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List of the Best Rappers from San Antonio

Within the music scene of Texas hip-hop, Houston and the Dallas Fort Worth area often take the lead, but further south resides several top artists representing for the entire roster of San Antonio rappers. Years ago, some of the first faces of the local hip hop scene were rappers from San Antonio like Liveola, King Kyle Lee, Blake, Mark Gaboda, and several others.

While still growing and expanding and closing in on the level of Houston and Dallas, there has been a few San Antonio rappers to emerge from the diverse and underrated hip-hop scene of San Antonio, reaching into regional markets.

From its share of women and female rappers to a prominent Hispanic representation, rappers from San Antonio have proven that they are deserving to be implemented into the conversation of Texas hip-hop. The roster of San Antonio rappers includes Texas hip-hop legends like King Kyle Lee, the unmatched and distinctive styles of Lilbootycall, lead female rap artists like K Shiday, Aliza1k, and Paradiise, the incomparable creator of Young Mike, rappers like Rich Greedy providing an authentic representation of Texas culture, or your top street rap artists like Izzy93, Southside Hoodlum, or Yonzo Da Yungn.

Despite taking a backseat to Houston and the metroplex region of the DFW, San Antonio rappers are equally gifted and have the same skill set, but just lack the notoriety. Until the number of rappers from San Antonio expands and until there are a few artists from the city to reach nationwide success, then the city will often remain in the shadows of larger Texas markets.

Top 12 San Antonio Rappers

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1. Young Mike Follow on Instagram: Young Mike and Watch on YouTube: Young Mike

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2. King Kyle Lee Follow on Instagram: King Kyle Lee and Watch on YouTube: King Kyle Lee

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3. Lilbootycall Follow on Instagram: Lilbootycall and Watch on YouTube: Lilbootycall

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4. Rich Greedy Follow on Instagram: Rich Greedy and Watch on YouTube: Rich Greedy

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5. Izzy93 Follow on Instagram: Izzy93 and Watch on YouTube: Izzy93

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6. Rich Greedy Follow on Instagram: K Shiday and Watch on YouTube: K Shiday

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7. southside hoodlum Follow on Instagram: hoodlum and Watch on YouTube: hoodlum

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8. Mateo Sun Follow on Instagram: Mateo Sun and Watch on YouTube: Mateo Sun

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9. yonzo da yungn Follow on Instagram: yonzo da yungn and Watch on YouTube: yonzo da yungn

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10. rxalu loaded Follow on Instagram: rxalu loaded and Watch on YouTube: rxalu loaded

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11. caine$tiff Follow on Instagram: caine$tiff and Watch on YouTube: caine$tiff

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12. Trapalot Follow on Instagram: Trapalot and Watch on YouTube: Trapalot

Honorable Mention San Antonio Rappers

Paradiise Instagram: Paradiise and YouTube: Paradiise

aliza1k Instagram: aliza1k and YouTube: aliza1k

Lil A Instagram: Lil A and YouTube: Lil A

Lil M3D Instagram: Lil M3D and YouTube: Lil M3D

Sosanantone Instagram: Sosanantone and YouTube: Sosanantone

karma5hunnit Instagram: karma5hunnit and YouTube: karma5hunnit

Gabby Annalyse Instagram: Gabby Annalyse and YouTube: Gabby Annalyse

Fritogang Instagram: Fritogang and YouTube: Fritogang

PMG Flex Instagram: PMG Flex and YouTube: PMG Flex

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