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List of Top New York R&B Singers

In the shadows of a genre that was birthed in the city, while rappers from New York City have always received more shine and have been placed in a brighter spotlight, New York R&B artists have been making an impact in music for generations.

The city of New York, especially with places like Harlem, has always been a mecca for black entertainment and black music, from the days of jazz and blues to the era of the doo wop to the days of soul music during the 1970s. But since the rise of modern-day rhythm and blues, New York R&B singers have become game changers in music.

A city that is the home of numerous New York R&B singers and stars that have for long been making an impact. This includes the Bronx and Yonkers with artists like Guy, Mary J Blige, and Al B. Sure, Harlem and Manhattan with artists like Alicia Keys, Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley, and Luther Vandross, Brooklyn with Maxwell and Aaliyah, and even as far as Long Island with Ashanti and Mariah Carey.

As we enter today’s generation, stars like Teyana Taylor, who originally made her rounds choreographing before jumping into music, has become one of the most notable faces of R&B, once standing at the forefront of New York’s R&B scene until her recent announcement of retirement. While Teyana Taylor has been the mainstay of R&B in New York City, and the queen and legend Mary J Blige remaining active in music, there are numerous newcomers, singers on the rise, and up and coming New York R&B artists that once, or still, call the city home.

Top 35 New York R&B Artists

New York R&B Singers Justine Skye

1. Justine Skye

Brooklyn native and the leading New York R&B artists, Justine Skye would receive her big break with 2014’s “Collide,” a song that featured Tyga and was produced by DJ Mustard.

Since her arrival, Justine Skye has kept a steady and continuous presence in music, releasing 7 albums since 2013’s Everyday Living. From covering songs on YouTube to gaining a position as one of R&B’s top female artists, Justine Skye’s journey has led to a path of success.

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New York R&B Artists Gashi

2. Gashi

Rapper and R&B singer, Gashi has appeared as one of New York’s most versatile artists. A man whose artistry knows no boundaries, Gahsi made his initial debut in 2014, and since has not wavered and has gone full steam ahead. Following his debut, Gahsi would go on to release popular songs like “Creep On Me,” “Mama” with Sting, “My Year,” and well acclaimed albums like his 2019 self-titled Gashi.

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Amber Mark

3. Amber Mark

Spending time between New York City and Miami during her adolescence years, Amber Marks would eventually discover herself and her passion. She started creating music for the world to hear in the late 2010s. Beginning with the EP 3:33am and now recently releasing 2022’s Three Dimensions Deep, Amber Mark has set her mark and her place in today’s R&B scene.

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4. Wolftya

Emerging as one of the premiere New York R&B artists, Wolftya’s fame has come from fan favorites like “All Tinted” and “Butterflies,” while also gaining recognition among listeners of K-Pop music with her collaboration with K/DA music on “THE BADDEST” and “Drum Go Dum.”

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New York R&B Artists Leon Thomas

5. Leon Thomas

Former Disney star, co-starring on popular television shows Victorious, Leon Thomas has now shifted his focus and attention to music, becoming one of the most notable New York R&B singers. Following his 5-year hiatus, Leon Thomas recently made a comeback into music in 2022 with songs like “X-Rated,” featuring Benny the Butcher, and “Love Jones” with Ty Dolla Sign.

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6. Raveena

The soulful and spiritual South Asian artist Raveena has drawn a core following for her uniquely soft touching sounds of rhythm and blues. Releasing several songs to begin her career, leading up to 2017’s Shanti EP, Raveena has since taken on the R&B genre, releasing celebrated projects like EP Moonstone or albums Lucid and Asha’s Awakening.

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Mac Ayres

7. Mac Ayres

With two acclaimed albums, 2017’s Drive Slow, which featured “Easy” and “Slow Down,” and 2018’s Something to Feel, featuring songs like “Get You Again,” “I’ve Always Been,” and “Stay,” Mac Ayres is one of the top proven New York R&B artists that has demonstrated remarkable talent over the last few years.

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New York R&B Singers Capella Grey

8. Capella Grey

Capella Grey’s soulful vocals and catchy melodies has brought him significant attention. His breakout single, “Gyalis,” has topped charts and dominated airwaves, earning him recognition as one of the most promising newcomers in R&B. His music consists of R&B, hip hop, and dancehall, which sets him apart in the whole landscape of New York’s urban music scene.

