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Top 15 Baton Rouge Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Baton Rouge List

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Baton Rouge Rappers

List of the Top Baton Rouge Rap Artists

Since the mid 2000s, Baton Rouge rappers have been making a major impact in the music industry, eventually becoming leaders of the rap game.  For years the city of New Orleans had overshadowed Baton Rouge, whether it was mainstream artists of No Limit and Cash Money or New Orleans’ top underground artists that had made a name for themselves regionally.

There was a movement of artists like C-Loc, Max Minelli, and Young Breed, a movement that actually introduced the world to Boosie with his debut album of Youngest of the Camp.  When Pimp C and two soon to be music executives from Baton Rouge, Mel and Turk, linked up and created Trill Entertainment the tides began to turn.  Without a doubt, the late 2000s Trill Ent. Had the game on lock.  With a fresh new sound and artists, Boosie, Webbie, Mouse on the Track, Foxx, and Lil Phat were consistently releasing quality music.

With the light on Baton Rouge thanks to Boosie and Webbie, as well the rest of Trill Entertainment, other artists from the city began to emerge, artists like Lil Handy or Nussie.  Now, for over a decade the number one rap artists either resided in Baton Rouge or originally came from the city.  First with Boosie and Webbie, then followed by Kevin Gates, NBA Youngboy, Da Real Gee Money, and continuing into the 2020s with Fredo Bang.  As we speak Baton Rouge is still on top and is one of the south’s leading hip hop markets.

Top 15 Baton Rouge Rappers

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1. NBA Young Boy follow on Instagram: @NBA YoungBoy and watch on YouTube: NBA Young Boy

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2. Kevin Gates follow on Instagram: @Kevin Gates and watch on YouTube: Kevin Gates

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3. Fredo Bang follow on Instagram: @Fredo Bang and watch on Youtube: Fredo Bang

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4. Boosie BadAzz follow on Instagram: @Boosie Badazz and Watch on YouTube: Boosie Badazz

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5. TEC Follow on Instagram: @TEC and watch on YouTube: TEC

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6. Bway Yungy follow on Instagram: @Bway Yungy and watch on Youtube: Bway Yungy

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7. Kayykilo follow on Instagram: @Kayykilo and watch on Youtube: Kayykilo

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8. OBN Jay follow on Instagram: @OBN Jay and watch on Youtube: OBN Jay

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9. BBG Baby Joe follow on Instagram: @BBG Baby Joe  and watch on Youtube: BBG Baby Joe 

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10. P Yungin follow on Instagram: @P Yungin and watch on Youtube: P Yungin

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11. FL Dusa follow on Instagram: @FL Dusa and watch on Youtube: FL Dusa

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12. Mista Cain follow on Instagram: @Mista Cain and Watch on YouTube: Mista Cain

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13. NBA Meechy Baby follow on Instagram: @NBA Meechy Baby and watch on Youtube: NBA Meechy Baby

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14. WNC Whop Bezzy follow on Instagram: @WNC Whop Bezzy and watch more on Youtube: WNC Whop Bezzy

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15. Kell Honcho follow on Instagram: @Kell Honcho and watch more on Youtube: Kell Honcho

 Honorable Mention Rappers from Baton Rouge:

Jay Lewis Instagram: @Jay Lewis  |  Youtube: Jay Lewis

Sherwood Marty Instagram: @Sherwood Marty  | YouTube: Sherwood Marty

70th Street Carlos Instagram: @70th Street Carlos  |  Youtube: 70th Street Carlos

 Geaux Yella Instagram: @Geaux Yella  |  Youtube: Geaux Yella

Teflon Mark Instagram: @Teflon Mark  |  Youtube: Teflon Mark

 Ray Vicks Instagram: @Ray Vicks  |  Youtube: Ray Vicks

Top Baton Rouge Rap Youtube Channels:

Str8 Up Ent   |   TwoneShotThat Exclusive

David G    |   Thirty Visuals

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the largest followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*Make sure to leave a comment, for missing artists or anything related to Baton Rouge hip hop.

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