Top Seattle Rappers

List of Best Rappers from Seattle

For years, Seattle rappers have been ignored among the West Coast hip hop scene, with Los Angeles and the Bay Area hogging the spotlight, but rappers from Seattle have always found their way into the industry.

Located in far Pacific Northwest region of the country, on the borders of Canada, Seattle’s region and metropolitan is a well diverse community, home to blacks, whites, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, and Asians. With its diversity, there has been a spark of a creative community, a community that has helped produce a number of rappers from Seattle throughout the years.

Unaware of the true history of Seattle’s rap scene, but one of the biggest rappers of the late 1980s and early 1990s, Sir Mix-A-Lot, once called the city of Seattle home. Overtime the city would produced national stars, like Kid Sensation and Common Market, local legends, like Duragned Pitt, Nacho Picasso, Gangsta Nutt, Sarkastik, and Red Head Steve, and top producers, like Jake One. This trend of talented Seattle rappers has only increased over the last few years.

A rap scene of Macklemore, the top rapper of the mid-2010s with the hit song “Thrift Shop.” Lil Mosey, a rapper whose stock has risen among the current generation’s top rap artists. Grieves and Travis Thompson, two of Washington’s most innovative, creative, and most importantly two talents that provide relief to the forever stagnant rap game of artists that emulate other artists. And not to leave out representations for the streets, like Mike Jack 3200, Check Team, KGodd, and more.

Top 12 Seattle Rappers

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1. Macklemore follow on Instagram: @Macklemore and watch on YouTube: Macklemore

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2. Lil Mosey follow on Instagram: @Lil Mosey and watch on YouTube: Lil Mosey

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3. travis thompson follow on Instagram: @travis thompson and watch on YouTube: travis thompson

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4. Grieves follow on Instagram: @Grieves and watch on YouTube: Grieves

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5. Dave B. follow on Instagram: @Dave B. and watch on YouTube: Dave B.

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6. 2oopaid follow on Instagram: @2oopaid and watch on YouTube: 2oopaid

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7. Mike Jack 3200 follow on Instagram: @Mike Jack 3200 and watch on YouTube: Mike Jack 3200

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8. kgodd follow on Instagram: @kgodd and watch on YouTube: kgodd

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9. Raz Simone follow on Instagram: @Raz Simone and watch on YouTube: Raz Simone

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10. 2000Baby follow on Instagram: @2000Baby and watch on YouTube: 2000Baby

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11. isaacjacuzzi follow on Instagram: @isaacjacuzzi and watch on YouTube: isaacjacuzzi

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12. pmo $howtime follow on Instagram: @pmo $howtime and watch on YouTube: pmo $howtime

Honorable Mention Seattle Rappers

CheckTeam Instagram: @CheckTeam and YouTube: CheckTeam

TBG Instagram: @TBG and YouTube: TBG

Zayside Instagram: @zayside and YouTube: zayside

Mafi D Instagram: @Mafi D and YouTube: Mafi D

JuiceTheGod Instagram: @JUICETHEGOD and YouTube: JUICETHEGOD

Tanaa Money Instagram: @Tanaa Money and YouTube: Tanaa Money

Souf Souf Instagram: @Souf Souf and YouTube: Souf Souf

maika million Instagram: @maika million and YouTube: maika million

Que Hurk Instagram: @Que Hurk and YouTube: Que Hurk

Nana Philthy Instagram: @Nana Philthy and YouTube: Nana Philthy

Ralphy Davis Instagram: @Ralphy Davis and YouTube: Ralphy Davis

jo janxy Instagram: @jo janxy and YouTube: jo janxy

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