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List of Top 20 Latin R&B Artists

Music in Latin America has grown well passed the likes of Salsa, Bacha, Latin Pop, and the urban sounds of Reggaeton and Latin Trap, to adopting the longstanding American sound of rhythm and blues, as there has been a rise of Latin R&B music artists over the past decade. From Mexico to South America, to Spain, artists throughout Latin America have developed a new genre in the world’s Spanish markets, Latin rhythm and blues music.

Top 20 Latin R&B Artists

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1. Kali Uchis

The Northern Virginia native did not necessarily begin her career making Latin R&B music, but still often implemented her Latin heritage into her music with songs like “Tirano” and “Nuestro Planeta.” Years creating and being on a steady rise, Kali Uchis received her breakthrough with the song “After the Storm,” which featured Bootsy Collins and Tyler the Creator. Since, she has become one of the top R&B artists, whether performing in the English or in the Spanish markets, Kali Uchis has remained one of today’s most celebrated R&B artists.

Watch on Youtube: Kali Uchis and Follow on Instagram: @Kali Uchis

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2. Danny Ocean

With the swagger of an R&B artist, the versatility of not only Venezuela’s top artist, but also one of the Latin America’s top artists, has Danny Ocean’s popularity expanding into becoming one of the most prominent artists of our time. While beginning his journey in music over a decade ago, Danny Ocean was truly introduced to the world with the 2016 international hit “Me Rehúso,” which reached listeners from South America to Europe.

Watch on Youtube: Danny Ocean and Follow on Instagram: @Danny Ocean

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3. Carla Morrison

A veteran of Mexico’s music scene, Carla Morrison was one of the first of her kind. Years of trademarking her own sound, Carla Morrison has now reinvented herself by adding a mixture of Latin R&B and Latin Pop to her repertoire. Praised amongst music lovers throughout Mexico, Carla Morrison is a living legend, solidifying a legacy through years of consistency.

Watch on Youtube: Carla Morrison and Follow on Instagram: @Carla Morrison

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4. Micro TDH 

Arguably one of the top artists to arise from Venezuela in recent history, Micro TDH’s music reaches multiple spectrums, from Latin hip hop lovers to Latin pop and rhythm and blues fans, a very diverse and versatile artist with no limitations on his artistry.

Watch on Youtube: Micro TDH and Follow on Instagram: @Micro TDH

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5. Kim Loaiza

One of Mexico’s and Latin America’s rising stars, Kim Loaiza has transitioned from beginning her career as a social media influencer, to becoming one of the top Latin singers. While her popularity as a social media influencer and as one of the top YouTubers of Latin America has been on a nonstop rise, her music has also taken off. Somewhat a jane of all trades, Kim Loaiza has been multitasking and entertaining through various outlets of entertainment.

Watch on Youtube: Kim Loaiza and Follow on Instagram: @Kim Loaiza

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6. Kenia Os

A mixture of pop music and rhythm and blues, Kenia Os began her career with a bang through songs like “Bonita.” Since debuting in 2018, Kenia Os has become one of the most notable stars of Mexico’s music scene, only solidifying her stance in music with her latest release, Cambios de Luna.

Watch on Youtube: Kenia Os and Follow on Instagram: @Kenia Os

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7. ingratax 

Only a year since music lovers have been introduced to Ingratax, at least through the mainstream, this rising Mexican artist is on a course for musical greatness. A mixture of Latin pop and reggaeton, Ingratax has almost immediately launch her career among the ranks of the top Latin artists of today’s generation.

Watch on Youtube: Ingratax and Follow on Instagram: @Ingratax

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8. Mario Bautista  

From traditional Mexican corridos music to the booming sounds of R&B, Mario Bautista has been on a constant grind, working his way into the conversations as one of Latin America’s best newcomers. While his biggest hit to date has been the collaboration with Lalo Ebratt, “Baby Girll,” Mario Bautista’s entire catalog has been overwhelmed with hit records.

Watch on Youtube: Mario Bautista and Follow on Instagram: @Mario Bautista

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9. Mariah Angeliq

A concoction of Latin American sounds, Latin pop, Latin trap, and reggaeton, to go along with rhythm and blues, Mariah Angeliq’s show stopping abilities and her extraordinary level of talent has her as one of the fan favorites of this generations of Latin urban music.

