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Top 20 Argentina Rappers & Trap Artists of 2022

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Top Argentina Rappers

List of Top Argentina Trap Artists & Rappers

Arguably, Latin America’s, or at least South America’s, most popular rap scene. Argentina rappers have created and developed the most advance lineup of Spanish rap artists as Argentina hip hop artists have easily expanded their fanbase throughout Latin America.  Being one of the first Latin American countries to adopt hip hop and later develop its own rap market, the genre has led Argentina to create some of Latin America’s top stars in music.

At the very top of the lineup of Argentina rappers is Paulo Londra.  Truly beginning his professional career during the beginning of 2017, the talent of Paulo Londra has propelled him to the very top of the game, and not just within the Spanish rap markets.  Unfortunately, legal battles have currently put a halt to the young artist’s promising career.  Following Londra, Duki is the true rock star of the Argentina rap scene.  One could draw the comparison that Duki is the Lil Uzi Vert, or any other modern day top American rapper, of Spanish hip hop, while easily distinguishing himself from any other artist.

With the growing trend of women in hip hop, Nicki Nicole and Cazzu are not only leading women in Latin America’s hip hop and trap scenes, but they are leading artists in general with the accumulation of millions of fans across all Spanish markets.  Two artists that show much versatility as rap is not the only genre Nicki Nicole and Cazzu perform. Cazzu is much more outgoing with her artistry and is often consider as one of the top Argentina trap artists, while the laid back and cool sounds of Nicki Nicole has led her to be viewed as one Argentina’s top hip hop and one of Argentina’s top pop artists.

Continuing, somewhat more of a trap artist, but regardless of the genre LIT Killah has become one of the most successful artists of Latin America’s rap and trap scene. LIT Killah has accomplishments that range from millions of views and streams to releasing a handful of platinum and gold selling hits. Showcasing his talent on various styles of hip-hop tracks, Trueno is arguably the purest form of hip hop that Argentina has to offer.  While Trueno is the purest form hip hop, Khea is the truest form of Argentina’s trap music scene. Without doubt, Khea is one of Latin America’s top trap stars as his stock in Latin America’s music scene has been rising since his arrival in 2017.

Wos is an another artist that displays diversity in his music with a mixture of either rap and pop music or rap and rock music, all in which makes him one of the most unique Argentina rappers.  While at times ECKO switches it up with trap music and reggaeton themed songs, but when it comes to rap ECKO is among the most lyrical and most untouchable artists on the list.  Rounding out the top ten Argentina trap and rap artists is L-Gante, an artists for fans that want to turn up and need music that can be the life of the party.  Debuting in 2018, the consistency and momentum from hit song after hit song has landed L-Gante in the conversation of one of the top Argentina music artists.

While those Argentina trap and rap artists represent the top ten, the list continues of one of Spanish hip hop’s top rap scenes.  No other Hispanic rap scene has produced bigger Spanish rap stars than Argentina, though trap music in Argentina lags behind other Latin American countries.  The list below showcases and provides a key example of the talent and the number of gifted artists within the borders of Argentina.

Top 20 Argentina Rappers & Trap Artists

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1. Paulo Londra 
Watch on Youtube: Paulo Londra and follow on Instagram: @Paulo Londra

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2. Duki 
Watch on Youtube: Duki and follow on Instagram: @Duki

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3. Cazzu
Watch on Youtube: Cazzu and follow on Instagram: @Cazzu

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4. Nicki Nicole
Watch on Youtube: Nicki Nicole and follow on Instagram: @Nicki Nicole

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5. Lit Killah
Watch on Youtube: Lit Killah and follow on Instagram: @Lit Killah

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6. Trueno 
Watch on Youtube: Trueno and follow on Instagram: @Trueno

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7. Khea
Watch on Youtube: Khea and follow on Instagram: @Khea

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8. Wos 
Watch on Youtube: Wos DS3 and follow on Instagram: @Wos DS3

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9. L-Gante
Watch on Youtube: L-Gante and follow on Instagram: @L-Gante

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10. Ecko
Watch on Youtube: Ecko and follow on Instagram: @Ecko

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11. Neo Pistea
Watch on Youtube: Neo Pistea and follow on Instagram: @Neo Pistea

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Watch on Youtube: BHAVI and follow on Instagram: @BHAVI

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13. Ysy A
Watch on Youtube: Ysy A and follow on Instagram: @Ysy A

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14. Seven Kayne 
Watch on Youtube: Seven Kayne and follow on Instagram: @Seven Kayne

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15. FMK 
Watch on Youtube: FMK and follow on Instagram: @FMK

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16. Lucho SSJ 
Watch on Youtube: Lucho SSJ and follow on Instagram: @Lucho SSJ

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17. Homer El Mero Mero
Watch on Youtube: Homer El Mero Mero and follow on Instagram: @Homer El Mero Mero

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18. Frijo
Watch on Youtube: Frijo and follow on Instagram: @Frijo

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19. Kodigo 
Watch on Youtube: Kodigo and follow on Instagram: @Kodigo

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20. Acru
Watch on Youtube: Acru and follow on Instagram: @Acru

Honorable Mention Argentina Rappers & Trap Artists

Blunted Vato Youtube: Blunted Vato and Instagram: @Blunted Vato

LA JOAQUI Youtube: LA JOAQUI and Instagram: @LA JOAQUI

Da killah Youtube: Dakillah and Instagram: @Dakillah

Midel Youtube: Midel and Instagram: @Midel

LOUTA Youtube: LOUTA and Instagram: @LOUTA

Rei Youtube: Rei and Instagram: @Rei

Wolty Youtube: Wolty and Instagram: @Wolty

franky style Youtube: franky style and Instagram: @franky style

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