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List of the Top Rappers from New Jersey

The rap scene of Jersey is represented by New Jersey rappers from cities such as Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Trenton, and Camden, as well as smaller towns and neighborhoods in between. These artists demonstrate that New Jersey has much to offer the hip-hop world. However, they have been overshadowed by New York City for many years, which still remains a challenge today.

Many are unaware of the rappers from New Jersey that pioneered and paved the way for following generations. Hip-hop legends like Queen Latifah, Redman, Treach, Naughty by Nature, Joe Budden, Poor Righteous Teachers, Rah Digga, and a few others have demonstrated that New Jersey has made a significant contribution to the music industry.

Unfortunately, the legacy has not necessarily carried over generations as there has been a huge void of rappers from New Jersey making it mainstream, with the exception to Fetty Wap and some of the world’s top battle rappers. After a period of inactivity and lack of progress, Fetty Wap rose to prominence in the 2010s with a string of successful hits, including the highly recognized rap anthem “Trap Queen”, which shed a light onto New Jersey’s music scene.

With the doors opened, New Jersey gained a presence within hip-hop with the arrival of numerous talented New Jersey rappers. This included one of the first faces of Jersey hip-hop Albee Al, two of the rap game’s top battles of Tsu Surf and Arsonal Da Rebel, Mariahlynn, who was part of the first wave female rappers, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, who built a large southern following, and the age of influencers where artists like Fatboy SSE stood on top.

From the mid and late 2010s to the 2020s the growth of New Jersey rappers has expanded well beyond the streets and niche fanbases. Many now can witness Coi Leray becoming one of the biggest names in the business, or the rise of New Jersey rappers like 3Breezy, Florida based producer and rapper Ronny J, and a host of others.

Top 15 New Jersey Rappers

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1. Coi Leray
Follow on Instagram: @Coi Leray and Watch on YouTube: Coi Leray

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2. Fetty Wap
Follow on Instagram: @Fetty Wap and Watch on YouTube: Fetty Wap

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3. Ronny J
Follow on Instagram: @Ronny J and Watch on YouTube: Ronny J

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4. 3Breezy
Follow on Instagram: @3Breezy and Watch on YouTube: 3Breezy

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Follow on Instagram: @FATBOY SSE and Watch on YouTube: FATBOY SSE

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6. Albee Al
Follow on Instagram: @Albee Al and Watch on YouTube: Albee Al

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7. Mariahlynn
Follow on Instagram: @Mariahlynn and Watch on YouTube: Mariahlynn

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8. Hoodrich Pablo Juan
Follow on Instagram: @Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Watch on YouTube: Hoodrich Pablo Juan

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9. TSU Surf
Follow on Instagram: @TSU Surf and Watch on YouTube: TSU Surf

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10. Shotta Spence
Follow on Instagram: @Shotta Spence and Watch on YouTube: Shotta Spence

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11. Mir Fontane
Follow on Instagram: @Mir Fontane and Watch on YouTube: Mir Fontane

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12. Arsonal Da Rebel
Follow on Instagram: @Arsonal Da Rebel and Watch on YouTube: Arsonal Da Rebel

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13. Tdot Illdude
Follow on Instagram: @Tdot Illdude and Watch on YouTube: Tdot Illdude

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14. Samad Savage
Follow on Instagram: @Samad Savage and Watch on YouTube: Samad Savage

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15. DaiDough
Follow on Instagram: @DaiDough and Watch on YouTube: DaiDough

Honorable Mention New Jersey Rappers:

Dougie F Instagram: @Dougie F and Youtube: Dougie F

Lil Dev Instagram: @Lil Dev and Youtube: Lil Dev

TCO Breeze Instagram: @TCO Breeze and Youtube: TCO Breeze

Big Moose Instagram: @Big Moose and Youtube: Big Moose

Tazzo B Instagram: @Tazzo B and Youtube: Tazzo B

Gunhead Instagram: @Gunhead and Youtube: Gunhead

Blaze Stack Up Instagram: @Blaze Stack Up and Youtube: Blaze Stack Up

YND Rich Instagram: @YND Rich and Youtube: YND Rich

Feezy G Instagram: @Feezy G and Youtube: Feezy G

Torchh Instagram: @Torchh  and  Youtube: Torchh

T Rose Instagram: @T Rose and watch on Youtube: T Rose

Zaizzy G Instagram: @Zaizzy G  and  Youtube: Zaizzy G

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