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Top 15 New Jersey Rappers of 2022 from Newark, Paterson, Jersey City, Camden, …

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New Jersey Rappers

List of the Top Rappers from New Jersey

New Jersey rappers based in cities from Newark to Jersey City to Paterson to Trenton to Camden, with numerous small towns and ‘hoods in between, show how the state of New Jersey has more than enough to offer to the rap and hip hop world. The only problem is years of being overshadowed by New York City, which is continuing today.

Many are unaware of the legends within the rap game that have hailed from Jersey, Queen Latifah, Redman, Treach and Naughty by Nature, Joe Budden, Poor Righteous Teachers, Rah Digga, and plenty more to prove that New Jersey deserves some respect within the rap world. Unfortunately, the legacy has not necessarily carried over generations as there has been a huge void of rappers from New Jersey to make it mainstream, with exception to Fetty Wap and some of the world’s top battle rappers.

With Fetty Wap’s stranglehold on the rap game during 2014 and 2015 as he was introduced to the world through his hit song “Trap Queen,” New Jersey has yet to produce any big name artists, outside of the recent success of one of hip hop’s top female rappers in Coi Leray or social media influencer slash hip hop artist Fatboy SSE.  Lyrically and talent wise, no one can question Jersey, especially with top battle rappers like Tsu Surf and Arsonal Da Rebel in the forefront by transitioning from the battle rap scene to the actually making music

While no one can say if things will change, as far New Jersey becoming one of the places to produce key artists in the music industry like a Memphis or an Atlanta, the list below does show and display the potential that rappers from New Jersey can easily hold their own and maintain a steady fan base through their artistry of making music.

Top 15 New Jersey Rappers

1. Coi Leray follow on Instagram: @Coi Leray and watch on Youtube: Coi Leray

2. Fetty Wap follow on Instagram: @Fetty Wap and watch on Youtube: Fetty Wap

3. FATBOY SSE follow on Instagram: @FATBOY SSE and watch on Youtube: FATBOY SSE

4. Hoodrich Pablo Juan follow on Instagram: @Hoodrich Pablo Juan and watch on Youtube: Hoodrich Pablo Juan

5. TSU Surf follow on Instagram: @TSU Surf and watch on Youtube: TSU Surf

6. Mir Fontane follow on Instagram: @Mir Fontane and watch on Youtube: Mir Fontane

7. Shotta Spence follow on Instagram: @Shotta Spence and watch on Youtube: Shotta Spence

8. Dougie F follow on Instagram: @Dougie F and watch on Youtube: Dougie F

9. Arsonal Da Rebel follow on Instagram: @Arsonal Da Rebel and watch on Youtube: Arsonal Da Rebel

10. Albee Al follow on Instagram: @Albee Al and watch on Youtube: Albee Al

11. Tdot Illdude follow on Instagram: @Tdot Illdude and watch on Youtube: Tdot Illdude

12. DaiDough follow on Instagram: @DaiDough and watch on Youtube: DaiDough

13. Samad Savage follow on Instagram: @Samad Savage and watch on Youtube: Samad Savage

14. Tazzo B follow on Instagram: @Tazzo B and watch on Youtube: Tazzo B

15. Big Moose follow on Instagram: @Big Moose and watch on Youtube: Big Moose

Honorable Mention New Jersey Rappers:

Lil Dev Instagram: @Lil Dev and Youtube: Lil Dev

Blaze Stack Up Instagram: @Blaze Stack Up and Youtube: Blaze Stack Up

Bundles FVG Instagram: @Bundles FVG  and  Youtube: Bundles FVG

Zaizzy G Instagram: @Zaizzy G  and  Youtube: Zaizzy G

Torchh Instagram: @Torchh  and  Youtube: Torchh

TCO Breeze Instagram: @TCO Breeze and Youtube: TCO Breeze

GMGB Dooski Instagram: @GMGB Dooski   and  Youtube: GMGB Dooski

T Rose Instagram: @T Rose and watch on Youtube: T Rose

Sonny Breeze Instagram: @Sonny Breeze and Youtube: Sonny Breeze

Fucccdat Instagram: @Fucccdat and Youtube: Fucccdat

Gunhead Instagram: @Gunhead and Youtube: Gunhead

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com