Top Argentina Rappers

List of Top Argentine Trap Artists & Rappers

In Argentina, one can observe some of Latin America’s most celebrated urban music artists, starring numerous Argentina rappers and Argentine trap artists that have achieved a high level of success within the global Latin community.

As Latin trap music has broaden its reach and hip-hop has become the world’s number one genre, Argentine trap artists and rappers have grown their fan bases beyond the streets of Argentina and into various places of South America, Mexico, and Spain.

Notably, as the majority of Argentina rappers provide listeners with various styles, forms, and sounds of music, rappers from Argentina are simultaneously often considered as trap and urbano music artists. This selection of artists features a true representation of Latin urban music, as hip-hop and Latin trap and urbano music are intertwined with one another.

Before the rise of today’s generation, the foundation of Argentina rappers and hip hop artists was constructed through the likes of Koxmoz, Sindicato Argentino del Hip Hop, Mustafá Yoda, Actitud María Marta, Sara Hebe, Nahue MC, and multiple others. Today, with the help of brands like Bizarrap and for having Latin America’s number one freestyle and battle rap scene, the lineup of rappers from Argentina has only grown and expanded, with a reach well beyond Argentina.

Top 20 Argentina Rappers & Trap Artists

Paulo Londra Argentina rappers

1. Paulo Londra 

While his career recently came to a halt, Paulo Londra has jumped backed on course and regained momentum into becoming the number one rapper from Argentina. The Córdoba native, who often combines urbano music with Latin rap, trap and at times pop music, has possessed a catalog of Latin America‘s most popular tunes, “Adan Y Eva,” “Tal Vez,” “Nena Maldicion,” “Chica Paranormal,” or “Plan A,” only to receive dozens of award nominations and to reach the top of the charts in multiple Latin American countries.

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Duki Argentine rapper

2. Duki 

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Duki emerged into the view of hip-hop fans as one of the premiere Argentina rappers and stars in urban music. First presenting himself to Argentina’s hip-hop fan base during 2017, Duki has since provided listeners with a mixture of rap, trap, and at times reggaeton music, becoming quite the notable face in Argentina trap music scene with top songs like “Givenchy,” “She Don’t Give A Fo,” “Goteo,” “Malbec,” and “Sin Culpa.”

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Argentina artist Nicki Nicole

3. Nicki Nicole

One of Latin America’s most gifted, singer and rapper Nicki Nicole has outshined the best of them. A symphony of various styles of music, Nicki Nicole has conquered all avenues of Latin music since her arrival in 2018. Ascending to prominence within the Argentina trap and rap music scene, the woman who was once raised in the city of Rosario has now taken her talents to many places throughout Latin America, from the most populous South American cities to places further abroad, like Mexico and Spain.

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Tiago PZK

4. Tiago PZK

Originating from the city of Monte Grande, Tiago PZK has not only emerged as one of the new faces of Argentina rappers and trap artists, but also has appeared as the next future star of Argentine music. With his first breakout single being “Sola,” 2019 was the year Tiago PZK began his surge within Argentina’s music scene. Since, Tiago PZK has been part of hit songs like “Entre Nosotros,” “Salimo de Noche,” “Nos Comemos,” and has released one of Argentina’s number one albums of 2022, Portales.

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Argentina rappers Trueno 

5. Trueno 

With music running through his veins, being the son of Uruguayan hip-hop legend MC Pedro Peligo, Trueno has followed in his fathers footsteps, only to become one of the best Argentina rappers of the current times. Consumed by hip-hop for the majority of his life, Trueno introduced himself in 2017 with the single “K.I.N.G.” While songs like “Rain” and “Boom” were a success, Trueno’s breakthrough moment came with 2020’s “Atrevido,” which was followed by hits like “Mamichula,” “Dance Crip,” “Feel Me,” and “Neri.”

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Rapper from Argentina Khea

6. Khea

As 2017 marked the year of the birth of Argentina’s current rap and trap scene, top Argentina trap music artist Khea first appeared among Buenos Aires’ battle rap scene. His debut single, 2017’s “Loca,” was an instant hit, drawing much attention to the initial rising star. Now one of Argentina’s top superstars, songs like “Ayer Me Llamo,” “Como Le Diego,” “Donde Estas,” and “S.A.D” have only brough more attention to the top Argentina rapper.

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Lit Killah

7. Lit Killah

Recently removed from one of the top Latin albums of 2022, SnipeZ, LIT killah originally appeared as one of the top freestyle and battle Argentina rappers during the later part of the 2010s. While as an official recording artist, LIT Killah would showcase his rap talents on another level, releasing her first official song in 2018, “Destroy.” Since, his the release, LIT killah has only become one of the premiere rappers from Argentina.

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Argentina trap artist Cazzu

8. Cazzu

The most eccentric Argentine trap artist, Cazzu has become one of the leading female performers of Latin trap music in Latin America. Diverse and versatile with her deliverance, Cazzu has come accustomed to bringing a variety of sounds of trap, rap, and reggaeton music to listeners. Starting her career in 2017, Cazzu has become acclaimed for albums Error 93, which included singles “Nada” and “Mucha Data,” Maldade$, which was her debut album, Una Nina Intutil, and Nena Trampa, consisting with top songs “Malefica” and “Peli-Culeo.”

