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Top 20 Los Angeles R&B Artists: 2022’s Best Los Angeles R&B Singers

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Los Angeles R&B Artists

List of Top Los Angeles R&B Singer

Of late, Los Angeles R&B artists have been leading the way in the R&B music scene. The mecca of the music and entertainment industry, a place with millions of natives and millions of transplant who migrated from all over the world, Los Angeles R&B singers have been on top for quite some time now. While the popularity of R&B music was at times stagnant in L.A., as far as natives becoming artists in the industry, Los Angeles R&B artists have long moved on from the days where only the likes of Tyrese, Montell Jordan, and a handful of others were the mainstays. Today, Los Angeles R&B singers have built one of the country’s largest rosters of rhythm and blues music.

Top 20 Los Angeles R&B Singers

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1. Giveon 

Fresh off the release of his latest project, Give or Take, the heartfelt sounds of Giveon has given this soulful artist a top position among today’s leading male R&B singers. While debuting in 2018, Giveon made his true breakthrough in 2019 with the release of “Like I Want You,” while truly making his mark in 2020 with the hit “Heartbreak Anniversary.” Since, Giveon has been one of the fastest rising male R&B artists in the industry.

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2. Ty Dolla Sign

Ty Dolla $ign started his music career with appearances on a couple of singles until 2010 when his feature on rapper YG’s “Toot It and Boot It” gained massive recognition. In 2013, Ty Dolla signed to rapper Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Records, under which he released his debut album Free TC, which peaked at number 14 on the Billboard 200.

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3. Jhene Aiko

A veteran to the music industry, Jhene Aiko has been around since the early 2000s when she was originally working with boy group B2K. Not until Jhene Aiko’s 2013 release of Sail Out did she begin her journey becoming one of the top female R&B singers.

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4. Steve Lacy

One of the most talented men in music, singer, producers, songwriter, and instrumentalist Steve Lacy has produced a sound like no other. A sound that places above any specific genre, but a combination of rhythm and blues, neo-soul, rock music, and pop music. Once a member of the alternative band The Internet, Steve Lacy became a known figure in the music industry as solo artist following the release of the Grammy nominated Apollo XXI. Since, Steve Lacy become a star that has been on a well elevated rise.

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5. Tinashe

An experienced artist that started as a child actress, eventually made the passage into music, first with the pop group Stunners before making the jump into a career as a solo artist. Beginning with the self-release of her own music in 2012, Tinashe would eventually have an acclaimed career with the help of projects like 2014’s Aquarius and the hit song “2 On” featuring Schoolboy Q.

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6. Miguel

American R&B singer, songwriter, and producer Miguel hails from the San Pedro district of Los Angeles. He signed his first music deal at the age of 14, and made his debut to the world with the 2006’s “Getcha Hands Up”. Though a brief hiatus following his 2006 release, Miguel made his official stance in music during the 2010s with the classic albums of All I Want Is You, War & Leisure, and Kaleidoscope Dream. 

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7. Blxst

A mixture of hip hop and rhythm and blues, BLXST has been emerging as a fan favorite for the past few years. Known for the hit single “Chosen” with Tyga and Ty Dolla $ign, as well features with a number of the top artists, listeners should expect to hear and see much more from BLXST in the near future.

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8. Omarion

Outgrowing B2K, Omarion became a teen sensation during the 2000s, possibly the biggest name in music among urban teens and kids alike.  Headlining the Scream Tour and making numerous appearance in film and television, Omarion’s stardom at one point was uncontrollable.

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9. Syd

Coming from a musical background, Syd would eventually find her way into music, first starting with Odd Future. An iconic group, due to the amount of talent, producing the likes of Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator, Syd became a standout member of Odd Future. Eventually, Syd would debut on her own, releasing “All About Me” in 2017 on her acclaimed debut album, Fin. While still building a solid catalog, Syd has featured and guest appearance with some of the biggest names in the industry, collaborating with the likes of Kehlani, Lil Uzi Vert, Charlotte Day Wilson, Daniel Caesar, Vic Mensa, Mac Miller, and many others.

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10. Eric Bellinger

Not only a talented singer, but Eric Bellinger has also been known to be the man behind the scenes of some of your favorite songs as a gifted songwriter. While his success as one of the top Los Angeles R&B singers is not nearly the same as his credits for songwriting, but Eric Bellinger has been releasing a handful of successful projects since the mid 2010s.

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11. Zhavia

Far from your average R&B star, Zhavia Ward began her career in 2018 as a teenager, debuting with her first release “Candlelight.” Before becoming a professional recording artist, many were originally introduced to Zhavia through the reality television show The Four: Battle for Stardom, but her true fame and recognition came from her hit album, 17.

