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Pacific Northwest Artists: Top 8 Portland & Seattle R&B Artists

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Pacific Northwest Artists

Top Seattle R&B Artists and Portland R&B Artists

While Pacific Northwest artists have been dominated by rock bands, being the birthplace of two iconic rock legends in Jimi Hendrix and the group Nirvana, Portland R&B artists alongside Seattle R&B artists are among R&B’s most eccentric, mastering a craft of following your own artistic intuition despite the consequence of not receiving massive mainstream coverage and promotion.

Basically, in the Pacific Northwest’s two states of Washington and Oregon resides a handful of R&B’s most underrated and underappreciated artists. Overlooking the numbers and the size of followers, R&B artists from Oregon and Washington break barriers for artists to not follow trends and what is popular, but to naturally create from within.

At the lead, UMI transmitting positive energy through her artistry, the Seattle R&B artist has become a true treasure in rhythm and blues. Making her debut in 2017 with “Happy Again,” UMI’s career standout moments would be a selective number of hits like “Friendzone,” “Butterfly,” “Remember Me,” “Love Affair,” “Down to Earth,” and “wish that I could.”

As the spotlight shines greatly on the talented UMI, other Portland and Seattle R&B artists should not be overlooked. Sam Rivera inspiring and motivating through his music as it is his sole purpose. True musician and rising Seattle R&B artist Malia providing listeners with soul-touching sounds since debuting in 2015. Portland R&B artist TYuS providing the perfect sounds of love. From the quiet storm of Jessica Domingo to the joyous sounds of Reva DeVito, to Parisalexa representing for the next generation of R&B artists, there is no shortage of talent in the Pacific Northwest.

Top 8 Seattle and Portland R&B Artists

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1. UMI
Follow on Instagram: @UMI, Listen on Spotify: UMI, and Watch on YouTube: UMI

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2. Sam Rivera
Follow on Instagram: @Sam Rivera, Listen on Spotify: Sam Rivera, and Watch on YouTube: Sam Rivera

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3. Malia
Follow on Instagram: @Malia, Listen on Spotify: Malia, and Watch on YouTube: Malia

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4. TYuS
Follow on Instagram: @TYuS, Listen on Spotify: TYuS, and Watch on YouTube: TYuS

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5. Bailey Bryan
Follow on Instagram: @Bailey Bryan, Listen on Spotify: Bailey Bryan, and Watch on YouTube: Bailey Bryan

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6. Reva DeVito
Follow on Instagram: @Reva DeVito, Listen on Spotify: Reva DeVito, and Watch on YouTube: Reva DeVito

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7. Jessica Domingo
Follow on Instagram: @jessica domingoListen on Spotify: jessica domingo, and Watch on YouTube: jessica domingo

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8. ParisAlexa
Follow on Instagram: @Parisalexa, Listen on Spotify: Parisalexa, and Watch on YouTube: Parisalexa

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