Map of Baton Rouge Hoods

A full tour of the Baton Rouge hoods with a map that breaks down the streets of the Baton Rouge ghetto.  The capital city of Louisiana does not consist of Baton Rouge gangs, but only cliques and neighborhoods from the North Side to the South Side.

While historically, in the state of Louisiana, Baton Rouge has been overlooked by the more known city of New Orleans, along with its reputation, but the rise of the hip hop’s top rap artists as shed more light into the streets of B.R.

Map of Baton Rouge Hoods

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The South Side of the city is home to several Baton Rouge hoods such as Uptown, Cross Da Tracks, Bottom, and G Street. In addition to these, there are also Mayfair, Valley Park, and Gardere Lane. The smaller area of Baton Rouge has given rise to many legends of the city, including Boosie and Kevin Gates.

Baton Rouge’s North Side is the largest section and is considered to be the heart of the Baton Rouge ghetto and urban areas. It is home to several neighborhoods such as CC Lockdown, Dixie, Boot Town, McDonald Land, and Zion City, all situated along Plank Road. Other regions include Ghost Town, Fairfield, Parktown, Easy Town, Brooks Town, and Oak Town. However, Sherwood and Scotlandville are the most extensive neighborhoods.

As mentioned, there are not any Baton Rouge gangs, like the Bloods and the Crips or Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords, but sometimes local cliques can often resemble them.  Baton Rouge hoods and streets have changed since the 1990s and 2000s, but many are still the same.  Unlike most larger cities, gentrification has not been affecting the communities of Baton Rouge as much as other places, with many of these neighborhoods being around for generations.

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