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Top 25 Puerto Rican Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rican Rappers

List of Top Rappers from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican rappers have for long been holding the reigns for Latin hip hop, and not just the legends of Big Pun and Fat Joe who catered more to an English speaking fanbase. While many of the early Puerto Rican hip hop artists were also among the founders of one of the most popular genres of today, reggaeton, rappers from Puerto Rico have often been overlooked due to the popularity of other Latin genres.

Beginning as early as the 1980s with the likes of Wilfred y la Ganga, Puerto Rican rap music solidified itself during the 1990s as rappers from Puerto Rico, or of Puerto Rican heritage, like Calle 13 and Residente, Tego Calderon, Daddy Yankee, Héctor el Father, Vico C, Mexicano 777, Don Chezina, MC Cassidy, MC Ceja, Tempo, Lito Y Polaco, Voltio, and a handful of others were some of the very first to help create Puerto Rican hip hop music.

Now, with hip-hop’s global success and the rise of reggaeton bringing more eyes to Latin music, Puerto Rico’s rap scene has only grown from the 1990s and 2000s to becoming home of some of Spanish hip hop’s and Latin America’s top rap artists.

 Top 25 Puerto Rican Rappers

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1. Daddy Yankee

While of late, Daddy Yankee has been more recognized as a Reggaeton and Latin Pop artist, following his jumped into international stardom, but at the beginning of his career Daddy Yankee was one of the first to truly popularize Spanish hip hop music into the markets outside of Latin America, while also bringing the world the reggaeton sound that many have grown accustomed to. In all, the diverse and versatile artist of Daddy Yankee has positioned him as one of the greatest Latin artists of all-time.

Watch on YouTube: Daddy Yankee and follow on Instagram: @DaddyYankee

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2. Bad Bunny

Currently speaking, Bad Bunny is one of Latin America’s number one artists. His ability to adapt to various styles of Latin music has led him in the conversation as a top artist in multiple genres, whether its Latin hip-hop, Latin trap, Latin pop, reggaeton, or even dembow music. Only a few years in, debuting in 2016 with “Soy Peor,” Bad Bunny’s success has quickly taken the world by storm.

Watch on YouTube: Bad Bunny and follow on Instagram: @Bad Bunny

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3. Nengo Flow

One of the biggest Puerto Rican stars in Latin America of today’s generation, but Nengo Flow has been among the top Puerto Rican hip hop artists for some time. Only gaining positions and moving up the ranks, Nengo Flow began his career during the 2000s, but not until the late 2000s did music fans begin to truly learn who Nengo Flow was. Since the start of the 2010s, Nengo Flow has done nothing but prove himself that he is one of Latin America’s and Spanish hip hop’s top rap artist.

Watch on YouTube: Nengo Flow and follow on Instagram: @Nengo Flow

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4. Bryant Myers

The Spanish version of hip-hop’s top rap artists of today, Byrant Myers infiltrates the modern day hip hop sound and style and adds his own twist and with a touch of some Latin flavor. Beginning during 2015 and 2016, soon following his arrival Bryant Myers emerged as a rising star. “Caile,” “Un Ratito Mas,” “Tanta Falta,” “Gan-Ga,” naming a few of Bryant Myers top songs, but ever since 2017 Bryant Myers has been on top of Latin music as one of the top artists.

Watch on YouTube: Bryant Myers and follow on Instagram: @Bryant Myers

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5. Cosculluela

A long standing veteran within the Latin hip hop scene, Cosculluela has become a seasoned rapper through almost 20 years of releasing numerous projects and singles. Beginning his career during the early 2000s, starting with the group Masta Flow, he officially began his legacy as the artist known as Cosculluela following the release of songs like “Vamos a Darle” and “Te Va a Ir Mal,” while originally working close with Don Omar. The ability to stay relevant and consistent since the 2000s, has placed Cosculluela among the legends of Puerto Rican music, and to be considered as one of the greats in Latin hip hop.

Watch on YouTube: Cosculluela and follow on Instagram: @Cosculluela

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6. Eladio Carrión

Born in one of the least expected places, the city of Kansas City, Eladio Carrion would eventually find himself in Puerto Rico and eventually among the top Puerto Rican rappers. Making minor appearances before his big break, Eladio Carrión began to surface during 2017 and 2018 with hit songs like “Con Las Dos,” “OG Kush,” “Dame una hora,” and “Entre Tantas,” often collaborating with Jon Z. Since his debut, Eladio Carrión has been unstoppable, rising within the Latin hip hop world, becoming one of Latin America’s next pop stars.