Watch on Youtube: Mariah Angeliq and Follow on Instagram: @Mariah Angeliq

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10. Paloma Mami

Like many artists on this list, Paloma Mami specializes in Urbano music, a mixture of sounds that include Latin R&B and reggaeton music. From multiple awards and nominations to chart topping and gold and platinum certified records, Paloma Mami has become Chile’s shining star, emerging as the top artist in the South American country.

Watch on Youtube: Paloma Mami and Follow on Instagram: @Paloma Mami

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11. leon leiden 

This Latin R&B and Pop artist has become one of Mexico’s most unique artists, while also gathering fans among Mexico’s corridos music scene. The chill Latin music vibes from Leon Leiden has landed him as a standout artist, especially in a place dominated by multiple genres, somewhat building his own brand of music.

Watch on Youtube: leon leiden and Follow on Instagram: @leon leiden

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12. Alvaro Diaz

In the shadows of the world’s largest reggaeton and trap music scene, this Puerto Rican singer delivers something that has become quite unexpected from Puerto Rico, Latin R&B music. While Alvaro Diaz dabbles between the sound of reggaeton and rhythm and blues, he has become of Puerto Rico’s top Latin R&B artist.

Watch on Youtube: Alvaro Diaz and Follow on Instagram: @Alvaro Diaz

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13. Ramón Vega

A beautiful rise in music, Ramón Vega began his journey in music as child playing the guitar and singing on YouTube. Transitioning from Ramoncito Vega the YouTuber to the professional recording artist Ramón Vega, he made his debut in 2021 with songs like “Contigo Mami” and “Mujeres,” and has not looked back since.

Watch on Youtube: Ramón Vega and Follow on Instagram: @Ramón Vega

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14. Samantha Barrón

A similar story as many artists, what was once a YouTuber covering songs on YouTube, Samantha Barrón eventually made her way into the Mexican music scene with the soulful “Smoke Ma’ Soul.” Known for songs like “Dibújame,” “La Mentira,” “Día / Noche” featuring Yoss Bones, Samantha Barrón is possibly the closes to neo soul music there is in Mexico and Latin America.

Watch on Youtube: Samantha Barrón and Follow on Instagram: @Samantha Barrón

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15. Humbe

Shifting between the two genres of pop and R&B, Humbe’s captivating voice and his distinctive artistic approach has placed him among the top Mexican singers, especially with the recent release of his classic ENTROPIA.

Watch on Youtube: Humbe and Follow on Instagram: @Humbe

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16. Jesse Baez

Originally born in Chicago before making his way down to Central America, Jesse Baez combines his R&B style with some unique Spanish flavor. Somewhat a pioneering Latin R&B music artist, Jesse Baez was one of the first Latin R&B artist to truly popularized the genre.

Watch on Youtube: Jesse Baez and Follow on Instagram: @Jesse Baez

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17. Michelle Maciel

Making her mark in music by being an artist all alone in her own lane, Michelle Maciel is one of Mexico’s top up and coming artists. During 2020, Michelle Maciel debuted with her first official release, “Siempre Te Voy a Amar.” Since, she has been consistently building her career in music and in the Latin R&B music scene.

Watch on Youtube: Michelle Maciel and Follow on Instagram: @Michelle Maciel

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18. Chesca

A Puerto Rican native that was inspired by some of the greatest soul and pop singers of all-time, Chesca began her career making Latin inspired music. The evolution of her creativity as an artist has led her expanding from the traditional sounds of Latin music, to entering the realm of Latin R&B and pop music.

Watch on Youtube: Chesca and Follow on Instagram: @Chesca

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19. Nicole Zignago

The Peruvian star who eventually made her way into the music scene of Los Angeles is one of the many newcomers to the industry. Since arriving, the Latin Pop and R&B artist’s music has traveled and made its rounds throughout Latin America.

Watch on Youtube: Nicole Zignago and Follow on Instagram: @Nicole Zignago

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20. Paula Cendejas

Hailing from Madrid, Paula Cendejas has emerged as one of Spain’s top Latin R&B artists. Beginning her journey as a YouTuber covering the top pop songs, Paula Cendejas quickly transitioned in 2019 with her first official release, “Sal De Mi Cabeza”.

Watch on Youtube: Paula Cendejas and Follow on Instagram: @Paula Cendejas

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