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Top 20 New Orleans Rappers: 2021’s Best Rappers from New Orleans List

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Top New Orleans Rappers

List of the Top 20 Best Rappers from New Orleans

Once the mecca for southern rap as New Orleans rappers from within No Limit Records, the likes of Master P, Mystikal, Soulja Slim and dozens of others, to within Cash Money Records, which included Lil Wayne, Juvenile and B.G., had the rap game and the music industry on lock, especially from the late 1990s to the beginning of the 2010s.

While outsiders may recognize the rappers from New Orleans who reached mainstream status, many are unaware some of the local artists that may have not reached mainstream and nationwide success, but were well known regionally, throughout the Gulf Coast.  Some of the early New Orleans rappers were UNLV, who were originally signed to Cash Money, Tim Smooth, Daddy Yo, Pimp Daddy, and dozens of others that had the local rap scene booming throughout the 1990s, from Bounce music to Gangster rap music.

Unfortunately, the stranglehold that New Orleans had on southern rap eventually faded away, whether it was all of the original rappers time was coming up as they put in many years or Hurricane Katrina transforming the landscape of the city.  By the mid 2000s, only Soulja Slim’s Cut Throat Committee and B.G.’s Chopper City Records, as well somewhat a presence from Juvenile’s UTP Records and C-Murder’s Tru Records, were representing New Orleans through rap music.  While Lil Wayne was the biggest artist in the music industry, from the Sqad Up mixtapes to Tha Carter series to the Dedication mixtapes, his presence was not so much in New Orleans as other artists.

As we enter the 2020s, New Orleans rappers have been making a comeback and generating a new era in New Orleans music.  Despite Baton Rouge receiving the most attention, the talent and the roster of gifted rappers from New Orleans is at a level that the city has never seen before.  As the city has changed since the 1990s, viewers should not expect the music that the past New Orleans rap scene produced, but expect music representing modern day New Orleans.

Top 20 Rappers from New Orleans

1. Curren$y follow on Instagram: @Curren$y and watch on Youtube: CUrren$y

2. Tokyo Vanity follow on Instagram: @Tokyo Vanity and watch on Youtube: Tokyo Vanity

3. Neno Calvin follow on Instagram: @NenoCalvin and watch on Youtube: Neno Calvin

4. Yung Ro follow on Instagram: @Yung Ro and watch on Youtube: Yung Ro

5. Kidd Kidd follow on Instagram: @Kidd Kidd and watch on Youtube: Kidd Kidd

6. Rob49 follow on Instagram: @Rob49 and watch on Youtube: Rob49

7. Dee-1 follow on Instagram: @Dee 1 and watch on Youtube: Dee 1

8. T10 follow on Instagram: @T10 and watch on Youtube: T10

9. Supah Badd follow on Instagram: @Supah Badd and watch on Youtube: Supah Badd

10. Nykobandz follow on Instagram: @Nykobandz and watch on Youtube: Nykobandz

11. Lil Soulja Slim follow on Instagram: @Lil Soulja Slim and watch on Youtube: Lil Soulja Slim

12. Kenneth Brother follow on Instagram: @Kenneth Brother and watch on Youtube: Kenneth Brother

13. Treety follow on Instagram: @Treety and watch on Youtube: Treety

14. C4 Trill follow on Instagram: @C4 Trill and watch on Youtube: C4 Trill

15. Stone Cold Jzzle follow on Instagram: @Stone Cold Jzzle and watch on Youtube: Stone Cold Jzzle

16. Jayarson follow on Instagram: @Jayarson and watch on Youtube: Jayarson

17. Jay Jones follow on Instagram: @Jay Jones and watch on Youtube: Jay Jones

18. Daniel Heartless follow on Instagram: @Daniel Heartless and watch on Youtube: Daniel Heartless

19. GBM Baby G  follow on Instagram: @GBM Baby G and watch on Youtube: GBM Baby G

20. WeedJunky follow on Instagram: @WeedJunky and watch on Youtube: WeedJunky

Honorable Mention Rappers from New Orleans

BFRESH  | Greatwhite Stylez

Rich Hottie  |  Spitta7  |  La’Glen

Guwap Dashh  |  Tokey Hefner  |  Lady Dahlia

Top New Orleans Rap Youtube Channels:

Nolazine TV

Newtral Groundz

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have the largest followers and subscribers, most listeners and views, and released the most recent music, are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com