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Map of Pittsburgh Gangs and Neighborhoods

A large city in western Pennsylvania nicknamed the Steel City and known for the prominent sports team that all fly “Black and Yellow,” but for the longest there has been another side of the city, the Pittsburgh hoods of the city’s East Side, West Side, South Side and North Side, as well the suburban areas of Allegheny County’s Mon Valley.

While the days of the activity from Pittsburgh gangs are mostly of the past, the city’s street life once consisted of numerous gangs throughout the city, from the Bloods and Crips to homegrown gangs and cliques, like the West Side Convicts and the LAW gang, all were created in various Pittsburgh hoods throughout the region.

From never before seen images to brief background descriptions and history on specific neighborhoods and gangs of Pittsburgh, this map gives a full tour of the streets of Allegheny County.

Pittsburgh Gangs & Hoods Key: Blue = Crips | Red = Bloods | Black = Gz and LAW | Green = Convicts | Grey = Unknown

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Breakdown of Pittsburgh Hoods

The East Side is the largest section of Pittsburgh, stretching from the Hill District to Wilkinsburg and containing many different neighborhoods. During the height of Pittsburgh gangs, the East Side was home to the Bloods, Crips, and the LAW gang. While gentrification and vacant properties have caused a decrease in population, the reputation of the East Side still somewhat remains in areas such as Homewood, the Hill District, Lincoln Avenue, Larimer Avenue, Wilkinsburg, and Garfield.

The West Side of Pittsburgh had two well-known neighborhoods, Broadhead Manor and Westgate Village housing projects, in which the West Side Convicts were a significant part of the area’s history. While other parts of Pittsburgh were dominated by Crips, Bloods, or both, the West Side Convicts emerged in Fairywood during the 1990s. Following the demolish of Broadhead Manor and the selling of Westgate Village, many residents relocated to other West Side communities such as Sheraden, Greenway, or McKees Rocks.

The Pittsburgh gangs and hoods of the South Side are primarily located within the Beltzhoover neighborhood and along Brownsville Road, as well as in the Allentown, Mt. Oliver, and Knoxville neighborhoods. Although the South Side is known for its entertainment district, there is another side to it that has its own reputation. This reputation includes a history of the Crips in certain areas and the once conflict between rival Pittsburgh hoods of Z Hoove and St. Clair Village (Darccide).

The North Side of Pittsburgh was once known as the “War Side” due to the friction between gangs and neighborhoods in the 1990s. With rivals, there were alliances like the S.O.E alliance, an alignment of North Side Crips, along with other alliances that included the Brighton Place Crips and the Gz of Manchester and Wilson Avenue.

Despite its violent past, the North Side is now undergoing redevelopment and gentrification, particularly in communities around Federal Street, Manchester, and the Central North Side. This has led to hundreds of former residents relocating further north into neighborhoods like Marshall-Shadeland and Brighton Heights, or further along Perrysville Avenue.

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