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Top 15 New York R&B Artists: 2022’s Best New York R&B Singers List

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New York R&B Artists

List of Top New York R&B Singers

In the shadows of a genre that was birthed in the city, while rappers from the NYC have always received more shine and have been placed in a bigger spotlight, New York R&B artists have been making an impact in music for generations.

The city of New York, especially with places like Harlem, has always been a mecca for black entertainment and black music, from the days of jazz and blues to the era of the doo wop to the days of soul music during the 1970s. But since the rise of modern-day rhythm and blues, New York R&B singers have become game changers in music.

A city that is the home of numerous R&B stars has for long been making an impact from the Bronx and Yonkers, with artists like Guy, Mary J Blige, and Al B. Sure, to Harlem and Manhattan, with artists like Alicia Keys, Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley, and even Luther Vandross, to artists of Brooklyn, with Maxwell and Aaliyah, or even as far as Long Island with Ashanti and Mariah Carey.

As we enter today’s generation, stars like Teyana Taylor, who originally made her rounds choreographing before jumping into music, has become one of the most notable faces and of one R&B’s most talented and gifted artists while being at the forefront of New York’s R&B scene despite her recent announcement of retirement. Another artist, Justine Skye, who was arguably one of the 2010s top rising rhythm and blues artists, the Brooklyn native has continued her rise in music by solidifying herself as not only one of the top New York R&B artists, but one of the top female R&B singers of today’s generation.

In a music scene with the inventiveness of artists like rapper and singer SAINt JHN, the combination of unique artistry and peaceful and soulful sounds through artists like Raveena and Lion Babe, the versatility of artists switching between genres from rap to rhythm and blues like Melii, the versatility of artists that display their talent through multiple mediums, like actors and singers Leon Thomas and Mack Wilds, or just a roster consisting of naturally gifted singers like Rileyy Lanez and Alex Mali, New York R&B singers have the most diverse range of talent.

Top 15 New York R&B Artists

1. Teyana Taylor Watch on YouTube: Teyana Taylor and follow on Instagram:  @Teyana Taylor

2. justine skye Watch on YouTube: justine skye and follow on Instagram:  @justine skye

3. SAINt JHN Watch on YouTube: SAINt JHN and follow on Instagram:  @SAINt JHN

4. Raveena Watch on YouTube: Raveena and follow on Instagram:  @Raveena

5. Melii  Watch on YouTube: Melii and follow on Instagram:  @Melii

6. Lion Babe Watch on YouTube: Lion Babe and follow on Instagram:  @Lion Babe

7. Maria Isabel Watch YouTube: Maria Isabel and follow on Instagram:  @Maria Isabel

8. Leon Thomas Watch on YouTube: Leon Thomas and follow on Instagram:  @Leon Thomas

9. Rileyy Lanez Watch on YouTube: Rileyy Lanez and follow on Instagram:  @Rileyy Lanez

10. Alex Mali Watch on YouTube: Alex Mali and follow on Instagram:  @Alex Mali

11. Devvon Terrell Watch on YouTube: Devvon Terrell and follow on Instagram: @Devvon Terrell

12. Mack Wilds Watch on YouTube: Mack Wilds and follow on Instagram: @Mack Wilds

13. Josh X Watch on YouTube: Josh X and follow on Instagram: @Josh X

14. Amir Obè Watch on YouTube: Amir Obè and follow on Instagram: @Amir Obè

15. Diana Gordon Watch on YouTube: Diana Gordon and follow on Instagram: @Diana Gordon

Honorable Mention New York R&B Singers

MAAD Instagram: @MAAD  and YouTube: MAAD

Richie Quake Instagram: @Richie Quake  and YouTube: Richie Quake

katt rockell Instagram: @katt rockell and YouTube: katt rockell

Quelle Rox Instagram: @Quelle Rox  and YouTube: Quelle Rox

GATSBY Instagram: @GATSBY  and YouTube: GATSBY

Moslikely Instagram: @Moslikely  and YouTube: Moslikely

DYLN Instagram: @DYLN  and YouTube: DYLN

melanie iglesias Instagram: @melanie iglesias and YouTube: melanie iglesias

Trezzure Instagram: @Trezzure  and YouTube: Trezzure

Moslikely Instagram: @Moslikely  and YouTube: Moslikely

imani beau Instagram: @imani beau  and YouTube: imani beau

NEZI Instagram: @NEZI  and YouTube: NEZI

Ray Medixi Instagram: @Ray Medixi  and YouTube: Ray Medix

ZIVA Instagram: @ZIVA and YouTube: ZIVA

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

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