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Top 12 Chicago R&B Artists: 2022’s List of Best Chicago R&B Singers

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Top Chicago R&B Artists

List of Top Chicago R&B Singers

While Chicago has often been overlooked by larger markets, like New York City, Los Angeles, and Detroit’s Motown era, the Windy City has contributed much to black culture and to urban music and entertainment by producing numerous soul legends and Chicago R&B singers that are among the all-time greats.

Being a city that has provided the music industry with one of the greatest producers of all-time in Quincy Jones, the long list of legends does not stop at the 28x Grammy award winner but continues with legendary artists like Earth, Wind & Fire, Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke, Chaka Khan, The Chi-Lites, Minnie Riperton, The Dells, and many more.

Before the era of soul music, Chicago was highly known for the city’s jazz and blues music scene, which dominated the landscaped from the beginning of the 1900s and well into the 1960s, before soul and rhythm and blues became the more popular genres. While jazz and blues music are still relevant in the city of Chicago, Chicago R&B artists have become household names, all while becoming some of the most accomplished rhythm and blues singers of their generation.

The lineup of Chicago R&B singers that hail from the city of Chicago have included the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Tink, Carl Thomas, Jeremih, Donell Jones, Dave Hollister, R. Kelly, Jermaine Stewart, the group Jade, and Miki Howard, all who are among the top Chicago R&B artists to represent the city over the years.

In today’s music scene, Chicago representatives of R&B music are top female artists like Ann Marie and Ravyn Lenae, while Jennifer Hudson and Tink are still actively releasing music and continuing to build upon their legacy. The representation for the males includes legends Donell Jones, BJ The Chicago Kid, and Jeremih, but also newcomers and rising stars like CeeTheWorld, Josh K, and several others.

Top 12 Chicago R&B Singers

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1. Jeremih Follow on Instagram: @Jeremih and watch on YouTube: Jeremih

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2. Jennifer Hudson Follow on Instagram: @Jennifer Hudson and watch on YouTube: Jennifer Hudson

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3. Tink Follow on Instagram: @Tink and watch on YouTube: Tink

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4. Ann Marie Follow on Instagram: @Ann Marie and watch on YouTube: Ann Marie

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5. Ravyn Lenae Follow on Instagram: @Ravyn Lenae and watch on YouTube: Ravyn Lenae

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6. toni romiti Follow on Instagram: @toni romiti and watch on YouTube: toni romiti

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7. Sonta Follow on Instagram: @Sonta and watch on YouTube: Sonta  

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8. jean deaux Follow on Instagram: @jean deaux and watch on YouTube: jean deaux   

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9. Donell Jones Follow on Instagram: @Donell Jones and watch on YouTube: Donell Jones

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10. BJ The Chicago Kid Follow on Instagram: @BJ The Chicago Kid and watch on YouTube: BJ The Chicago Kid

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11. Njomza Follow on Instagram: @Njomza and watch on YouTube: Njomza

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12. Matt B Follow on Instagram: @Matt B and watch on YouTube: Matt B

Honorable Mention Chicago R&B Artists

 Josh K Instagram: @Josh K and YouTube: Josh K

 CeeTheWorld Instagram: @CeeTheWorld and YouTube: CeeTheWorld

 Saneit Instagram: @Saneit and YouTube: Saneit

Nia Asiel Instagram: @Nia Asiel and YouTube: Nia Asiel

Feather Instagram: @Feather and YouTube: Feather

blake saint David Instagram: @blake saint David and YouTube: blake saint David

Caleb Minter Instagram: @Caleb Minter and YouTube: Caleb Minter

olivia royal Instagram: @olivia royal and YouTube: olivia royal

Nashawn Raines Instagram: @Nashawn Raines and YouTube: Nashawn Raines

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