Bay Area R&B Singers

List of the Top 20 Bay Area R&B Artists

Representing the entire Northern California are a great many of Bay Area R&B singers that have become the faces of rhythm and blues music, from places like Oakland to even Sacramento, which sits right outside of the Bay. A place where Bay Area R&B artists like Keyshia Cole, Tony! Toni! Toné!, En Vogue, Sheila E., and Chanté Moore grew up and started their careers, and now, moving into the 2020s, rhythm and blues remains instilled in the heart of the Bay Area’s music scene, led by great talents like Kehlani, H.E.R, and many more.

Top 20 Bay Area R&B Singers

Bay Area R&B Artists Kehlani

1. Kehlani

After a short run with teen group Poplyfe and appearances on America’s Got Talent, the Oakland native would have her share of ups and downs before linking with Nick Cannon and eventually beginning a prosperous solo career.

Starting with the 2014 release of Cloud 19 and the 2015 release of You Should be Here, Kehlani’s career would gradually rise over time, especially following the releases of her freshman and sophomore albums, SweetSexySavage and It Was Good Until It Wasn’t.

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Bay Area R&B Singers H.E.R

2. H.E.R.

A Bay Area singer that was destined to be a star, H.E.R. obtained numerous accolades and achievements during her childhood, ranging from performing at the Apollo Theater to appearing on numerous day time talk shows, even making a few minor acting appearances.

While most of H.E.R’s life has been consumed by music and entertainment, she has now become one of the most seasoned R&B artists in the business.

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Victoria Monet

3. Victoria Monet

Sacramento native Victoria Monét has become one of the most accomplished and gifted songwriters as her songwriting credits includes Ariana Grande, K-Pop group Blackpink, Chloe x Halle, T.I. and many more.

Her debut as an artist was 2014’s Nightmares & Lullabies: Act 1. Since, she has continued a promising career as an artist, releasing six EPs with Jaguar being her most successful.

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4. Thuy.

Another one of the top rising Bay Area R&B singers, thuy is an undiscovered gift to music, especially to the rhythm and blues genre, while she has been slowly gaining traction in the industry.

Releasing multiple songs and projects over the past few years, thuy eventually came into the spotlight with her debut album i hope u see this, released in 2021.

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Audrey Mika

5. Audrey Mika

Years of covering songs on YouTube, rising Pop and R&B artist Audrey Mika finally made the transition into professionalism and the music industry with the release of her 5 A.M. EP in 2020.

While still up and coming, Audrey Mika exceeds the levels of talent of most mainstream artists, showcased on songs like “Just Friends”, “Y U Gotta B Like That,” and “Excuses.”

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6. Destiny Rogers

On the outskirts of the Bay Area, just north of Stockton, CA, was the small Northern California town that helped raise Pop/R&B artist Destiny Rogers.

A similar path to music, a guitar and a camera covering YouTube songs at a young age, Destiny Rogers has since risen into stardom with her debut hit single “Tomboy”. A combination of both Pop music and R&B music, Destiny has collaborated with top rappers, like Coi Leray, Guapdad 4000, and Kalan.FrFr, and released two well acclaimed projects, The Great Escape and EP Tomboy.

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Bay Area R&B Artists Marc E Bassy

7. Marc E Bassy

A mixture of pop and rhythm and blues, singer/songwriter Marc E. Bassy began during the late 2000s with the soulful pop band 2AM Club as the lead singer.

Since the groups last release, the Bay Area native has been transitioning into a career as a solo artist after years of songwriting for some of the world’s most notarized artists and performing as the lead for the once 2AM Club.

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Lolo Zouaï

8. Lolo Zouaï

Singer and Songwriter Lolo Zouai has been on a steady climb since her first introduction to music in 2017 with the single “So Real.” While being one of R&B’s most overlooked, Lolo Zouaï’s talent can cast a shadow over the biggest names in music. Receiving much fanfare from her 2019 album High Highs to Low Lows, Lolo Zouaï most popular songs have been “Desert Rose,” “Moi,” “High Highs to Low Lows,” “Brooklyn Love,” and “Caffeine.”

