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Top Rappers from San Francisco

The heart of the West Coast hip hop scene, along with Los Angeles, and in which helped pioneer West Coast rap music since the 1980s is no other than the Bay Area, with San Francisco rappers being right in the mix. 

The Bay Area, broken down into Oakland, San Francisco, Richmond, Vallejo, San Jose and other surrounding cities, traditionally has had its own sound, culture, and movement that has influence communities and entire cities around the country.

In the early days of Bay Area’s hip hop scene rappers from San Francisco were on the very top of the rap game on the West Coast as they created the number one rap scene in the region.  Numerous legends, like San Quinn, JT the Bigga Figga, Cellski, RBL Posse, and Rappin’ 4 Tay, have come out of the few ‘hoods of San Francisco, as areas like Fillmore, Lakeview, or Hunters Point produced some of the best all-time West Coast talent within hip hop.

Until recently, San Francisco has always been the leader of the Bay Area’s rap scene, especially during the days of Andre Nickatina, Messy Marv, Ill Mannered, Ghetto Soldiers, Mr. Sandman, 115, T-Lo, Guce, Mac Minister, and Big Rich were at their peak and in their prime.  Over the years the attention somewhat faded away from Frisco as there were more known artists in places like Oakland and Vallejo.

San Francisco rappers are currently back in the limelight, with 24kGoldn bringing hip-hop into the realm of pop culture. While Berner has attained great success as a mogul and entrepreneur, his music still remains popular among his loyal fanbase, creating a lane of hip-hop that no other rapper can venture in.

Larry June has emerged as a prominent figure in West Coast hip-hop, infusing the genre with mature and laid-back vibes. Additionally, Lil Kayla has established herself as one of the top female hip-hop artists on the West Coast, while Lil Bean, Lil Pete, and Zay Bang are spreading the unique flavor and culture of the Bay Area to all corners of the rap game.

Top San Francisco Rappers

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1. 24kGoldn
Follow on Instagram: @24KGoldn and watch on Youtube: 24kGoldn

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2. Berner
Follow on Instagram: @Berner and watch on Youtube: Berner

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3. Larry June
 Follow on Instagram: @LarryJune and watch on Youtube: Larry June

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4. Lil Pete
Follow on Instagram: @Lil Pete and watch on Youtube: Lil Pete

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5. Lil Kayla
Follow on Instagram: @LilKayla and watch on Youtube: Lil Kayla

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6. Lil Bean
Follow on Instagram: @Lil Bean and watch on Youtube: Lil Bean

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7. Zay Bang
Follow on Instagram: @ZayBang and watch on Youtube: Zay Bang

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8. Yatta
Follow on Instagram: @ZayBang and watch on Youtube: Yatta

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9. Lil Yee
Follow on Instagram: @Lil Yee and watch on Youtube: Lil Yee

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10. Prezi
Follow on Instagram: @Prezi and watch on Youtube: Prezi

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11. Mally Bo
Follow on Instagram: @Mally Bo and watch on Youtube: Mally Bo

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12. RayRizzle
Follow on Instagram: @RayRizzle and watch on Youtube: RayRizzle

Honorable Mention Rappers from San Francisco

Lil AJ Youtube: Lil AJ 

Swervyy Youtube: Swervyy

Show Banga Instagram: @Show Banga and Youtube: Show Banga

Drew Beez Instagram: @Drew Beez and Youtube: Drew Beez

Ice Money Instagram: @Ice Money and Youtube: Ice Money

G-Val Instagram: @G-Val and Youtube: G-Val

Kxng Llama Instagram: @KxngLlama and Youtube: Kxng Llama

Lil Air Instagram: @Lil Air and Youtube: Lil Air

Stunnaman02 Instagram: @Stunnaman02 and Youtube: Stunnaman02

Chezi Instagram: @Chezi and Youtube: Chezi

Top Bay Area RaP Youtube channels:

Proxclusiv M:

Thizzler On The Roof:

Thizzler TV:

Snipe Films:

Stewy Films:

Above All:

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