Map of Pittsburgh Gangs (Full Tour of Pittsburgh Hoods)

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Pittsburgh Hoods Map

Full Tour of the Pittsburgh Gangs and Hood Areas

A large city of western Pennsylvania nicknamed the Steel City and known for the prominent sports team that all fly “Black and Yellow,” which was a song made famous by local Hip Hop artists Wiz Khalifa, but this will shed light on the other side of the city, the Pittsburgh hoods of the city’s East Side, West Side, South Side and North Side, as well the suburb areas of Allegheny County’s Mon Valley.

While the days of the activity from Pittsburgh gangs are mostly of the past, the city’s street life once consisted of numerous gangs throughout the city, from the Bloods and Crips to homegrown gangs and cliques, like the West Side Convicts and the LAW gang, all were created in various Pittsburgh hoods. 

From never before seen images, to brief background descriptions and history on specific neighborhoods and gangs of Pittsburgh, this map gives a full tour of the streets by highlighting every area of Allegheny County.

Pittsburgh Gangs & Hoods Key: Blue = Crips | Red = Bloods | Black = Gz and LAW | Green = Convicts | Grey = Unknown

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Pittsburgh Hoods: East Side

Pittsburgh’s largest side, the East Side, is the heart of the city that expands from the Hill District to the unofficial East Side neighborhood of Wilkinsburg, while having numerous hoods and urban communities in between.

During the peak of the Pittsburgh gangs era, Bloods, Crips, and the once infamous LAW gang (Larimer Avenue Wilkinsburg) ran the East Side, due to the likes of the old Alley Mob, Formosa Way, or within the old housing projects of the Hill District’s Allequippa Terrace and Addison Terrace, Garfield Heights, Pennly Park Apartments, also known as the East Liberty Towers, and the isolated housing complex of East Hills.

Outside of the housing projects, the reputation of the East Side Pittsburgh hoods resided in the remaining sections of Homewood, divided between Uptown and Downtown, the Hill District, Lincoln Avenue, Larimer Avenue, Wilkinsburg, and Garfield, even though gentrification and the large number of vacant properties have lessen the East Side’s population.

Pittsburgh Hoods: West Side

At one point, the two most known neighborhoods of the West Side were Fairywood’s Broadhead Manor and Westgate Village housing projects, while also being two of the most reputable hoods in Pittsburgh’s history.

The reputation of the West Side cannot be mentioned without acknowledging the West Side Convicts.  While the South Side and North Side were dominated by Crips, and the East Side consisting of both Bloods and Crips, the West Side created the green flag carrying West Side Convicts during the 1990s, which started directly in the Fairywood area.

When the city decided to remove the housing projects by closing, and eventually demolishing, Broadhead Manor and selling Westgate Village to a private investor, the streets of the West Side began to change as many relocated into other West Side communities like Sheraden, Greenway or McKees Rocks.

Pittsburgh Hoods: South Side

Though a large section of the city, the actual Pittsburgh gangs and hoods of the South Side are strictly within the Beltzhoover neighborhood and along Brownsville Road, in the Allentown, Mt. Oliver, and Knoxville neighborhoods.

With the South Side being known for the South Side Flats and the Carson Street entertainment district, an area of bars and restaurants, the other side of the South Side, just up the hill has its own reputation.  A reputation includes the days of the Crips controlling much of the areas around Warrington and Brownsville, to the days of the deadly conflict between Z Hoove, a short abbreviation for Beltzhoover, and the Darccide, the alias for the former St. Clair Village housing projects.

Pittsburgh Hoods: North Side

Just a mile north of Heinz Field and PNC Park resides the heart of the Pittsburgh hoods of the city’s North Side.  Pittsburgh North Side’s reputation of the 1990s with the friction between Pittsburgh gangs and neighborhoods that led to this section of the city to be labeled as the “War Side,” a side of Crips, Gz, and multiple well reputable Pittsburgh hoods like Hoodtown and Rhine Street of Spring Hill.

By the 1990s, the streets of the North Side were in full effect with the likes of the S.O.E alliance, meaning either Soldiers of Everybody or Soldiers Over Everyone, with Northview Heights and other North Side Pittsburgh hoods that adopted the Crip moniker, which created one of the city’s tightest bond among separate gang areas.  Other alliances of Pittsburgh gangs were the Brighton Place Crips, which was home to Brighton Place and the Mad Cave of Morrison Street, and the Gz, which consisted of the Manchester Gz and the Wilson Avenue Gz.

With the Pittsburgh hoods of the North Side having a close location to both Steelers and Pirates stadiums, as well Pittsburgh’s downtown area, these specific sections of the North Side are in the current process of being redeveloped and gentrified, especially communities around Federal Street, Manchester, and the Central North Side. With the new construction and rebuilding, hundreds of former residents are relocating farther north into neighborhoods around Brighton Road like Marshall-Shadeland and Brighton Heights or further north along Perrysville Avenue.

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