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Top 10 New Jersey R&B Artists: 2022’s Best New Jersey R&B Singers

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New Jersey R&B Artists

List of the Best New Jersey R&B Singers

What many are unaware is the legacy of rhythm and blues music in New Jersey, a state that produced legendary careers of numerous New Jersey R&B artists, like Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Jahiem, Faith Evans, Total, and others. While some may consider an extension of New York City, as the majority of New Jersey R&B singers hail from North Jersey, but many of the artists have become the biggest names in the business.

From the R&B “Hall of Famers” to solo artists and groups like Surface, Koffee Brown, Regina Belle, Calvin Richardson, and Jomanda that made their presence known in rhythm and blues throughout the years, New Jersey’s role in R&B music cannot be overlook. Cities all over the state, Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Plainfield, East Orange, and others, birthed singers that have contributed to the growth of R&B’s popularity in music.

This trend and the legacy has continued from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000 to the 2020s starring top of artists of R&B. SZA becoming the top artist in R&B following her classic release Ctrl, becoming arguably one of music’s most talented artists. Rotimi may have built his career through acting, but the multitalented has always showcased his talent since debuting in 2009 with “Beautiful Music,” producing hits like “Want More,” “Love Somebody,” and “Love Riddim.”

The roster of New Jersey R&B singers includes the faces of the industry, along with numerous rising stars. From Tone Stith, known for the acclaimed albums FWM and Still FWM, to Nija, one of the top newcomers in rhythm and blues, to IV JAY and Asiahn, two of R&B’s most underrated of today’s generation, to NBDY, known for the hit  “Used To,” to Ant Saunders, an emerging Pop/R&B artist. The lineup of New Jersey R&B artists is among R&B’s best, for years producing gifted singers and talented artists.

Top 10 New Jersey R&B Artists

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1. SZA Follow on Instagram: @SZA and Watch on YouTube: SZA

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2. rotimi Follow on Instagram: @rotimi and Watch on YouTube: rotimi

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3. Tone Stith Follow on Instagram: @Tone Stith and Watch on YouTube: Tone Stith

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4. Nija Follow on Instagram: @Nija and Watch on YouTube: Nija

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5. IV JAY Follow on Instagram: @IV JAY and Watch on YouTube: IV JAY

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6. Asiahn Follow on Instagram: @Asiahn and Watch on YouTube: Asiahn

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7. Ant Saunders Follow on Instagram: @Ant Saunders and Watch on YouTube: Ant Saunders

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8. Nbdy Follow on Instagram: @Nbdy and Watch on YouTube: Nbdy

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9. Yeek Follow on Instagram: @Yeek and Watch on YouTube: Yeek

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10. Kxlly Follow on Instagram: @Kxlly and Watch on YouTube: Kxlly

Honorable Mention New Jersey R&B Singers

Rakiyah Instagram: @Rakiyah and YouTube: Rakiyah

Kaylee Ameri  Instagram: @Kaylee Ameri and YouTube: Kaylee Ameri

Alexandra DeMattia Instagram: @Alexandra DeMattia and YouTube: Alexandra DeMattia

Miu Haiti Instagram: @Miu Haiti and YouTube: Miu Haiti

Halima Instagram: @Halima and YouTube: Halima

Ashli Instagram: @Ashli and YouTube: Ashli

Naya Shea Instagram: @Naya Shea and YouTube: Naya Shea

k.summerlyn Instagram: @k.summerlyn and YouTube: k.summerlyn

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

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