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Top 20 Philly Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Philadelphia

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Top Philly Rappers

List of the 20 Best Rappers from Philadelphia

An extensive history of hip hop in “The City of Brotherly Love” as Philadelphia rappers have been known to pioneer gangster rap music and to be the world leaders in the battle rap scene, all while producing a number of legendary Philly rappers that has expanded from the 1980s with the Fresh Prince (Will Smith) to the late 1990s and 2000s with Eve and Beanie Siegel and State Property to the 2010s and 2020s with Meek Mill and Lil Uzi Vert.

In the beginning, most Philadelphia rappers hailed from West Philly with artists like the Hilltop Hustlers, which consisted of legendary Philly hip hop artists Cool C and Steady B, Three Times Dope, a trio of MCs and DJs, and a handful of others leading the way.  Also, in the early days of the Philadelphia hip hop scene it would be often to witness a duo of a DJ and a MC (rap artist) performing together as one whole hip-hop act, like the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff or DJ Jazz and Robbie B.

Some of the true pioneers of Philly’s rap scene included Jazz Fresh, MC Breeze, Tuff Crew, Parry P, MC Sport and numerous of others.  Another pioneer was Schoolly D, an artist that many credit for being the first hip hop artists to venture into gangster rap, while peaking throughout the 1980s and early 1990s.  While most remember Eve and Charli Baltimore, but Lady B was truly first of her kind representing for the ladies.  Also, as mentioned, DJs played a major role in Philly hip hop.  Some of the top DJs were DJ Cash Money, DJ Ease, DJ Too Tuff, DJ Lightnin’ Rich, DJ Spinbad, Cosmic Kev, Sex Machine, or Grandmaster Nell.

The huge rap battle scene also once played an important role into the history of Philly rappers as one can see the start of Cassidy’s career or view old clips of Meek Mill with braids rapping in the heart of the streets of Philly.  Other top battle rappers were Philly Swain, Tech 9, E. Ness, Kaboom, Rone and many others, while the likes of Cyssero and Reed Dollaz were some of the earlier legends.  The rap battling scene of Philadelphia expanded with the help of local DVDs like 2 Raw for The Streets DVD or Headshots DVD, long before Youtube.

The era of State Property, as well other rappers from Philadelphia like Eve and Gillie Da Kid and Major Figgas, would bring new light into the city with the selling of millions of records and solidifying a new generation of the Philadelphia hip hop scene as this era was the most successful due to the national attention that was received.

From performing and holding events at local house parties to performing on tours and in front of sellout shows in arenas and stadiums, from selling records at Funk-O-Mart or Sound of Market to gaining millions of listeners worldwide, the Philadelphia hip hop scene has came a long way.

As those eras came to an end, today’s generation of Meek Mill, PNB Rock, Lil Uzi Vert, and Tierra Whack are helping to continue the tradition of Philly rap music and the success of the city’s hip hop scene.  Meek Mill has become one of hip hop’s most lyrical, Lil Uzi Vert has become one of hip hop’s most entertaining, Tierra Wack has become hip hop’s most artistic female artist, PNB Rock has become one of hip hop’s most versatile artists, and the list goes on as millions of fans have been generated in a city that is easily to be considered as one of the country’s top rap scenes and hip hop markets.

Top 20 Philly Rappers

1. Meek Mill

follow on Instagram: @Meek Mill and watch more on Youtube: Meek Mill

2. Lil Uzi Vert

follow on Instagram: @Lil Uzi Vert and watch more on Youtube: Lil Uzi Vert

3. PNB Rock

follow on Instagram: @PNB Rock and watch more on Youtube: PNB Rock

4. Tierra Whack

follow on Instagram: @Tierra Whack and watch more on Youtube: Tierra Whack

5. Kur

follow on Instagram: @Kur and watch more on Youtube: Kur

6. Sim Santana

Follow on Instagram: @Sim Santana and watch more on Youtube: Sim Santana


Follow on Instagram: @YXNG K.A and watch more on Youtube: YXNG K.A

8. Leaf Ward

Follow on Instagram: @Leaf WArd and watch more on Youtube: Leaf Ward

9. Lil Rekk

Follow on Instagram: @Lil Rekk and watch more on Youtube: Lil Rekk

10. Matt Ox

Follow on Instagram: @Matt Ox and watch more on Youtube: Matt Ox

11. PoundSide Pop

follow on Instagram: @Poundside Pop and watch more on Youtube: Poundside Pop

12. Bry Greatah

Follow on Instagram: @Bry Greatah and watch more on Youtube: Bry Greatah

13. Lil Muk

Follow on Instagram: @Lil Muk and watch more on Youtube: Lil Muk

14. D4M $loan

Follow on Instagram: @D4M $loan and watch more on Youtube: D4M $loan

15. Ot7Quanny 

follow on Instagram: @Ot7Quanny and watch more on Youtube: Ot7 Quanny

16. OZ Sparx

follow on Instagram @OZ Sparx and watch more on Youtube: OZ Sparx

17. Yak Yola

follow on Instagram @Yak Yola and watch more on Youtube: Yak Yola

18. Yung Liv

Follow on Instagram: @Yung Liv and watch more on Youtube: Yung Liv

19. 100Deek

follow on Instagram: @100Deek and watch more on Youtube: 100Deek

20. G1000

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Honorable Mention Philly Rappers 

Quilly: Instagram: @Quilly  |  Youtube: Quilly 

Mir220: Instagram: @Mir220  |  Youtube: Mir220

Mamba Cinco: Instagram: @Mamba Cinco  |  Youtube: Mamba Cinco

Hood Tali: Instagram: @Hood Tali  |  Youtube: Hood Tali

RecoHavoc: Instagram: @Reco Havoc |  Youtube: Reco Havoc 

Blizzoe: Instagram: @Blizzoe  |  Youtube: BLIZZOE

PNB Meen: Instagram: @PNB Meen  |  Youtube: PNB Meen

Zahsosaa: Instagram: @ZahSosaa  |  Youtube: Zah Sosaa

Son of 215: Instagram: @Son of the 215  |  Youtube: Son of the 215

Diamond Street Keem: Instagram: @Diamond Street Keem  |  Youtube: Diamond Street Keem

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