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12. Buddy

Compton native and rapper and singer Buddy has been bringing rhythm to the streets for quite some time now. While Buddy may be familiar to many with his collaborations with the late Nipsey Hussle but is among L.A.’s most talented and one of the regions most diverse artist. From street rhymes to conscious raps to melodies and harmonies about everyday life to your above average feel good music, Buddy surfaced years ago and has remained a one of a kind artist.

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13. THEY.

The duo of Dante Jones and Drew Love formed during 2015, beginning with the EP Nü Religion. A mixture of new school R&B with touch of 90s R&B music, THEY. have been acknowledge as one of the most gifted R&B acts of today’s generation. A solid lineup dope records, THEY. have certified their place in rhythm and blues, as possibly the top R&B group.

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14. Emotional Oranges

The smooth laid back sounds of Emotional Oranges are a mixture of pop, neo-soul, and rhythm and blues. A group of anonymity leads Emotional Oranges into a complete artistic focus, a far from the charades of today’s industry. Producing three albums, Juice Vol. 1, Juice Vol. 2, and The Juicebox, one cannot appreciate the duo and the effort on the makings of quality music, arguably becoming one of the most underappreciated R&B artists.

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15. bLAck pARty

Between the two places of Los Angeles and Arkansas, a product of talented R&B artist by the name of bLAck pARty have emerged. A neo-soul type of vibe, bLAck pARty began his path in music as a member of a rock band. Being short lived, one of the youngest of the Los Angeles R&B artists quickly transitioned into his solo career, which has not been short on success.

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16. iyla 

iyla’s unique artistic approach to R&B led her to becoming one of the most standout artists among Los Angeles R&B singers. With one of her very first releases being the popular track “Juice,” which debuted on the War+Raindrops EP, iyla has stayed steady in music since appearing in 2018, offering something different upon every release.

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17. Marques Houston

One of R&B’s original teen sensations, Marques Houston was once a member of the boy group Immature. The leading and starring member of Immature, Marques would eventually break away after success with the group and with starring on television, through shows like Sister, Sister, and movies like House Party 3 and 4, Good Burger, and You Got Serverd. With a rising stock in popularity, and outgrowing his Immature faze, Marques Houston made his solo debut, presenting the world with the album MH in 2003.

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18. Leela James

Another veteran to Los Angeles’ music scene and with over two decades among the industry’s R&B scene, the neo-soul shining star has persisted through out her career. Kickstarting her career working with the likes of Black Eyed Peas, The Roots, and even featured on a posthumously Ray Charles album, Leela James has much accomplishments. Debuting in 2005 with A Change Is Gonna Come, Leela James has since remained active in music, releasing seven projects from the 2000s to the 2020s.

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19. Mila J

Veteran to the music industry and the big sister of Jhene Aiko, Mila J debuted in 2006 with Split Personality, which featured her first official single “Good Lookin Out,” featuring Marques Houston. Following her release, Mila J quickly emerged as one of the top rising R&B artists of the 2010s, releasing numerous projects throughout the decade. Throughout her career as one of the top Los Angeles R&B singers, Mila J has remained a perfect representation of the West Coast.

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20. India Shawn

While some may view India Shawn as one of the top up and coming Los Angeles R&B singers, the L.A. native began her journey years ago during the 2000s. First, beginning her career as songwriter, working with top artist of the industry, India Shawn released multiple projects during the 2010s, Origins and later Outer Limits. Despite not receiving the deserved recognition, no one can question the talent and her artistic abilities as the young lady is still an emerging R&B artist.

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Honorable Mention Los Angeles R&B Artists

August 08 YouTube: August 08 and Instagram: @August 08

Leven Kali YouTube: leven kali and Instagram: @leven kali

Lyrica Anderson YouTube: Lyrica Anderson and Instagram: @Lyrica Anderson

QUIN YouTube: QUIN and Instagram: @QUIN

paloma ford YouTube: paloma ford and Instagram: @paloma ford

Isabella YouTube: Isabella and Instagram: @Isabella

Tiana Kotcher YouTube: Tiana Kotcher and Instagram: @Tiana Kotcher

Kenyon Dixon YouTube: Kenyon Dixon and Instagram: @Kenyon Dixon

amaria YouTube: amaria and Instagram: @amaria

Rosemarie YouTube: Rosemarie and Instagram: @Rosemarie

Nilla Allin YouTube: Nilla Allin and Instagram: @Nilla Allin

amaria YouTube: amaria and Instagram: @amaria

Saint Bodhi YouTube: Saint Bodhi and Instagram: @Saint Bodhi

Gemaine YouTube: Gemaine and Instagram: @Gemaine

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