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In Philadelphia, while there have not been any Philly gangs like the Crips and Bloods or Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords, at least following the introduction to crack cocaine during the 1980s, there are many blocks located in the heart of the Philly hoods. These blocks can be found in North Philly, South Philly, West Philly, Southwest Philly, Northeast Philly, and the Germantown and Uptown section.

Philly Hoods Key: Blue = West Philly  |  Red = North Philly  |  Green = Uptown  |  Black = South Philly  |  Brown = Southwest Philly

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Breakdown of Philly Hoods:

Undoubtedly, the central and biggest part of Philadelphia is located in North Philly, which includes several neighborhoods such as PennTown, the old Richard Allen Projects, Blumberg Projects, 23rd and Diamond, Abbottsford Projects, and blocks along streets like Cecil B. Moore and Erie Ave. North Philly is also home to the city’s most significant Hispanic community, including the Puerto Rican community of PapiVille, Kensington, and the Badlands.

North of North Philly are the neighborhoods of Germantown, West Oak Lane, Ogontz, and Olney, all representing the Uptown section of Philadelphia. What was once a predominantly white community, many of these neighborhoods began experiencing white flight during the 1960s and 1970s. In the following years, Uptown would eventually gain a reputation and became much more respected in the streets  of Philadelphia.

The community of West Philly consists of several neighborhoods, including the Bottom, which has many blocks from 35th to 43rd, Cobbs Creek on the South Side, North Side above Market Street, and Wynnefield and Overbrook. This area began in the Bottoms, where African Americans were initially permitted to live before being allowed elsewhere, before expanding into other sections. Presently, gentrification has taken over much of the central area of West Philly, particularly near the university.

Throughout history, Broad Street has acted as a dividing line in South Philly. The area west of Broad Street is home to the various Philly hoods and blocks of South Philly, excluding areas like 5th Street and Saigon projects, as well the black and Asian community around 7th St. West of Broad Street is home neighborhoods such as Wilson Park Projects, 31st Tasker Projects, Smallside, 18th Street, 21st Street, and several others.

Although there are other regions in Philadelphia, such as the Northeast and Southwest, that contain neighborhoods like Frankford and Kingsessing respectively, the heart of the city is located in North Philly, South Philly, and West Philly. Previously, there were Philly gangs in the city during the 1970s and potentially the 1980s, but the drug trade and crack epidemic altered gang structures, leading them to become less prominent and more centered around neighborhoods and cliques.

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