Watch on YouTube: Eladio Carrion and follow on Instagram: @Eladio Carrion

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7. Noriel

To the world, Noriel has become quite famous with the hit feature of Leslie Grace’s “Duro y Suave,” but Noriel has long built and created his own reputation in Latin music. Beginning as a member of the duo Kenxiel & Noriel, Noriel quickly met success venturing off into a solo career and releasing 2016’s “La Llamada,” and since has been on a steady rise.

Watch on YouTube: Noriel and follow on Instagram: @Noriel

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8. Darell

For over ten years rapper Darell has been making a name for himself among the Puerto Rican hip hop scene. Numerous hit songs like  “Caliente,” “Tu Peor Error,” “Si Tu Quieres,” “Velitas,” and “No Vuelas Mas,” while featuring on hit Latin songs like “Te Bote,” with Bad Bunny and Ozuna, and Sech’s “Otro Trago,” has given Darell his place in music.

Watch on YouTube: Darell and follow on Instagram: @Darell

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9. Miky Woodz

Nicknamed “The OG,” Miky Woodz is an artist who found his origins in music in the state of Pennsylvania. Becoming one of the hottest Puerto Rican rappers since the release of his debut album, Before Famous of 2017, hit songs like “Antes de Morime,” “Estamos Clear,” “Na Personal,” “La MVP,” and “Forever Happy” have grown on thousands of fans of Latin urban music.

Watch on YouTube: Miky Woodz and follow on Instagram: @Miky Woodz

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10. Residente

One of the pioneering Puerto Rican rappers, Residente has always been viewed as one of the greatest Latin hip hop artists of all-time. The thought provoking Residente has always been a representation for the people and for his heritage and culture, since beginning with the group Calle 13. While making features and numerous guest appearances, the solo artist Residente began his journey in 2017 with his first official single “Somos Anormales.”

Watch on YouTube: Residente and follow on Instagram: @Residente

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11. Jon Z

A fan favorite that has for years been one of the top names within the Puerto Rican rap scene. A career dating back to the early 2010s, for over a decade Jon Z’s rise in music has been impeccable. Jon Z was not lying when he released his debut album, The Game is About to Change during 2015, as he became one of the first top Puerto Rican rappers of today’s generation.

Watch on YouTube: Jon Z and follow on Instagram: @Jon Z

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12. Jamby El Favo

Over the years, Jamby El Favo has become one of the top rappers through hits “Ven,” “En Disney,” “Hoy,” “Cuernú,” and “La Carta.” A one of a kind artist, Jamby El Favo persona and imagery is miles apart from most artists, creating his own lane pushing through the heavy traffic of Latin hip hop artists.

Watch on YouTube: Jamby El Favo and follow on Instagram: @Jamby El Favo

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13. kevvo

The well rounded rapper Kevvo brings a full package of rap, trap, and reggaeton music into Latin America’s rising urban music scene. A newcomer to the Puerto Rican rap scene by debuting in 2019, Kevvo’s path seems to be headed directly to the top, gaining fans from multiple genres.

Watch on YouTube: Kevvo and follow on Instagram: @Kevvo

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14. Almighty

Born in Cuba but raised among Puerto Ricans, Almighty received his introduction to the Latin hip hop scene through collaborating and working with Farruko. Since his start in 2015, Almighty has been able to produced a number of hits, “Vacio,” “Panda,” “Mi Testimonio,” “Abusadora,” “Ocho,” “Asalto,” and many more with an ever growing catalog.

Watch on YouTube: Almighty and follow on Instagram: @Almighty

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15. Luar La L

One of Latin America’s fastest rising artists, Luar La L only made minor appearances and releases between 2017 and 2019, beginning with freestyles and collaborating with other rising artists. By 2020 Luar La L was ready to take his career to new levels. Since the release of “Me La Quieren Dejar Pegá,” Luar La L has yet to miss, releasing hit after hit.

Watch on YouTube: Luar La L and follow on Instagram: @Luar La L

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16. Ele A el Dominio

Coming from a musical family, as Jon Z is his cousin, Ele A el Dominio has been on a rise since the mid 2010s. Often known for his collaborations with Jon Z, as well other top Latin hip hop artist, and his relationship Latin American star Malucci, Ele A El Dominio made his official debut as a solo artist with the mixtape El Domino. Among one of the top street and gangster Latin rappers, Ele A El Domino has continued topping expectations.

Watch on YouTube: Ele A el Dominio and follow on Instagram: @Ele A el Dominio

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17. Juanka

Juanka, aka El Problematik, made his first appearances during 2014. Closing in on his ten anniversary in the rap game, despite releasing only one official album, 2020’s Uprising, Juanka has become one of the hardest working artists among Puerto Rican rappers, releasing and collaborating on dozens of singles since 2014 and 2015.

