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From Spain to Mexico, to the Chicano artists of the United States, to the streets of South America, Peruvian hip hop is just another addition for the rising Spanish market in hip hop music. While during the 1990s Peruvian rappers were mostly led by Golpeando la Calle (GLC), the 2000s is the era that produced numerous of Peruvian rap artists into the creation of a hip hop scene in the country of Peru.

Starring during the 2000s were the likes of Peruvian rappers Clan Urbano, F**king Clan, Pedro Mo, Warrior and Norick Rapper School, Radikal People, and several others. One Peruvian hip hop artist that has received much recognition is Immortal Technique. While hailing from New York City after migrating to the United States from Peru, Immortal Technique risen to the top of the NYC’s underground hip hop scene during the 2000s, becoming one of the lyricists, but also one of the most notable leaders.

At the lead of today’s Peruvian hip hop scene is one Latin America’s top female rappers and trap artists, Malucci, and the unorthodox styles of Faraón Love Shady, in which his skills and unique appearance has pushed him to the top of Peru’s music scene.

With M2H bringing melodies and cool vibes into the Peruvian rap scene, the growth of Gonzalo Genek becoming one of Latin Rap’s top undiscovered talents, the OGs of Rapper School letting their skills transition through multiple generations, Renata Flores representing her Peruvian heritage through her solitarily artistic styles, Young Eiby carrying the current wave of today’s hottest rap trends into Latin America, or the demonstration of true hip-hopers and lyrical masterminds like Gabriel Drago, Peruvian rappers have provided a steady dosage of hip hop music for the people of Peru, while gaining listeners throughout Latin America.

Top 12 Peruvian Rappers

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1. Faraón Love Shady
Follow on Instagram: @Faraón Love Shady and Watch on YouTube: Faraón Love Shady

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2. Malucci
Follow on Instagram: @Malucci and Watch on YouTube: Malucci

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3. M2H
Follow on Instagram: @M2H and Watch on YouTube: M2H

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4. Gonzalo Genek
Follow on Instagram: @Gonzalo Genek and Watch on YouTube: Gonzalo Genek

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5. Norick
Follow on Instagram: @Norick and Watch on YouTube: Norick

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6. Young Eiby
Follow on Instagram: @Young Eiby and Watch on YouTube: Young Eiby

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7. Gabriel Drago
Follow on Instagram: @Gabriel Drago and Watch on YouTube: Gabriel Drago

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8. C.O
Follow on Instagram: @C.O and Watch on YouTube: C.O

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9. Renata Flores
Follow on Instagram: @Renata Flores and Watch on YouTube: Renata Flores

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10. Santiago Insane
Follow on Instagram: @Santiago Insane and Watch on YouTube: Santiago Insane

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11. daske gaitan
Follow on Instagram: @daske gaitan and Watch on YouTube: daske gaitan

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12. Strong Black
Follow on Instagram: @Strong Black and Watch on YouTube: Strong Black

Honorable Mention Peruvian Rappers:

Zafiro Rap Instagram: @Zafiro Rap and YouTube: Zafiro Rap

warrior rapper school Instagram: @warrior rapper school and YouTube: warrior rapper school

giru mad fleiva Instagram: @giru mad fleiva and YouTube: giru mad fleiva

Once Instagram: @Once and YouTube: Once

Sloowtrack Instagram: @Sloowtrack and YouTube: Sloowtrack

terco92 Instagram: @terco92 and YouTube: terco92

pedro mo Instagram: @pedro mo and YouTube: pedro mo

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