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Sydney Renae

9. Sydney Renae

With stunning talent and an exquisite singing voice, Sydney Renae would gain her initial following as a YouTuber covering top R&B songs. Her first official release was in 2016 with the EP Sleeping with the Enemy. Following her 2016 debut, Sydney Renae produced several projects, We Always Do This of 2021 and Based on a True Story of 2020.

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New York R&B Artists Melii

10. Melii

New York R&B singer and rapper Melii initially grabbed everyone’s attention with the remake of Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.” Since her 2017 debut, Melii has featured with top artists like Jessie Reyez, Meek Mill, Tory Lanez, Becky G, Saweetie, 6lack, and Lil Durk, and has accumulated millions of streams and YouTube views through her freshman album phAses and a multitude of songs.

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Lion Babe

11. Lion Babe

The duo of Lion Babe, which features singer Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman, began their time in music with 2014’s self-titled EP Lion Babe, starring Childish Gambino on the song “Jump Hi.” As they stated, and as music fans listen, Lion Babe bring a blend of funk, soul, and pure rhythm and blues into the industry as their presence makes it hard for them to go unnoticed in a world where originality is scarce.

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New York R&B Artists Madison Mcferrin

12. Madison Mcferrin

An emotive, passionate, soul-stirring artist, Madison McFerrin made her first appearances in 2016 the EP Finding Foundations vol.1. She has become known for songs like “Stay Away,” “Try,” “No Time to Lose,” “Insane,” and a host of songs on the EP You + I.

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Rileyy Lanez

13. Rileyy Lanez

Rileyy Lanez is one of the several new faces within the music scene of New York R&B singers. Her first release became an instant hit, 2019’s “I’m Leaving,” given her one of the best introductions to R&B. A career still growing and expanding, music fans should expect more from the Bronx native in the foreseeable future.

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Devvon Terrell

14. Devvon Terrell

Gaining much of his popularity through the 2015 collaboration album with Arizona rapper Futuristic, Coast 2 Coast, hip-hop artist and singer Devvon Terrell began his time in music during the start of the 2010s. From his beginning with the release of several mixtapes to his 8th album, Boys Don’t Cry, Devvon Terrell has been one of the most distinguished artists from New York.

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New York R&B Singers Amir Obe

15. Amir Obe

Amir Obe is no newcomer to the music industry. The Detroit-born artist, but raised in the NYC, has been releasing music since 2011, spending the bulk of the 2010s rising the ranks of R&B. After short break, through Def Jam, Amir Obe has made a comeback in 2023 with the EP .before and the album .after.

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16. Dounia

Queens native and Moroccan singer Dounia would finally debut as an artist after years of modelling in 2017 with the EP Intro To. Since she has released three projects, Intro To (2017), The Avant Garden (2018), and The Scandal (2019), while gaining stardom with songs like “Rich Girl Mood” featuring Kehlani.

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Maria Isabel

17. Maria Isabel

While the bilingual New York R&B artist María Isabel is only at the early stages of her career, her album Stuck in the Sky, released in 2021, and her latest release, the EP i hope you’re very unhappy without me, has landed herself as one of the most noteworthy rising stars of rhythm and blues.

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Inas X

18. Inas X

Inas X is another artist making waves in the R&B world. Her empowering lyrics and sultry vocals has caught the attention of many. Hailing from Brooklyn with Palestinian background, Inas X’s career dates back to 2016 with single “Love Is.” Since her arrival, Inas X has had several singles to reach the masses, like “Stupid,” “Disposition,” “Issues,” and “Cut You Off.”

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New York R&B Artists Erin Kaith

19. Erin Kaith

The Queens, New York native, Erin Kaith reached her initial success on TikTok with the song “Down Bad.” While “Down Bad” has been her most notable hit song, Erin Kaith has composed a handful of songs at the outset of her career, like “Can’t Forget Me,” “Let Me Love You,” and “it was never gonna be me.”

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New York R&B Singers Nia Sultana

20. Nia Sultana

Brooklyn’s own Nia Sultana has recently introduced herself as one of the top soulful New York R&B artists. Officially, entering music during 2018, Nia Sultana’s career would pick up and gain momentum during 2022 with of one of the years most underrated R&B projects, the EP Bigger Dreams.

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21. Laya

While to some Laya may be viewed as off-beat, quirky, and unconventional, but only to strangers to an artist with a natural aptitude and flair for music. Laya’s most notable songs are “Crazy Down,” “Sailor Moon,” “Brag” with Fivio Foreign, and “Sock it to Me.”

