when viewing Latin music, rappers from the Dominican are greatly underrated and given the chance you will witness something special.

Viewing the Dominican rap scene get a firsthand look into Dominican culture of both the Dominican Republic and New York City, which has the country’s largest Dominican population mostly residing in The Bronx and in Manhattan. Dominican hip hop also consists of a wide range of sounds, from your modern-day trap music and 808 bass sounds to a similarity of the traditional Latin American sound of reggaeton.

While not Latin America’s or Spanish hip hop’s largest and most known market, but to witness the development of hip hop, from beginning in a small neighborhood of the Bronx during the late 1970s to expanding across the world by the 2020s is quite remarkable. One of those places in the world happens to be the Dominican Republic. Witness a full lineup of the top 25 Dominican rappers from both the Dominican Republic and New York City, as well other locations.

Top 25 Dominican Rappers

1. Redimi2 Follow on Instagram: @Redimi2 and Watch on YouTube: Redimi2

2. Quimico UltraMega Follow on Instagram: @Quimico UltraMega and Watch on YouTube: Quimico UltraMega

3. La Ross Maria Follow on Instagram: @La Ross Maria and Watch on YouTube: La Ross Maria

4. Lapiz Conciente Follow on Instagram: @Lapiz Conciente and Watch on YouTube: Lapiz Conciente

5. Musicologo The Libro Follow on Instagram: @Musicologo The Libro and Watch on YouTube: Musicologo The Libro

6. Nino Freestyle Follow on Instagram: @Nino Freestyle and Watch on YouTube: Nino Freestyle

7. el fecho rd Follow on Instagram: @el fecho rd and Watch on YouTube: el fecho rd

8. El Fother Follow on Instagram: @El Fother and Watch on YouTube: El Fother

9. Chucky73 Follow on Instagram: @Chucky73 and Watch on YouTube: Chucky73

10. Poeta Callejero Follow on Instagram: @Poeta Callejero and Watch on YouTube: Poeta Callejero

11. EL JINCHO Follow on Instagram: @EL JINCHO and Watch on YouTube: EL JINCHO

12. Black Jonas Point Follow on Instagram: @Black Jonas Point and Watch on YouTube: Black Jonas Point

13. Tali Goya Follow on Instagram: @Tali Goya and Watch on YouTube: Tali Goya

14. Melymel Follow on Instagram: @Melymel and Watch on YouTube: Melymel

15. Messiah Follow on Instagram: @Messiah and Watch on YouTube: Messiah

16. Dowba Montana Follow on Instagram: @Dowba Montana and Watch on YouTube: Dowba Montana

17. Vakero Follow on Instagram: @Vakero and Watch on YouTube: Vakero

18. Arlene MC Follow on Instagram: @Arlene MC and Watch on YouTube: Arlene MC

19. Lito Kirino Follow on Instagram: @Lito Kirino and Watch on YouTube: Lito Kirino

20. Diamond La Mafia Follow on Instagram: @Diamond La Mafia and Watch on YouTube: Diamond La Mafia

21. Kapuchino Follow on Instagram: @Kapuchino and Watch on YouTube: Kapuchino

22. Menor Bronx Follow on Instagram: @Menor Bronx and watch on YouTube: Menor Bronx

23. Gatillero Follow on Instagram: @Gatillero and Watch on YouTube: Gatillero

24. Martin Lora Follow on Instagram: @Martin Lora and Watch on YouTube: Martin Lora

25. LR Ley Del Rap Follow on Instagram: @LR Ley Del Rap and watch on YouTube: LR Ley Del Rap

Honorable Mention Rappers from Dominican

Goldy Boy Instagram: @Goldy Boy  |  YouTube: Goldy Boy

Fetti031 Instagram: @Fetti031   |   YouTube: Fetti031

Kenser Instagram: @Kenser   |   YouTube: Kenser

trampa billone Instagram: @trampa billone | YouTube: trampa billone

Eklectico Instagram: @Eklectico | YouTube: Eklectico


Og Nvndo Instagram: @Og Nvndo | YouTube: Og Nvndo

King Kalibre Instagram: @King Kalibre | YouTube: King Kalibre

Chapa La Voz Del Patio Instagram: @Chapa La Voz | YouTube: Chapa La Voz

Rc La Sensacion Instagram: @Rc La Sensacion | YouTube: Rc La Sensacion

King Kalibre Instagram: @King Kalibre | YouTube: King Kalibre

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com