Watch on YouTube: Juanka and follow on Instagram: @Juanka

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18. Pusho

The early 2010s was the era Pusho started to emerge onto the Puerto Rican hip hop scene, but 2015 with the release of Plante Bandera and No Me Soportan is when Pusho’s career began to takeoff. Only growing with the hit “Te Fuiste” featuring Ozuna, Pusho has now risen his stock as one of the legendary Puerto Rican rappers.

Watch on YouTube: Pusho and follow on Instagram: @Pusho

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19. Omy De Oro

Another newcomer to the Puerto Rican rap scene, Omy De Oro has quickly rose to the top of Spanish hip hop. Premiering during 2018 and 2019, Omy De Oro has consistently been on a relentless grind, from starting with the song “Verso X Verso,” his first official release, and continuing with numerous songs that have generated millions of views and streams, like “Estadia,” “A Mi Manera,” “Mood,” and “No Te Asustes.”

Watch on YouTube: Omy De Oro and follow on Instagram: @Omy De Oro

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20. Tempo

A legend among Puerto Rican rappers, Tempo has been in the business since the late 1990s. In 1999, Tempo released his first album, Game Over, which featured other Latin hip hop legends, like MC Ceja and Gastam. Following that release, Tempo released five albums and has continued to collaborate with the top Spanish hip hop artists.

Watch on YouTube: Tempo and follow on Instagram: @Tempo

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21. ankhal

One of the youngest members of the Puerto Rican rap scene, Ankhal took his first steps in hip-hop during 2018. The Orlando, Florida native may be a freshman, but his delivery and presence leaves a sense of seniority, holding his own among the heavyweights of Spanish hip hop music. Since his arrival, first linking with Farruko, Ankhal has become known for songs like “Si Pepe,” “Diva,” “Holy Shit,” “Saca Y Pon,” and more, all in very short time within the rap game.

Watch on YouTube: Ankhal and follow on Instagram: @Ankhal

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22. Nesi

One of the few top female Spanish rap artists, one of Nesi’s very first appearances was her 2018 debut with the song “Trap Queen.” In a male dominated industry, the rise of female rappers worldwide has only been a plus for the talented Nesi. While still in the early stages of her career, Nesi’s rise will be well documented as she has all the makings to be one of the next top Latin artists.

Watch on YouTube: Nesi and follow on Instagram: @Nesi

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23. pacho el antifeka

Fresh off the release of his 2021 album, All Star Game, Pacho El Antifeka has been taking advantage of the recent surge of the global popularity in rap music, but his rise began long ago in 2016, following the release of the Kendo Kaponi feature tracks, “Decidiste Volar” and “Rip Pescue.”

Watch on YouTube: Pacho El Antifeka and follow on Instagram: @Pacho El Antifeka

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24. kendo kaponi

One of the top street Puerto Rican rappers, whose background is truly authentic and not imagery of an artist playing a character in hip hop. Beginning by often collaborating with Tony Tone, Kendo Kaponi would only make brief appearances within the Puerto Rican hip hop scene during the 2000s. One could say Kendo Kaponi’s career officially launched following “Prueba de Sonido,” which featured Don Omar. Since, he has been gaining much respect, helping to move hip hop music from Puerto Rico into the 2010s.

Watch on YouTube: Kendo Kaponi and follow on Instagram: @Kendo Kaponi

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25. Juliito

Debuting with “Fuego,” released in 2019 and featured Hozwal, Juliito is still building his career and still developing a catalog, but it is obvious that we are witnessing the next star coming out of Puerto Rico. With hit songs like “White,” featuring Bryant Myers, and “Subi,” the sample size of Juliito works has proven enough of the talent in making.

Watch on YouTube: Juliito and follow on Instagram: @Juliito

Honorable Mention Puerto Rican Rappers

Brray YouTube: Brray and Instagram: @Brray

Chanell  YouTube: Chanell and Instagram: @Chanell

RobGz YouTube: RobGz and Instagram: @RobGz

amarion YouTube: amarion and Instagram: @amarion

PapiWilo YouTube: PapiWilo and Instagram: @PapiWilo

Leebrian YouTube: Leebrian and Instagram: @Leebrian


Hozwal YouTube: Hozwal and Instagram: @Hozwal

marconi impara YouTube: marconi impara and Instagram: @marconi impara

joyce santana YouTube: joyce santana and Instagram: @joyce santana

MC Ceja YouTube: MC Ceja and Instagram: @MC Ceja

Oken YouTube: Oken and Instagram: @Oken

omar courtz YouTube: omar courtz and Instagram: @omar courtz

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