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New York R&B Singers Journey Montana

22. Journey Montana

Journey Montana  has been risen through the ranks, becoming one of the top up and coming New York R&B singers. With her debut single “Show Me Your Love,” she made an impression on R&B fans, setting the stage for her career. She has released two projects, In & Out and 2023’s Stargirl, and most famous songs are “Bad Decisions,” “Looking for Love,” or “Ain’t Mine.”

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BAYLI brings a diverse artistic sound into the realm of R&B music. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, BAYLI originally began her career as a vocalist for the rock band The Skins. Fast forwarding, BAYLI would venture out into becoming a solo artist, debuting in 2018. A beautiful talent, BAYLI is among New York’s top rising artists.

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Abby Jasmine

24. Abby Jasmine

Abby Jasmine, another rising star in the rap and R&B world, is coming out of Staten Island, New York. Abby’s debut album Trap Mom is a testament to her raw talent and ability to weave complex emotions into captivating music. Abby has continually demonstrated her commitment to authenticity, releasing the two projects of Who Cares? (2020) and Growing Pains (2023) and be praised for tunes like “Stuck On You,” “Groovy,” and “Stay With Me.”

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25. Alex Mali

Native to Brooklyn and often identified with the color green, Alex Mali’s career, which began in 2017, has led to the exceptional selections of “Start It Up,” “Obviously,” “Facts Only,” “Faded,” “Clearly,” and the EPs Sweet and Sour and Phenom.

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Kyla Imani

26. Kyla Imani

Since her arrival in 2016, Kyla Imani has been gifting her talents to the world, through a blend of R&B tunes with elements of pop music. With her debut EP Sweet Tea, Kyla introduced listeners to her vibrant style. Her journey has been an exploration of musical genres and self-expression, and she continues to evolve as an artist.

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27. Felukah

Felukah is an Egyptian-American artist who seamlessly combines Arabic poetry with R&B melodies into her music. She release some of her first singles to the world during the later part of the 2010s. Felukah’s music is a celebration of her dual cultural identity, and she has been recognized for her innovative approach to blending cultures and genres.

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28. Jarline

Jarline is a Dominican-American who debut in 2020 with the single “Potion.” Still growing her career with only a handful of songs released, Jarline’s most popular songs are “Potion,” “Hold You Down,” and “Ghost.”

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New York R&B Artists Jovanie

29. Jovanie

Jovanie is an upcoming R&B artist from Brooklyn with a sound that reflects his city roots. Songs like “Mil On That,” “Running,” “Honest,” “Addicted,” or “Two Seater” with Lil Yachty are great listens to sample a preview of the contending future of the New York R&B singers

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Moxie Knox

30. Moxie Knox

Moxie Knox is another one of the New York R&B artists that are bringing in a fresh perspective to the genre, with a modern sound that still pays homage to its roots. With each track, from “One More Time” to “Love Me Right,” she conveys personal experiences and thoughts, creating an intimate connection with her listeners.

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Ginette Claudette

31. Ginette Claudette

Ginette Claudette is another name that has the ability to stand out in the realm of R&B. She made her introduction in 2012 with the release of Everything’s Coming Up Roses. This was followed by 2014’s Tainted Emotions and 2018’s On To Something, while releasing a host of singles.

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Anayka She

32. Anayka She

Anayka She is an emerging artist whose music is steeped in emotion and authenticity. While still very young and only debuted a couple years ago, Anayka She is promising talent. With songs like “Let You Go,” “Lonely,” and “Confused,” these examples show a bright future for the young star in making.

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33. MAAD

MAAD is an artist whose sound is characterized by a blend of contemporary R&B and electro-pop elements. Her distinct style sets her apart from many of her contemporaries. MAAD’s music is engaging and evocative, only to be discovered through the tunes of “Get By,” “ILM,” and “Black Ice,” after debuting in 2016.

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34. ïnnü

ïnnü has been praised for his emotive vocals and distinctive style, blending elements of soul, pop, and electronic music. Debuting in 2019 with a few singles, ïnnü would eventually release his freshman album, FCK BOY SZN, in 2020.

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35. Aftertheparty

Aftertheparty offers a more experimental take on R&B. His music is known for its atmospheric production, often characterized by its moody ambience and introspective themes. Creating a niche within R&B, Aftertheparty’s music is deeply engaging, with popular songs like “434am,” “motive,” or “pay.”

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