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9. Wos 

Becoming a veteran among Argentina rappers, Wos started his way into the country’s rap scene during the early 2010s freestyling and battling other MCs, often winning and championing most battles and competitions. Already respected as a hip-hop artist, in 2018 and 2019 Wos took his career to new levels, releasing classics like “CANGURO,” “ANDROMEDA,” and “MELON VINO.”

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L-Gante Argentina rappers

10. L-Gante

One of the many rappers from Argentina that kickstarted their career during 2017, L-Gante has now become one of the most notable Argentine rappers. Following his first two releases, L-Gante emerged into the spotlight with one of Argentina’s top hits of 2018, “Uno Mas Uno,” and has been on a considerable rise ever since.

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La Joaqui

11. La Joaqui

Argentine trap artist and rapper La Joaqui is one of the Argentina and Latin music’s next up rising stars. While debuting alongside Cazzu, La Joaqui would release a set of her own music in 2018, tracks like “Gaucho,” “Falso Amor,” “No Siento Nada,” and “Mas Mala Yo.” With her career as an artist remaining on a rise, La Joaqui has recently come into favor of Argentina’s urban fanbase with the releases of “Dos Besitos” and “Butakera.”

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Argentina rappers Ecko

12. Ecko

Known for a host of hits and for featuring on several top remixes, Ecko began his career in hip-hop similar to many other artists, performing in top freestyle and battle rap competitions. Hailing from Buenos Aires, from his initial debut in 2016 to today’s Argentine trap music scene, Ecko has come ways into becoming one of the leading artists.

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Ysy A

13. Ysy A

Former battle rapper and freestyler YSY A found new success through his transitioning into becoming an official recording artist following his days as one of Argentina’s top freestyle and battle rappers. The release of the recent classic album of YSYMO, years following the releases of TRAP DE VERDAD, HECHO A MANO, Antezana 247, has only elevated YSY A’s presence among the landscape of Latin America’s hip-hop and trap music.

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Rapper from Argentina Rei

14. Rei

Gaining notoriety through Buenos Aires’ freestyle competitions, Rei initially found success in 2020 with one of his very first singles, “Pininfarina.” Despite being a rising star among Argentina’s trap music scene, Rei has found his place with the “Pinifarina Remix,” “Tu Turrito,” “FERNET,” and “Pechito Partido.”

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Argentina rapper FMK

15. FMK 

The man behind the hit songs “Tranquila,” “AYNEA Remix,” “Ahora No,” “Yo Se Que Tu,” and a multitude of others, FMK may have recently surfaced a few years ago, but he has materialized into becoming one of Argentina’s future stars.

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16. Bhavi

Entering music in 2018 with a host of singles, including “Ven A Mi” and “Visa,” Bhavi’s breakthrough was in 2019 with “No Lo Entiendo,” which featured Khea, and the Trueno featured track “Fresko.” After several albums, 2020’s Cinema and 2021’s Pochoclos, and multiple smash hits, like the Bizarrap produced hit “Puff,” Bhavi has placed himself within the conversation of top rappers from Argentina.

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Seven Kayne

17. Seven Kayne 

Possibly one of the most gifted and versatile Argentine trap artists, multi-talented singer and producer brings his own unique addition into the Argentina trap music scene. Instrumentalist, Seven Kayne has mastered performing with a guitar, amassing the skillset into his performance as one of Argentina’s A-list Latin pop singers and trap artists.

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Neo Pistea

18. Neo Pistea

One of Argentina’s most admired and respected rap artists, beginning his journey during the early 2010s. Often seen collaborating with other top Argentina rappers and trap artists, Neo Pistea’s fame has come from standing alongside Argentina’s most premiere artists and for unleashing smash hits, like “Tumbando El Club.”

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Lucho SSJ 

19. Lucho SSJ 

Growing from the once young freestyler making his rounds through Argentina’s top freestyle and battle rap scenes, over the past few years Lucho SSJ has become one of top emerging artists, dropping songs like “Jimmy Fallon,” “Pa Brillar,” “Perdoname Si Llego Tarde,” “Money Machine,” “Michael Jackson,” and more.

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Homer El Mero Mero

20. Homer El Mero Mero

One of Argentina’s veteran MCs, Homer El Mero Mero began making rounds in hip-hop freestyling and battling among Argentina’s premier underground hip-hop scene. From gaining admiration freestyling to beginning his career as a member of a rising hip-hop group, Homer El Mero Mero would eventually stand out as an individual artist in 2018 with the release of his debut album Solo Negocios, only to become one of the purest forms of hip-hop music in Argentina.

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Honorable Mention Argentine Trap Artists & Rappers:

Frijo Youtube: Frijo and Instagram: @Frijo

Acru Youtube: Acru and Instagram: @Acru

Kodigo Youtube: Kodigo and Instagram: @Kodigo

Blunted Vato Youtube: Blunted Vato and Instagram: @Blunted Vato

Da killah Youtube: Dakillah and Instagram: @Dakillah

Midel Youtube: Midel and Instagram: @Midel

Dani Ribba Youtube: Dani Ribba and Instagram: @Dani Ribba

Taichu Youtube: Taichu and Instagram: @Taichu

Asan Youtube: Asan and Instagram: @Asan

LOUTA Youtube: LOUTA and Instagram: @LOUTA

Wolty Youtube: Wolty and Instagram: @Wolty

Franky Style Youtube: Franky Style and Instagram: @Franky Style

Marcianos Crew Youtube: Marcianos Crew and Instagram: @Marcianos Crew

Emanero Youtube: Emanero and Instagram: @Emanero


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