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Bay Area R&B Singers Marmar Oso

9. Marmar Oso

This Sacramento native has been making his rounds through the R&B carousal. A mixture of hip-hop and R&B with a street edge, Marmar Oso is one of a kind artist, representing a new wave in R&B music.

With the smash hit “Ruthless” and the release of four albums, Good Intentions (2022), Marvin’s Room (2020), Love Don’t Cost a Thing (2020), and Oso Different (2019), there is a large enough sample size to come to the conclusion that Marmar Oso is a star in the making.

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10. Rozzi

With a strong and powerful voice that lures in fans and listeners, Rozzi is possibly one of the most underrated artists on the list. A San Francisco native that made her start through Adam Levine and Maroon 5, Rozzi’s approach to music gives the vibe of an old soulful blues singer.

Beginning her career during the early 2010s, Rozzi has continued to release music into the 2020s, gaining much respect for her artistic abilities among her peers and fans.

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Adrian Marcel

11. Adrian Marcel

Oakland native Adrian Marcel began making a name for himself during the early 2010s. Renowned for his craft and artistry, Adrian Marcel has become famously known for hits like “2AM,” “My Life,” and “Spending the Night Alone.”

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Rayana Jay Bay Area R&B Artists

12. Rayana Jay

Rayana Jay is a soulful singer-songwriter hailing from Richmond, California. Known for her smooth, sultry vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, Jay has been grinding within the R&B landscape since her 2016 debut.

Jay’s songs often explore themes of love, empowerment, and personal growth. She has released four albums, Sorry About Last Night (2016), Morning After (2017), Love Me Like (2019), and Last Call (2022). Her most popular songs are “Breakfast In Bed,” “Love Me Like” with DUCKWRTH, “Way Back,” and “Nothing To Talk About.”

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Bay Area R&B Singers Ryaven Justice

13. Rayven Justice 

Well known and well respected within the music scene of the West Coast, the veteran and Oakland native Rayven Justice has become a seasoned artist.

Collaborating and working with some of the biggest names in the industry, while releasing classics like “Hit or Nah” and “Slide Thru,” Rayven is a balance between today’s R&B music and modern day West Coast hip-hop.

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15. Elujay

Elujay is an R&B singer, rapper, and producer from Oakland, California. His music is characterized by its blend of soulful melodies and hip-hop beats.

Releasing some of his first official music during the late 2010s, Elujay’s lyrics often reflect on his experiences growing up in Oakland, providing a unique narrative that sets him apart from other artists in the genre.

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16. Samaria

Samaria is another promising talent in the R&B scene. The Bay Area native has been slowly broadcasting her talent with her vocals and emotive songwriting.

Her introduction was in 2015 with the project The Story of Right Now. Since, she has released songs like “Out The Way,” “Still Got 4ever,” “Foolish,” and “Shy Girl.”

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17. Journee

With her debut through the 2019 hit “This and That,” she has been on a rise, slowly coming onto R&B lovers’ radar.

She has released two EPs, 2020’s It’s Not You, It’s Me and 2023’s Out of Reach, while her most famous songs have been tracks like “This and That,” “Options,” “Like That,” and several others.

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Tree Thomas

18. Tree Thomas

Tree Thomas, another on the rise R&B artist, has been gradually making strides in R&B with his unique style and compelling storytelling.

Making some of his first appearances in the 2010s, Tree Thomas has songs like “Tick Tok” and “Yucallme,” while dropping one album, SXGNS.

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19. Numi

Numi, an emerging talent in the world of R&B, has been making waves since releasing 2018 songs “Hit Me Up,” “Wonder,” and “Hear a Lotta People.”

After years of displaying her talent on YouTube covering popular R&B songs, Numi has now built a catalog of her own works, like the 2019 album Disorderly and songs like “Loser” and “Hit Me Up.”

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20. Katana

Katana is a Bay Area R&B artists that should be on watch. First appearing during the late 2010s, she has given music listeners multiple projects, including the 2019-2020 Files, 2020 Venting Season, Smile Now and Heal Later, and Liberation.

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