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Top New Orleans Rappers

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Top New Orleans Rappers

In a city that has a long history of music culture, whether it is jazz or the likes of hip hop legends ranging from New Orleans rappers like Lil Wayne and Cash Money to Master P and No Limit, not forget all of the local rap stars that helped pioneered the music scene throughout the years.  Unfortunately, the attention and light of the New Orleans rap scene has since disappeared.

About a hour away from the city of New Orleans is the state capital of Baton Rouge. Since the rise of Boosie and Trill Entertainment the city of Baton Rouge has become number #1 of Louisiana’s hip hop and rap scene, as well one of the biggest markets in the south.

While the days of No Limit and Cash Money are over with, the N.O. still has a relevant rap and hip hop scene as there are plenty of talented New Orleans rappers. Below is a list of the top rappers from New Orleans who are emerging or have already established themselves.

Top 12 Rappers from New Orleans

Curren$y follow on Instagram: @Curren$y and watch on Youtube: Jet Life Recordings 

YK Toon (Houma, LA) follow on Instagram: @YK Toon and watch on Youtube: YK Yoon

Tokyo Vanity follow on Instagram: @Tokyo Vanity and watch on Youtube: Tokyo Vanity

Neno Calvin follow on Instagram: @NenoCalvin and watch on Youtube: Neno Calvin

Kidd Kidd follow on Instagram: @Kidd Kidd and watch on Youtube: Kidd Kidd

Dee-1 follow on Instagram: @Dee 1 and watch on Youtube: Dee 1

T10 follow on Instagram: @T10 and watch on Youtube: T10

Supah Badd follow on Instagram: @Supah Badd and watch on Youtube: Supah Badd

Lil Soulja Slim follow on Instagram: @Lil Soulja Slim and watch on Youtube: Lil Soulja Slim

Treety follow on Instagram: @Treety and watch on Youtube: Treety

Jayarson follow on Instagram: @Jayarson and watch on Youtube: Jayarson

Daniel Heartless follow on Instagram: @Daniel Heartless and watch on Youtube: Daniel Heartless

Honorable Mention Rappers from New Orleans

BFRESH  | Ace B47

 Young Juve   |  Jay Jones Music

Rich Hottie  |  Spitta7

 Lady Dahlia   |   ZoeWithDaFlow

Top New Orleans Rap Youtube Channels:

Nolazine TV

Newtral Groundz

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com